Thursday 27 April 2017

805 Restaurant - Fine Nigerian Cuisine

805 Restaurant Old Kent Road Nigerian fine dining.
Lovely place lovely music lovely food. well presented.
highly recommended.. yes, It was yummy!

..but don't just take my word.. try it for yourself...!

Enjoy music like this as you eat...

Saturday 22 April 2017

One Africa Music Fest 2017

Three weeks to go before the music extravaganza of the year I thought I'd have to travel for, hits town..

Yes, it's the One Africa Music Fest! For the 1st time ever in London/UK
Looking forward to it!

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Michael Beckwith

Yvonne Orji | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

She's funny..

When boys become men..

Its a gradual process, yet seem to happen in the blink of an eye..

My eldest...

Happy Birthday Son!

His fav Wizkid track...

No baking until Saturday now though...

Happy birthing day for me too...
Great day
..and as a mum...I've done my best

I will never forget the day I returned home with him... that feeling of 100% responsibility, the strength of love and complete and innate desire to protect
We've grown together.. we all have
Thank god for the blessings.. I am truly grateful!

It's often said that we choose our parents.. we choose based on our souls desire to experience certain things in life... the people we choose to become..
One day I will ask him... did you choose well..?

..but not today :)

Sunday 16 April 2017

Lyrikal - Picture Perfect - Kerwin Du Bois - Arrogant

Jah Vinci - Mama Africa


Happy Sunday!
Hope you have all enjoyed your Easter Sunday... x


Nigerian internet star and social media entrepreneur.. Bobrisky.
'Skin whitening expert' and 'cross dresser

Bobrisky sells a range of skin lighting products and makes alot of money doing so
Interesting interview
He's definitely entrepreneurial no doubt. [click]

Saturday 15 April 2017

When will things change...? ft music by Freddie Mcgregor & Bunny Wailer

Sometimes I wonder...
Nobody knows....
Least of all... me

A while back a acquaintance of mines boyfriend of 10yrs was unwell for a brief stint.
He's ok now. (thank god)
He is Nigerian, she is not.
I went to visit whilst he was in hospital to lend support.
His mother was treating my acquaintance very oddly..unfairly actually, and had called in the 'cavalry'. Questions were asked of my friends religion,and her background, and it soon became clear what they were suggesting.
What should have been a union of people became an ugly tribal and cultural battle.
It was sad to see.

If I'm honest I was disgusted at the time. For years all was well, yet in the blink of an eye ... they turned on her
Her crime?

She was not 'one of them'
It saddened me at the time but you know me.. I perked up :)
I've never really spoken about it before... but it's not something that leaves the memory quickly
It's an uphill struggle we face for sure.

I hope things are better there and all have regained their senses.


Yesterday I watched (some of) Selma. Good movie from what I saw, but sad.
So I stopped watching

If I think about balance again, it's definitely required in the movie and story telling industry
'our painful past movies' outweigh all others

One of my favourite story tellers is the Sierra Leonian 'CowFoot Prince' Usifu Jalloh

Long may he continue his great work!


On a happier note Ti's off on holiday, I'm left to my own devices ( and vices) this weekend, trying to schedule a much needed break of my own

Wanna come?

Revival selection.. Freddie!

I watched an interview with Reggae music legend, Bunny Wailer recently. For those of you who don't know he's one of the founding members ( and only surviving) WAILERS.

Peter Tosh Bob Marley & Bunny Wailer.. originally the Wailing Wailers.
Anyway, I learnt seething about Bunny that I never knew before. Just like Marcus Garvey (one of the fathers of Pan Africanism) never did.. Bunny has yet to step foot on African soil.
How is that even possible?
Bunny is a legend. Promoters?.. what's going on?
Bunny is now in his 70s looking good and going strong.
I hear he's finally planning to tour there soon

Salute to the Legend that is ...Bunny Wailer aka Jah B.

Another amazing story teller..
One of my all time favourite albums

Peace x

Jah Cure - Easy

Friday 14 April 2017

Fantan Mojah - No Way

Why we need a balance.. thoughts on PanAfricanism today

One of things that's often reported about Libran's is that they strive for balance... and are very keen on justice and 'fairness'
I can confirm that to be the case.

Oopps sorry! wrong pic!!

This is the one....

That's better.

Did I mention we enjoy a laugh? :-)
I digress..

