Monday 31 December 2018

Happy Blogging Birthday ! - Because It Matters x

It was this day, eight years ago, that I started the Because It Matters Blog.
New Years Eve 2010.

As I enter my 9th year it's fair to say, that I had no idea at the time if I'd have the stamina for it... but I knew from the very beginning that I had the energy, the love, and enjoyed it immensely.

Further evidence, should anyone need it, that when you do something you truly fuels momentum - fuels inspiration

There are many variations of Blogging. Some pictorial, others mainly the written word, and then there are video Blogs.
I love to write, but It's nice to mix it up
For my Blogging birthday, I'll be doing something else that I love, have not yet mastered, and keep putting down and starting over...

Yes you've guessed it.... gardening.!

I've a bit of a mountain to climb , having neglected it all year, but I intend to climb it anyway. I started yesterday and believe it or not, made great progress , so now instead of a dense jungle, it just looks like a neglected garden now.


Yep... as you can see.. it's a lot of work

Funnily enough, I get a lot of pleasure when I do it myself, although the temptation to pay someone to do it has crossed my mind.... until I googled landscape gardener. uhum... ok... not yet

I'll keep a record of my progress, as that'll help me to stay motivated .. and stick with it, and really learn this skill

Anyway, I bought a new rake, some grass sees and some flower bulbs. The latter is the icing on the cake as the real work is in the clearing.

I digress!.... I was celebrating my Blogging Birthday.

What initially started as a bit of a diary, ended up becoming a mix of social commentary and music reviews, so I'm very pleased that in my tagline, I knew it's purpose even if I wasn't entirely as clear.
I'm pleased I've remained consistent over the years, and my passion has not dimmed

I have a better understanding of what it means to be a Diasporan of African descent, and still occasionally wring my hands at the fact that despite access to so much information, we still remain ignorant and divided in some areas
But.... more to Blog about I guess.
My passion was cemented when completing my Masters..
Now it's a light that just keeps shining

Keep your heads up 'Middle Passage Survivors'. Whether your destination was the Americas or the Caribbean....
I see you!
Keep pushing on.. claim your birthright, your land, and your legacy
I'm grateful to continue to learn with each passing day

One of the 1st poems I ever wrote was Because it Matters.. (you can read it at the base of the blog somewhere).

I still stand by it.

So I thought, what can I write today, before I get started on my back garden

What is on my mind??

Other than the fact that I've never been a fan of old years night/ or New Years Eve, however you wanna put that.... this was a passing thought....

We are not merely what we think we are
we are so much more
it is our job to find out what that is
and become it
to express gratitude once found
and bless others along the way

I'm of course, thankful to you, my readers, and hope you continue to enjoy your visits, and the music promoted on this Blog

I wish you all a Happy New Year x

Saturday 29 December 2018

Freddie McGregor - Go Freddie Go

Weekend WOW Factor ; On Inspirational Men

Aside from Ben Murray - Bruce, all of the other speakers are each playing a prominent role in the upcoming elections in Naija.

Fela Durotoye is the presidential candidate of the ANN ( Alliance for New Nigeria). Kingsley Moghalu is the presidential candidate for the YPP ( Young Progressive Party), and

Perter Obi, is the PDP candidate for vice President

Peter Obi, I must say is growing on me.
Ive watched and listened to him a few times now, and he comes across as very intelligent, with an endearing 'open' quality about him.
His business acumen is admirable, and as a result, there will be many who will vote for the PDP even if they're not in favour of Atiku ( for President).

All are articulate men, who have achieved a great deal in their respective fields, and their desire to give back and inspire others is really encouraging.

Nigerians have real options in the 2019 elections.
Almost spoilt for choice.

Thursday 27 December 2018

What songs in 2018 pt 1.

It's that time of year when a rundown of some of the tracks that have moved me take centre stage

So many this year ( as always) but some artists have really blossomed
I'll feature a few over the coming days

One such is Adekunle Gold

His About 30 album is full of gems, but years before, and since, his heartfelt songs are filled with tales of faith hope and love
When i like an artist it's a joy to be able to play her earlier tracks.. and find a common thread
These were among my playlist this year

All good

Simi's album was outstanding from beginning to end

but I'll knock 3 birds with one stone here... enter Fally and Sauti

Burna Boy

Yep... Clarence Shot IT

Teni - Uyo Meyo

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Do You Love Lush Bath Bombs ?

