Monday 6 July 2020

How The Ashanti Rose To Be The Dominate Power In Ghana

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Weekend WOW Factor : Women & Girls

To hear of the recent cases across the continent of the abuse and rape of women and girls is alarming.
In Sierra Leone the recent case of a young girl of 5 sent shockwaves across the country, as have the cases of rape in Nigeria.

Domestic violence is said to have increased significantly during the pandemic. Imagine.
Incest remains a serious problem which is often swept under the carpet, as fathers use their own daughters or step daughters for sexual gratification.
'Uncles', family 'friends', unscrupulous bosses or lecturers, the list goes on.

So who, is really protecting these young girls?.
In simple terms, abuse is a misuse of power, that when used against women for some reason isn't treated seriously enough.
In UAE an African women was seen laying on the street apparently thrown out of the window (followed by her meagre possessions) by her 'employer'...during Ramadan.

In truth, cases such as these are not uncommon. African women are being trafficked at an alarming rate, and held pretty much as slaves by individuals who hold little or no value of the `African body, outside of what it can do for them.

During the Atlantic Slave Trade, and subsequent colonial era, the African body was subject to incredibly inhumane abuse, physical and mental torture, for hundreds of years. Men were also raped by slave masters in front of others as a form of humiliation, and to instill fear. There are accounts of slaves being forced to defecate in the mouths of other slaves if they 'talked back'.

I won't go into the atrocities carried out by Slave owners, but they are important to note, or research further to really understand the psychology affecting our current condition.

African people really need to unpack and dismantle the horrors inflicted during some of the worst times of our history. Otherwise, we will continue to hear of cases of abuse towards women, and wonder why this is happening to our people.

No country can rise higher than its women.
If we don't look after women, everyone loses.
When will enough be enough?


2020 has been filled with revelations - pray everyone is well.
Despite it all, and amidst the global chaos - there is love

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