Wednesday 30 August 2017

A bit of Batta Box

You see the size of that slice of bread?
An equivalent is hard dough bread and plantain. Mmmmmmmm.. (Fattening though!)


Tuesday 29 August 2017

The Late Post: Has Carnival Become Overly Sexualized?

Carnival is a highlight of the year for many people.
A display of costumes, music food the almost obligatory sight of dancing policemen and women, sound systems, Jerk pans , Steel Pans, and a whole lot of fun.

Carnival is possibly the largest and most well known of all Caribbean festivals. Some claim it was born initially from a Catholic pre lent festival which was adopted by Africans in the Caribbean who made it this town. Others state it was Africans who created the festive, born by those who fought against slavery and colonialism, and incorporate their African traditions into the festival mocking previous slave 'masters', and the evils of slavery whilst celebrating 'freedom'.
For many to is known as 'play mass'.

A lot has changed since then.
Our modern day Carnival remains beautiful, but I do sometimes wonder how and why it has become so overly sexualised.

Let me explain.
I noticed it most last year, when a woman walked by pretty much naked. and I mean.. pretty much naked.
Now we all expect to see some ( and bare) some flesh at Carnival, but unlike other costumes this particular flesh wasn't adored with anything bright shiny or sparkly, it was just.. well.. raw flesh. To be fair she had on a tiny thong, and from what I recall a small bra but that was it.

I understand the desire to let go and be free but it's not solely and adult party.

It's a paradox, as I'm not suggesting that children should feel ashamed of nakedness, or be raised to embrace what later can become, 'hang ups', but adult nakedness performing adult rituals, may be a bit much...especially on children's day.
Now instead of asking their parents what a particular mask or performance may mean they ae simply more often that not, being acclimatised to observing simulating sex in public, and barely dressed women.

Many will say it's a sign of female empowerment, no matter the shape or size a woman can celebrate her unique beauty.
Ok - I hear that.

Personally, when it comes to Carnival, I'm certainly a soca and band person and can follow the floats all day, but will venture to the sound systems from time to time to enjoy a variety of music. Everything about the festival is joyous, however, If Carnival remains a celebration of Caribbean culture, exactly which aspect of our cultures are we celebrtaing?
I see little evidence of its historical roots, rather an opportunity to parade as close to 'naked's possible on the street.
which leads me to wonder, has carnival lost its way?

Notting Hill Carnival whilst remaining a Caribbean festival is multi-cultural affair, and a time when pretty much anyone can experience some Caribbean flavour.. at least for a day. It would be Nice therefore to see more costumes depicting or history, a little-bit- more.

We are complex people with a complex past. loved and feared in equal measure.

lets hear what others have to say...

Another from the Archives


Carnival 2017.

Monday 28 August 2017

Patrice Roberts - All Of It

Patrice again..
It's hard not to sing along to this.
The weather is warm and the sun is shining
Enjoy it x

Top track Patrice

Sunday 27 August 2017

Music Video of the Week - Yemi.

Africa's Long Serving Leaders pt 1.

It's a beautiful Sunny Sunday.
Apologises for being so quiet of late. The flu held me hostage and my current cough has clearly fallen in love with me, the fever clearly jealous, proposed last night but I had to decline:)

So I Blog from my bed currently but will be up and cooking in hmmmmm, 30mins or so.
So how are you?

It is Carnival Weekend in London so all roads lead to Notting Hill, but I will pass on that this year and have a restful one locally.

What do Africa's Longest serving Leaders have in common?.
They fought for the independence of their country.
Or overthrew someone who did.
Anyway, colonialism and long serving leaders ae intrinsically linked.
I am not a psychologist rather a social scientist who believes that a key issue for our long serving leaders is not greed, ( purely) but TRUST, or rather A lack of it.

Who can they trust to take over the Leadership?.
Who will ensure 'Africa' (rather their own African county) does not return to it's colonised state ( even though it has in many ways)

Jose Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angola for 38 years. Yes 38. but decided not to stand again for 2017.

The MPLA party have now announce a clear victory with João Lourenço as Angola's new President.
Dos Santos will not be far away. He remains an active party member.

Oil rich Angola served the dos Santos family well, so I'm sure the new President will be equally jubilant.

Here's a bit of Triva.
Did this song have anything to do with the politics of Angolas MPLA?
I believe it did. Reggae, such a crucial tool in Africa's liberation.


I have to cook.. now!

Saturday 19 August 2017

Masterkraft & Reekado Banks – I Go Dance

What do you do on a Saturday night?

Surely in varies right?
Sometimes, I just want to get lost in music.. in or out
There are times when it's the only way
...and this tune is perfect for it
Masterkraft is so talented, I don't think I've ever heard a poor production from him

and I'm loving the sax

'Ok I go dance, shake my body..'

Burna Boy – Rock Your Body

Yemi Alade - Knack Am

When Caribbean people call the wrong number

Weekend WOW Factor: Sierra Leone, Mugabe, Nnamdi Kanu

What a week...
Post election protests and violence in Kenya, Charlottesville civil unrest , Sierra Leone floods, Kagame sworn in for another 7 years ( On behalf of the people of the DRC 'congrats')
Grace Mugabe ( have mercy what now) , protests outside Abuja House in London ( even if it was tiny) , Bruce Forsths's departure ( 'cuddly toy cuddly toy') , vans recklessly, mowing people down and to top it all off I've had the flu all week

Well hot damn!...Has the world lost its way?


President Kagame


Abuja Hse Protest


Can somebody please tell me what this is? :-]
Somebody come get your husbands..


