Saturday 24 October 2015

Lazy days & Saturdays

Nice day.
Nothing 'special' the washing, cooked dinner early, had a nice meal watched a bit of TV.. chilled with little man, and really just took the day in my stride.
and you know what?...
It was okay.
I needed that thinking time.
Just a minute as they say. To refocus.. or at least begin the process.

Things to do.. people to be.

Hope you've had a great day..

Enjoy your evening x


  1. Thanks, Dawna! It sounds like you had a great day! I've been a little lazy here too ~ beautiful, warm autumn day. I finally got my hands on a book I've been searching for as historical background to my memoir: "The Northern Ojibwa and the Fur Trade." It's a comprehensive historical and ecological study of the Ojibwa Indians in the area I lived in as a young girl. So I dug into that for the morning. Then Terry and I went to see the movie "The Martian" finally! It was fantastic. Then pizza, and now a lazy evening. We are going to watch the Buffalos and the Jaguars playing American football in London tomorrow. Coincidentally my niece Krista is going to the game. She chucked her job in, went over to London, landed a job, and is going to see her favorite Bills tomorrow. Maybe I'll catch her in the crowd. Have a happy Sunday!

    1. Hey Fundy.. how are you.. you're in my home town?.. I saw an article about that game, hope you had fun!
      Are you still in London? you certainly get about a bit Fundy :)

    2. If I were, I'd try to meet you! Actually it's my niece who is in London working. I've been not sleeping well lately, so I've been a little wonky and probably confused you. Actually now, I starting to pull out of an erratic sleep schedule; if I can just not go off on a creative binge writing or whatever for 15 or 16 hours in a row. I never learn!

    3. I was wondering as yes I'd thought hey we could meet!!, but I thought maybe your schedule would be too busy so I kept schtum. So yes I misunderstood you.

      I too have an erratic sleep schedule at the mo.. I just need to do something to really earn it lol.

      Shout me when you are in London Fundy. Cuppa tea and a cake on me :)..
      and some nice tunes
      You're progressing really well with your manuscript though Fundy I'm impressed x