Thursday 29 October 2015

Things life coaches should or shouldn't say... ft Patoranking - Make Am

As some of you may already know I've been training to be a life coach.. well .. I completed my performance coaching training, with just the assignment/s remaining.
At 1st I thought I'd just focus on that and not post as much..
but that doesn't work for me..
Procrastination filled the void
Not to mention wallowing in some other bullshit or another

So... as a result,and in order to keep myself on track I'll probably be boring you with a little life coaching 'banter' from time to time
Suffice to say.. Just to warn you in advance.. I'll be running a short series called.. 'Things life coaches should or shouldn't say

Thing number 1. #Shouldn't

'Oh shit .. pass the sick bucket.. I can't do this with you.. you're wasting my f*****g time!'

Good morning London and beyond

"Make Am" tells the story of two young, hustling friends who are both looking for their way out of the ghetto. When one of them finally makes it, the money, fame, glitz and glamour changes his character. Patoranking’s “Make Am” delivers the message that anybody can make it, no matter where they start. Don’t look down on anyone. Endorsed by Lagos State. #Whayasay


  1. Hi Dawna! I'm glad that you are rethinking how often you post! I am looking forward to your new venture and its presence on your blog. I love this upbeat video, and thanks for the translation! I'm visual not auditory, so I miss a lot of things when listening. I'm fascinated with life coaching, but I wouldn't dare take it on as a career. I struggle with setting boundaries and following through on them! That's why I can go on a 16 hour writing binge and ignore all the pressing and necessary things I should be doing! LOL I have a friend who swears by her life coach. Definitely agree with your #1 shouldn't! Happy weekend!

  2. 16hrs? wow.. I'm impressed Fundy!