Every year during and between the rainy season ( June - Oct) Sierra Leone experiences heavy flooding. The hardest hit/most affected, tend to be the poorest communities, with floods ravaging homes and often taking lives.
Whilst the recent devastating floods may be the worst experienced by Sierra Leone in years, little has been done year -on - year to mitigate or guard against these annual floods. In fact, despite warnings against the continued levels of deforestation, poor sanitation, ineffective town and country planning, it's fair to say that very little change has taken place with regards to preparing for the ( expected) heavy rainfall.

Critics argue that current ministers are simply just too busy building mansions, buying homes abroad, educating their children abroad, and re allocating government funds to personal accounts .. to use the money to develop communities, take the precautions necessary, or simply
That's what critics say.

Here is a list of current ministers
(and the people to write to should you feel so inclined)

His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma President & Minister of Defence

Ambassador Dr Victor Bockarie Foh Vice President

Mr Momodu L. Kargbo Minister of Finance and Economic Development

Dr Samura M.W. Kamara Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

Mr Maya Kaikai Minister of Local Government and Rural Development

Mr Joseph F. Kamara Attorney-General and Minister of Justice

Mr Mohamed Bangura Minister of Information and Communications

Ms. Nanette Thomas Minister of Political and Public Affairs

Capt. Momodu Allieu Pat-Sowe Minister of Trade and Industry

Dr Minkailu Bah Minister of Education, Science and Technology

Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay Minister of Works, Housing, And Infrastructure

Mr Henry O. Macauley Minister of Energy

Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources

Mr Leonard Balogun Koroma Minister of Transport and Aviation

Dr Sylvia Blyden Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs

Ms. Elizabeth Mans Minister of Fisheries, and Marine Resources

Dr Mathew Teambo Minister of Labour And Social Security

Prof. Patrick Monty Jones Minister of Agriculture, Food Security, and Forestry

Mr Sidi Yahya Tunis Minister of Tourism and Culture

Ms. Diana Konomanyi Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment

Mr Ahmed Khanou Minister of Sports

Major (Rtd) Palo Conteh Minister of Internal Affairs

Mr Bai Mamoud Bangura Minister of Youth Affairs

Dr Abu Bakarr Fofanah Minister of Health and Sanitation

Mr Momodu Maligie Minister of Water Resources

With millions of pounds now pledged by various governments including China and the UK, the concern of many ( despite their grief) is... what will happen to that money?
With the millions pledged to fight Ebola unaccounted for, do the critics have a point?
Was this disaster avoidable?

Sorry, not this time Mr President


What do Grace Mugabe and Naomi Campbell have in common?

Well...a fiery temper it would seem

The government of Zimbabwe requested diplomatic immunity for Grace, whilst the South African government put airports on red alert [click]

Where is she now?
who knows
Gotta love her


Did you know Nigerian state officials ( senators) are some of the the highest paid in the world? [click]

I can see you all adjusting your CV's as I type


Only reggae can solve this

We forget we are all god

Have a lovely weekend Xx

Friday 11 August 2017

Friday Night Love

The week has simply flown by. A lovely busy day but i'm glad its Friday as the of/on hot/cold weather has me battling the start of a cold.

However, feeling a bit rough...I came home to a lovely surprise

What this?
A box with my name on it?

I prolonged my joy by washing up first.. no.. actually my joy wasn't prolonged at all, and I washed up with an energy I didn't have even know I had..
I just wanted to open my box

Put a smile on my face as I quickly picked a favourite among them..

Sweet things are even sweeter when you least expect them

Awwww... I love them..


Something for the weekend..

The evolution of the species

" ...I can honestly say I don't ever remember a time of the female buttocks being as big as so many are now.... were they in hiding??.."

Ok, they may look nice.... but can they climb a tree?....
A tree???

Who says that :)

Cool track




Have a nice weekend

Sunday 6 August 2017

Phyno ft Wande Coal – Zamo Zamo

Weekend Tings. Election Fever, Bolt V Gatlin plus Music from Praiz & Sarkodie:

Will it really take a coalition of 7-8 political parities to topple Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF?
If so.. lol!!

Unity is strength, but whilst a similar coalition worked in The Gambia headed by the handsome Adama Barrow....


"Well... thank you Dawna..."

"You're most welcome my President".. heehee

...Morgan Tsvangirai in my opinion, lacks the charm of Barrow, neither does he appear to have fully won the trust of enough people across the country (or diaspora)


I guess we shall see but it would be a bitter win should they succeed ( which I can't see them doing)
Rather than strength it really suggests an indication of the weakness of any opposition against Zanu
Apparently President Mugabe called them a bunch of Zeros.
Funny man

A fresh up-and- coming party will stand a better chance but we will see.

So... here are a few elections worth looking out for...

Zimbabwe - Between July Aug 2018
Rwanda Paul Kagame - re-elected August (3rd term)
Sierra Leone - March 2018
Nigeria - February 2019
Liberia - Oct 2017
Congo (can't afford it this year.. apparently. Kabila seeking 3rd term)
Kenya - Aug (8th) 2017

[Article] ( 5 African Elections to watch out for in 2017)

[click here for interactive map]

More often than not, stability across Africa is hinged on elections, the build up and subsequent results.
A free fair and transparent election is always sort but equally always questioned.
Yes, elections are serious business across Africa.


Justin Gatlin, after so many failed attempts, finally beat Usain Bolt in the mens 100m.
Despite some observers and fans feeling disgruntled, Gatlin is a reminder to us all that if you want something badly enough.. don't give up.

Athletics is an emotional affair.

I watched the Bolt documentary today and it was indeed very moving.

Well done Justin Gatlin
.. and the great sportsman that is Bolt.
The crowd may have booed, but Bolt took it very well, and Gatlin was right to bow down and show him that love
Nice gesture


We finally have a video to accompany this beautiful song
Nice x