Sunday 27 August 2017

Africa's Long Serving Leaders pt 1.

It's a beautiful Sunny Sunday.
Apologises for being so quiet of late. The flu held me hostage and my current cough has clearly fallen in love with me, the fever clearly jealous, proposed last night but I had to decline:)

So I Blog from my bed currently but will be up and cooking in hmmmmm, 30mins or so.
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It is Carnival Weekend in London so all roads lead to Notting Hill, but I will pass on that this year and have a restful one locally.

What do Africa's Longest serving Leaders have in common?.
They fought for the independence of their country.
Or overthrew someone who did.
Anyway, colonialism and long serving leaders ae intrinsically linked.
I am not a psychologist rather a social scientist who believes that a key issue for our long serving leaders is not greed, ( purely) but TRUST, or rather A lack of it.

Who can they trust to take over the Leadership?.
Who will ensure 'Africa' (rather their own African county) does not return to it's colonised state ( even though it has in many ways)

Jose Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angola for 38 years. Yes 38. but decided not to stand again for 2017.

The MPLA party have now announce a clear victory with João Lourenço as Angola's new President.
Dos Santos will not be far away. He remains an active party member.

Oil rich Angola served the dos Santos family well, so I'm sure the new President will be equally jubilant.

Here's a bit of Triva.
Did this song have anything to do with the politics of Angolas MPLA?
I believe it did. Reggae, such a crucial tool in Africa's liberation.


I have to cook.. now!


  1. I hope you feel 100% very soon!

  2. my sister TIA! where a man sees absolutely nothing wrong in "serving" his people for 38 years. Isn't his daughter the "richest woman" in Africa? wetin I go talk, monkey dey chop baboon dey work. please, he should hurry up and adopt me. get better soon x

  3. Adopt you? haha Chrome get in Line :). Yes his daughter is allegedly Africa's 'richest woman, but I'm sure others can give her a close run for that title . President Koroma is apparently considering postponing Sierra Leone's 2018 elections. Some mischievous body said all the recent international aid money received for flood victims may be the cause of this change of plan. We will see. The days of the extended leadership is phasing out. It's a new era now..