Anyway...I also believe, that despite the richness that contrast and variety brings, balance, justice and fairness, is something that we should all strive for.

A topic that is never far from my mind is the concept of PanAfricanism.. what it means, whether or not it remains relevant in a time of overt globalisation (a debatable term as it appears relevant for a few only) or whether it's even more relevant and essential now.

One of the major issues Pan Africanism faces is in its very essence..
What is it?

The African Union, the largest known Pan African organisation, does not invite Caribbean countries to the conversation, despite ironically the Caribbean being largely instrumental in the birth of the ideology and movement, inspiring many African leaders to seek independence and oust colonial rule.

It's understandable perhaps.
The continent has far more pressing issues at thier door, and perhaps are not in a position to invite the 'relatively stable' Caribbean countries to the debating table.
However, it's also possible that it is within that union that solutions may be found.
Navel gazing is no good for anyone.

But how does one unite and entire continent of 54 countries with over 1500 - 2000 languages, and lord knows how many tribes and cultures?.
The answer is relatively simple.
It is in the understanding of ones history that it can be done.
An understanding that despite the differences, there is more that unites that divides, and it is through this mutual respect, that the continent can thrive, trade, and develop.

The answer lies in re-creating and overarching PanAfrican vision and understanding, which was once strong, yet has weakened and blurred over time.

My observations are that Pan Africanists in the diaspora remain passionate and committed. However, the tendancy to idealise 'Africa' remains still too strong.
It's not all kente cloth, hot sun and drumming ( I'm teasing.. bear with me)

This idealisation is understandable considering the culture and climate in which we in the diaspora live.
In many ways, it's what has kept PanAfricanists in the diaspora going on a daily basis, enables them to deal with the realities of racism and not cave under its pressure.
That 'African idealism' is like a heartbeat... it serves a purpose.

What it doesn't do however, is have an impact on the continent itself, or its leadership.

Turning a blind eye to issues that blight the continent, (such as the rights of women, exploitation of children, poor sanitation, electricity, infrastructure in rural areas, and money embezzling leaders.. for example) does Pan Africanism at home and in the diaspora a disservice.

Like in the early days, I believe that the 'revolution/awakening' will begin outside of the continent.
Where the pressure to succumb to culture, ill fated ideals, and the residue of colonial thinking, is less embedded in the psyche.
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Maybe I'm biased.

In short, we need a Balance
Africa is beautiful

But it can be.. and will be.. better.

Interesting vid Yetunde


Does anyone still use these tools?

These implements of communication...
I remember the days of letter writing, and simply just writing stories etc in the note book... with a pen!.
I remember receiving letters and enjoying reading each page immensely.
Nowadays, the only time one may get a hand written letter is from someone in jail.
Lets be honest.

Love letters appear to be a thing of the past.
Killed by texts and WhatsApp, where everything is abbreviated, hastily written, or ill thought out.
The capacity for such messages to be misread or misunderstood remains high.

How can one tell if the man or woman they are seeing isn't some kind of physopath?
There are very few clues. One cannot read a persons temperament via text as well as one could in a hand written note.

Make no mistake. The benefits of texting and whataspp are great indeed. We can talk across the world at a moments notice.. and for free! well.. almost.

But yet, again.... we need a balance

Wizkid - 'Music is a universal language'

Thursday 13 April 2017

Caribbean Easter Bun Part 2 (and then they were done! ) ft music by Adekunle Gold

All done. Out of the oven and tasted

To be honest, they came out slightly dry but as I said to Ti, not bad for a 1st try
..'but mum, dry is your main ingredient!'.. Ti informed me... lol! funny, and the cheek is his!

I know what to alter and improve on for next time..
My fusion food :-)
They taste good though!


Official vid

Caribbean Easter Bun Part 1

Peace x

Bun Ingredients

Wholewheat Flour
Almond Milk
Mixed Spice
Soft Brown Sugar

Caribbean Easter Bun ft music by Tarrus Riley - There's a Way

After years of eating my mums Easter Bun, and 'not' really watching how it's made :-) .. I can honestly say
I don't know how to make it!
I watched a few videos online and decided to give it a go..

I adapted the recipe slightly after watching Caribbean recipes and English hot cross bun recipes, so I'm aiming for Caribbean style hot cross buns.

They look a little dry, but I'm hoping that once done they'll be moist and taste nice

I'll leave them to rise for 45minutes...

then cook!

