Thursday 29 October 2015

Things life coaches should or shouldn't say... ft Patoranking - Make Am

As some of you may already know I've been training to be a life coach.. well .. I completed my performance coaching training, with just the assignment/s remaining.
At 1st I thought I'd just focus on that and not post as much..
but that doesn't work for me..
Procrastination filled the void
Not to mention wallowing in some other bullshit or another

So... as a result,and in order to keep myself on track I'll probably be boring you with a little life coaching 'banter' from time to time
Suffice to say.. Just to warn you in advance.. I'll be running a short series called.. 'Things life coaches should or shouldn't say

Thing number 1. #Shouldn't

'Oh shit .. pass the sick bucket.. I can't do this with you.. you're wasting my f*****g time!'

Good morning London and beyond

"Make Am" tells the story of two young, hustling friends who are both looking for their way out of the ghetto. When one of them finally makes it, the money, fame, glitz and glamour changes his character. Patoranking’s “Make Am” delivers the message that anybody can make it, no matter where they start. Don’t look down on anyone. Endorsed by Lagos State. #Whayasay

Saturday 24 October 2015

Lazy days & Saturdays

Nice day.
Nothing 'special' the washing, cooked dinner early, had a nice meal watched a bit of TV.. chilled with little man, and really just took the day in my stride.
and you know what?...
It was okay.
I needed that thinking time.
Just a minute as they say. To refocus.. or at least begin the process.

Things to do.. people to be.

Hope you've had a great day..

Enjoy your evening x

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down

Thursday 22 October 2015

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Little man was treating me to some of his favourite tunes yesterday. This was among the playlist. I was teasing him.. I said.. 'bet you don't even know it really do you'..
he looked me squarely in the eyes and completely in sinc just sang.. 'Ooo baby'.
Nothing more, nothing less.
He's so funny

That showed me.
I love this vid.

Have a good evening, and goodnight x

Suffragette.. ft Jamie Lawson - I wasn't expecting that

So I took myself to the movies. Been awhile
I love going to the movies.
I went to see the film suffragette.

It's quite a moving film truth be told. If you decide to watch it, there are parts which will have you quite tearful to be honest... at times angry, shocked at the brutal nature in which women were treated back in the day.
It's an interesting reminder, well documented and well acted..
In watching the film you may come to realize truth be told that for many women and girls in many parts of the world, life remains pretty much the same to some degree. Young girls sexually exploited by old men.. mothers unable to really do or say anything about it.. why?, because often times.. it brings in much needed money. And they may believe it thier only option.

What was even more interesting is at the end credits, you are given a list of various countries and the years in which women were granted the right to vote

..did a quick internet search and this came up

1893 New Zealand
1902 Australia1
1906 Finland
1913 Norway
1915 Denmark
1917 Canada2
1918 Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia
1919 Netherlands
1920 United States
1921 Sweden
1928 Britain, Ireland
1931 Spain
1934 Turkey
1944 France
1945 Italy
1947 Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan
1949 China
1950 India
1954 Colombia
1957 Malaysia, Zimbabwe
1962 Algeria
1963 Iran, Morocco
1964 Libya
1967 Ecuador
1971 Switzerland
1972 Bangladesh
1974 Jordan
1976 Portugal
1989 Namibia
1990 Western Samoa
1993 Kazakhstan, Moldova
1994 South Africa
2005 Kuwait
2006 United Arab Emirates
2011 Saudi Arabia3
NOTE: One country does not allow their people, male or female, to vote: Brunei.
1. Australian women, with the exception of aboriginal women, won the vote in 1902. Aborigines, male and female, did not have the right to vote until 1962.
2. Canadian women, with the exception of Canadian Indian women, won the vote in 1917. Canadian Indians, male and female, did not win the vote until 1960. Source: The New York Times, May 22, 2005.
3. Women in Saudi Arabia will not be eligible to vote until 2015.

Women's right to vote in Nigeria 1958 Right to Stand for Election.. 1958.. when will the masses be ready to accept a women president?.... you tell me
I wasn't expecting to be as moved by the film as I was..

They were some serious brave women

Flavour ft M.I. & Phyno - Wiser

One of my favourite tracks off the album. Lovely vid. Hmmm very decent indeed
Interesting storyline. Naughty girl huh

Monday 19 October 2015

Four the hard way - Icandy - I Am Blessed -Busy Signal - One And Only - Iba Mahr - Won't Lose My Way - & Morgan Heritage - Social Network

Definitely feeling this tune.. 'I Candy'.. ok..took me awhile to put that together...

Sweet .. Busy Signal

'love is my meditation'....

Not so familiar with this artist.. worth a spin..
Uplifting lyrics.. strong delivery

The Royal Family Of Reggae - M.H
Lyrics on point as usual. Hey.. I'm pretty addicted to my phone. I have to admit it. I need to wean myself off.. or go cold turkey...

I Concur - Timaya ft. Don Jazzy

Nice paring; Timaya and Don Jazzy
Enjoyable vid

Romain Virgo - Dancing In Love

Have a Nice Day

Why work matters

I've spent many years supporting others to find work or to improve thier education and skills. In the main its been an enjoyable and very rewarding job. I've always managed to remain positive, and provide those feeling despare with some hope.
I've been able somehow to assist them in feeling more positive and hopeful, and often, ( not always) they have managed to find work pretty soon after.

Unemployment is easier to deal with when it's not at your door.

If a family member is unemployed, it can be really tough... everyone suffers.

