Sunday 9 April 2017

What goes into Nigerian Pepper Soup?...

I enjoy watching others cook.
We can learn alot about culture from the food we eat. With so much information abound about alleged fake foods coming from China, it's quite fascinating to see how food has become so exploitable.

(he starts his day at 12:48pm? lol!!)

This isn't a post about fake rice, or meat though... this is about the love affair so many have with... Pork.. or animal offal in general.

As you know I'm a non meat eater, although I still eat fish ( yes, some may argue that's meat) on occasion

African and Caribbean dishes speak not only of the environment.. but also its colonial history. How and why certain foods in the Caribbean became 'national' dishes is not necessarily a fabulous tale, but in cementing some foods in the national dietary fabric it has become, in a way.. a celebration of the past regardless, and a way of keeping the knowledge of ones history alive.

Anyway.... I love watching this guy cook!
I've learnt so much from his Youtube channel, but I must say this video is one of his funniest in my book.

The ingredients here... are eye watering!
I wonder... if I remove the undesired ingredients and replaced them... would it still be Pepper Soup?
There is no way I'd be handling cow throat or heart!
Please someone tell me... if I leave them out will it pass the 'authentic' bar?
Nope.. I don't think so either.

I wonder if people realise exactly what they're eating
'anyway.. I'm gonna add my t'roat'....

Great line!

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