Monday 10 April 2017

Tiwa Savage - All Over

2Kingz ft. Patoranking x Timaya - Bend Down & Yemi Alade - Charliee

Day off.
Today will be a difficult day for the family friends and colleagues of the officer that was killed in the recent Westminster attacks.
Though the sun will shine, their pain will be palpable.
So our prayers go out to them and the family friends and colleagues of all who were injured or killed on that day.

Peace x


My other favourite girl from across the waters..
Nice 1 Yemi.

Raise the temperature?

Have a great day x

Sunday 9 April 2017

Aswad - Feelings

Back in time Aswad..

..and that's a wrap from me..
Hope you had a great day.. peace x

2baba - Holy Holy

How to Heal Your High Functioning Anxiety by Ralph Smart at Infinite Waters

What goes into Nigerian Pepper Soup?...

I enjoy watching others cook.
We can learn alot about culture from the food we eat. With so much information abound about alleged fake foods coming from China, it's quite fascinating to see how food has become so exploitable.

(he starts his day at 12:48pm? lol!!)

This isn't a post about fake rice, or meat though... this is about the love affair so many have with... Pork.. or animal offal in general.

As you know I'm a non meat eater, although I still eat fish ( yes, some may argue that's meat) on occasion

African and Caribbean dishes speak not only of the environment.. but also its colonial history. How and why certain foods in the Caribbean became 'national' dishes is not necessarily a fabulous tale, but in cementing some foods in the national dietary fabric it has become, in a way.. a celebration of the past regardless, and a way of keeping the knowledge of ones history alive.

Anyway.... I love watching this guy cook!
I've learnt so much from his Youtube channel, but I must say this video is one of his funniest in my book.

The ingredients here... are eye watering!
I wonder... if I remove the undesired ingredients and replaced them... would it still be Pepper Soup?
There is no way I'd be handling cow throat or heart!
Please someone tell me... if I leave them out will it pass the 'authentic' bar?
Nope.. I don't think so either.

I wonder if people realise exactly what they're eating
'anyway.. I'm gonna add my t'roat'....

Great line!

GMA's 2017. ft M.anifest ..Rapper of the year..

Stunning outfits were on display on the red carpet of the Ghana Music Awards 2017..

Red carpet host Berla Mundi wore this very interesting ensemble which prompted one commentator on the live stream to scream.. 'she dey wear the red carpet!'

M.anifest was crowned rapper of the year...
well deserved

Here's a full list of this years winners [click]

Saturday 8 April 2017

Jah9 ft. Chronixx - Hardcore

Weekend vibes.. chilling on a beautiful sun filled day

Protests in South Africa as the people march against Jacob Zuma and his government
Should Jacob Zuma go?
Has he and his colleagues brought the great ANC name into disrepute?
..damaging the legacy of a once great political party?

Many will say yes ...
and it will be difficult to disagree with them

'South Africa has 54 million inhabitants, but just 10% possess more than 90% of the country’s wealth. Ownership of land and companies remains mostly in South Africa’s white communities' [Guardian]

Ironically Xenophobic attacks have been on the rise against fellow Africans.. Nigerians in particular [click]
How can an African be a foreigner in Africa?. Foolishness!.

For that ridiculous reason alone, Jacob Zuma should go. Too much shit happening on his watch.


I sat down for dinner, door open , watching dinner date, then something else, reading , typing and for the 1st time all week felt my body really relaxing, so much so that I'm half asleep but fighting the desire to.. in favour of getting one and two little things done before I wrap up..

What a beautiful day it has been!
For the 1st time in almost a year I ventured out without my coat/jacket

Suddenly, I realised what that actually meant.
I turned to the side.. to check out my butt in the mirror...
Funny the way you forget you even have a butt when it's forever hidden in some way.. but now.. the sun's out .. a woman is now jacket less, and it's time to really take stock...take a 'observers view/glimpse' at what the butt has been doing over winter!

Turns out...not much... Is the answer to that
Ok then


Yes, I am a child of the sun
Of that there is no doubt.
I was up early with an energy that had deserted me over the winter months. I had cleaned the house washed clothes and been to the shop by 10.30am
Hooked up my system and played some nice tunes, ate dinner drank wine and here I am....

Pondering my next move

Which.. was to blog for a hot minute.


There are many reasons why Jacob Zuma should go.. and many, why he wont go easy..
One of the main problems many ineffective African leaders have, is that they surround themselves with sycophants and yes men. Those who will know better, but will simply stay silent for their own selfish gains.