You may witness them descend into self doubt, and see an increase in low moods and despair..

That's why....

I'm not a Tory.

I do not believe that those who are unemployed are so because of some 'fault of their own' which is often the Tory belief.

I do believe that there are those who stop trying.. and need help to get back on track

People stop trying for different reasons, but ultimately, to stop trying' is often a big cry for help

Work matters because it's so closely linked to our concept of who we are. The wages enable us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.
Pay the bills.
It means we don't have to beg , sell sex, lie , cheat or steal from others ( although some still do) to get by.
Work gives us a sense of purpose.. we feel that we are part of society, we contribute. We can hold our heads up somewhat

Ironically an aspect of my job is to try to help people to feel that way even without a job
It's a challenge.. but ultimately it's important.
because as 'gods children'.. we have to try to believe, that we are more than our jobs
We've got to feel good about ourselves...
..who we are when we have... and who we are when we have not

Easier said than done
I guess it helps to hold on to your dreams

You Matter...Good morning x

Friday 16 October 2015

Heavy K feat. Mondli Ngcobo - Mzwangendwa

Well worth the wait...
If there's a better house tune I cant find it... listen to this singer. gets me every time
Heavy K. Fire.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Brymo - Nothing's Ever Promised Tomorrow

I know I've said it before but I think Brymo's voice is amazing..

I could sit in a room with Brymo.. and write...
Without interruption
Just me.. and Brymo.

Sunday 11 October 2015

Weekend WOW Factor: What was said: Party conferences

I missed the party conference speeches this year so just catching up
Just in case you missed them too.. here are two for your viewing pleasure

Place to avoid... Cornwall? lol.. I jest.. but 100%.. really?...Wow


and another

Deekay - Repete

Believe in yourself!

So I had a nice rest made a meal and feel much better!

Just allowing things to flow without trying to control things is actually a useful tip. (something I read some time ago and never really tried)

Anyway.. on a positive note.. I came across this and found it interesting.. plus a track I really like ( it's the beat)

Onwards and upwards people!! x

The challenges of life

This is quite a personal post, but sometimes it helps me to write things down.
It's possibly what I do best.
or not.
So this post simply comes under the banner of... life

Since my brother died, my other brother (who is a few years older than me) has really stepped up to the plate with regards to staying at my mums, sorting things at my brothers flat, and clearing her place.

Anyway, yesterday.. I got a call from my sister to tell me he had been rushed to the hospital with a suspected heart attack
It floored me.

I couldn't go.. and didn't.
It's unlike me, but I really didn't feel strong enough this time.
The update is he is stable, doing better and remains in hospital
I cant imagine what last night was like for my mum.

We are not having a great time.

I'm struggling a bit emotionally.
My closest friend came over and sat with me playing a 'saxon sound clash' tape until I fell asleep.
She understands that I just lost the brother I've been closest to all my life.. my ally.. and now... this...
J...the other brother who I am also really close to.

we've always been close because he is just the funniest person I know and makes me laugh.
He's also very loving.

I'm not dealing very well with these challenges but I'm trying my best to be strong and solider on.
But there are times when I just need to cry, and be held.
To add to it , I couldn't get Mr K on the phone ( but that's another story)

Yesterday .. I explained to my friend that I felt really exposed, a bit scared, and unprotected.
I guess I shouldn't say that

There's always god..
..and Freddie Mcgregor

This was one of the songs on the tape.
An old favourite of mine..

Sing Freddie.... we love you.. and thanks

Good morning x

Friday 9 October 2015

J. Martins - Kwaroro - my song of the day :)

Iyanya ft. Lil Kesh - Okamfo

I want more men in these videos.. feel short changed here :)

Friday feeling.. have a great day x

The pace of change

I couldn't tell you the last time I've slept all through the night.
Its been awhile.
Sometimes, I'll read, go on-line, check out some articles, sometimes I'll just think about stuff

The pace of change ebs and flows.
One thing is certain.. change is inevitable.
Change can be exciting, scary, something you wish to attract, or something you wish to keep at bay. I guess it all depends on what 'the change' is..

A good change can be viewed as something which enhances your life and state of well being. Brings you closer to those you love, and strengthens you mentally, spiritually, and physically
Something which engenders feelings of happiness and contentment
A bad change, can be viewed as the opposite to all the above.

Someone once said to me, it's not the 'change' necessarily, but how you perceive and respond to what's happening.

Most of us have hopes and dream.. things we aspire do (or be).. states to reach.
A glitch in the road is rarely ( if ever) welcome.


I met a woman who has reconciled with her husband after a period of separation ( and interference.. I mean support, from her pastor)
Being a 'romantic' I expressed my warmest regards..
As we continued to speak however she burst into tears.
Seems (for her) the love isn't there. and neither are the state benefits she was once entitled to.
For whatever reason, she claimed that her husband wont give her any money.
I asked her why I (I'm nosey.. I mean curious.. like that)
She said.. African men... they don't care... and pulled a face.
Rightly or wrongly I didn't respond.. she needed to talk - get stuff off her chest

I'm hopeful that things will change for them both for the better. and they are able to live as a man and wife should live
with love kindness gratitude understanding and respect at the core.
( don't quote me on that rather short list)

It's a sad day when a woman see the state as a better husband than her actual husband

I guess I could have said 'lady.. meanness is not a default African trait.. a mean man is just a mean man.. wherever he's from'.
But as I said.. she was crying
What do you think.. should you worry if you never ever see your partners wallet?