Saturday 8 April 2017

Weekend vibes.. chilling on a beautiful sun filled day

Protests in South Africa as the people march against Jacob Zuma and his government
Should Jacob Zuma go?
Has he and his colleagues brought the great ANC name into disrepute?
..damaging the legacy of a once great political party?

Many will say yes ...
and it will be difficult to disagree with them

'South Africa has 54 million inhabitants, but just 10% possess more than 90% of the country’s wealth. Ownership of land and companies remains mostly in South Africa’s white communities' [Guardian]

Ironically Xenophobic attacks have been on the rise against fellow Africans.. Nigerians in particular [click]
How can an African be a foreigner in Africa?. Foolishness!.

For that ridiculous reason alone, Jacob Zuma should go. Too much shit happening on his watch.


I sat down for dinner, door open , watching dinner date, then something else, reading , typing and for the 1st time all week felt my body really relaxing, so much so that I'm half asleep but fighting the desire to.. in favour of getting one and two little things done before I wrap up..

What a beautiful day it has been!
For the 1st time in almost a year I ventured out without my coat/jacket

Suddenly, I realised what that actually meant.
I turned to the side.. to check out my butt in the mirror...
Funny the way you forget you even have a butt when it's forever hidden in some way.. but now.. the sun's out .. a woman is now jacket less, and it's time to really take stock...take a 'observers view/glimpse' at what the butt has been doing over winter!

Turns out...not much... Is the answer to that
Ok then


Yes, I am a child of the sun
Of that there is no doubt.
I was up early with an energy that had deserted me over the winter months. I had cleaned the house washed clothes and been to the shop by 10.30am
Hooked up my system and played some nice tunes, ate dinner drank wine and here I am....

Pondering my next move

Which.. was to blog for a hot minute.


There are many reasons why Jacob Zuma should go.. and many, why he wont go easy..
One of the main problems many ineffective African leaders have, is that they surround themselves with sycophants and yes men. Those who will know better, but will simply stay silent for their own selfish gains.

Perhaps they are the smart ones... perhaps they know that to speak out will undoubtedly cost them more in the long run. so they bide their time...
Like vultures awaiting the final twitch of a carcus.

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