Perhaps they are the smart ones... perhaps they know that to speak out will undoubtedly cost them more in the long run. so they bide their time...
Like vultures awaiting the final twitch of a carcus.

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Mid week musings ft Turbulence - Jah Is The Only Way

Turbulence continues to grow in strength as an artist. The depth of feeling evident in his songs.. the yearning in his voice, reminiscent of Jah Cure perhaps.. only it's... well.. uniquely Turbulence.

Lovely lovely song

So what's this I hear?...ex Mayor Ken Livingston has been suspended from the Labour Party?.
It's said that the two topics people should stay away from at dinner party's are religion and politics. Not sure why... both are sure to liven proceedings no end.

Seriously though Ken Livingston should know that he cannot make certain remarks (unless it meets with the satisfaction of those who take a certain position) and expect them to be taken lightly.
He knows the establishment better than most, so I'm assuming he really isn't too fussed what they do
He has stated his opinion, and that's that.

How are the currently seemingly unelectable in a general election Labour Party doing anyway?
Currently not strong in opposition is my view.
Even I'm a little tired of the politricks right now..

Make no mistake, I love it, but I'm yet to work out how progress can be made if people aren't able to be thier auntentic selves.
We the British tend to prefer masking the truth with protocol... when I suspect there are times that the 'honourable members really feel like saying
wtf is this shite?...sit yo lying ass down

But that wouldn't be polite

I hadn't seen ex Labour leader Ed Miliband for awhile
Here he is speaking on Sundays Andrew Marr (minus Andrew Marr)

Here Is the current Labour leader speaking with the man himself.. Andrew Marr.

There is an ever increasing trend of the expoliation of migrant workers, and workers globally. difficult to tackle unless the focus moves from a demand for excess profits to an emphasis on fairness and the well being of the workers.


Turbulence again... this time on the joys of oral
Not for him it!! ( apparently .. he doesn't even kiss.. what he say?.. breast? lawd, he's too much)
This track made me laugh out loud on the journey home. Funny guy.
Turbulence.. I prefer you on one drop tunes singing about love...

Riddim track's pretty cool though..

Night night...

Monday 3 April 2017

Comic Relief and Africa - ft EmmaOMG - Marry Me

I'm awaiting some real hot chocolate from Jamaica any day now courtesy of a friend
I remember how much I used to love it anytime my parents brought some back from Monsterrat.. Mmmmm it tastes so good..

Anyway, I've been quite busy lately with various things, and my days have been long, so I haven't been able to update as much as I'd like, but I'll be back on it as before, pretty soon
I'm actually blogging from my bed, eyes blurry ready to sleep!

Did you know that Red Nose Day raised about £71m this year? [click]
What an amazing fundraiser it is!

I've been reading various articles as usual and found a few on the impact Comic Relief has on the African 'development' narrative
One article, written by David Lammy MP raised several points on the overall perception of poverty in Africa. You know the perception I mean....
Likened to Band Aid, with 'us' the privileged 'westerners' stepping in to 'save' poor hungry 'Africans ( mainly women and children)'
Ordinarily I would share that view and in many ways I do, after all, we've been fed that diet for many years despite the reality that Africa is a huge continent with a growing and strong middle class and wealthy elite.
Basically, not everyone is starving in Africa, and poverty exists right here in the UK. Sure it's all relative and what we do have here in the UK, is a strong welfare state.
Not so across Africa

What I do like about Red Nose Day however, is that it brings out the best in people, people of all ages do something in the hope that it will help someone else.. someone living miles away... who they will never meet.
'Little man' gets excited about it every year, and that's nice to see
So yes, whilst David's points are valid, the good that prevails even if it's just to make others aware of someone else ... balances out quite well.

People give, despite knowing that many of those who suffer the most economically and otherwise, do so not through any fault of thier own, rather due to poor government, governance and war.
That however is not an issue for Africa alone, but until those on the continent in positions of power become more selfless and commit to the development of, and elimination of poverty in their midst, the issue will continue
Comic relief .. relieves the pressure from corrupt governments to do better.. after all.. they are aware that whatever they neglect to do... an NGO will surely fill the gap

This track is in no way even minutely related to what I've just said...I just love it
Night night x

Mali Music - Gonna Be Alright

Sunday 2 April 2017