Why is it that if I start to watch a film I fall asleep... but if I go to bed to sleep, I cannot?

My gifts from my babies this year were perfume, bath bombs, scented candle, and all sorts of lovely things for the bath
Either they're telling me I smell.... or they want me to relax

Either way.... problem solved x

It's actually just what I wanted....
I need to pamper myself more....

Enjoy my femininity... lest I forget I'm a girl

I don't think there's a shop in Westfield that smells as sweet as Lush.... I love it
Ok... I've put my Pixy suit away now....

Is the DRC To Rich For Peace?

Elections are scheduled to take place in the DRC this weekend. It's possible they'll be delayed again.
Kabila may want to hold on to power, but with protests against his stronghold, Ebola, and the ongoing war in the East, I'm not entirely sure why he would want to.
He did agree to set down after his second term.....
So what's up?

Perhaps he's being aided by neighbours Uganda and Rwanda, as the country remains an international honeypot

But a country is not family inheritance
Or is it?...
England..... heehee.

Kabila's second term actually ended two years ago.. but a tweak in the constitution, has seen him remain as President.

I'm not sure who could possibly take over, or for that matter, what changes for the better can be made.. it's a quagmire...
and he world is not hungry for it.

Why is the DRC so easy to forget?
Is the country simply too rich for peace?

Buhari Presents His 2019 Budget and The Crowd Boo.

What a drama!
Can you believe the unruly behaviour of these senators?
Not even the prayers, both muslim and christian, were respected, much less the President
'Freedom come by struggle by struggle.. Freedom come..' some sang

In truth , are these senators really struggling?
Most are overweight despite saying they're hungry, and the allowances they receive on top of their salaries are really very generous.[click]

As Buhari completed his address and sat back, I wondered what he could be thinking... as the jeers and disarray continued.

He's used to it. He expects it. He knows them...very, very, well.

Buhari...'we have done more work with less resources in agriculture, infratstructure, and social investments'

'Lie lie lie...'.

Buhari...'..the economy has recoved from recession. '

In an attempt to scold these unruly fellows, Buhari told them to remember the world is watching.. and that they are supposed to be above that

Lie... no.. it's not true' someone shouted
I had to laugh out loud at that one
Funny stuff.

There are people who blame the state of the nation on Buhari... yet you really have to wonder..
If these are the men in control of their respect states.... can they really be trusted to act with maturity, dignity, and integrity?

They are practically uncontrollable.
Perhaps it was just down to the excitement of being in the presence of the President, however... it certainly wasn't boring!.
It's a tough job indeed. who would really want it?

You have to hand it to him. Like him or not....there is something about Buhari.
Pretty cool, in the midst of a carnival....

Some Xmas Day Pics

Longday, but a good day anyway, All enjoyed the food x

Monday 24 December 2018

Duncanmighty -MieKeRaSo

" Amina.. girl innocent.. she no dey lek com out.. she no dey like to take anything whe get alcohol... eh heh"

Looking Forward To The Big Cook

Gearing up for full cooking mode. Ive delegated the preparation of 'stuffing' to my young lady... and plan to get a few hours sleep/rest.. before starting early in the am.
This year I'll be cooking for mum and bro also... but all the prep and most of the cooking I'll be doing before I get there... so there'll be no shenanigans.. of 'Dawna add this' , or 'add that'
I know my seasonings.. and they have to trust it'll be tasty.

Think i'll knock up an apple crumble for desert too.. hmmmm yummy!

Funnily enough in thinking about everyone else.. I actually forgot to buy fish
So it'll be a quick trip to the shops.. not even gonna drive, just jump on a bus and get back pronto, so I can relax and enjoy my day

I've been enjoying these intelectual debates so much!
I love when people are passionate about what they believe in
It actually inspires others to excel in their own

These ladies are doing a nice job too :)

A look at another Presidential candidate...


Youtube analytics keeps me up at times.. so much interesting stuff keeps popping up on my sidebar :0

Driving home with the full moon last night...

Saturday 22 December 2018

Weekend WOW Factor. Omoyele Sowore.

Born 16th February 1971, Omoyele Sowore was born into a polygamous family of 16 siblings.
Raised in Ondo state, Omoyele attended the University of Lagos.

A one time student union activist, Omoyele fought against cultism and corruption, and was also active in the struggle for democracy from military rule

In 2006 Omoyele started Sahara Reporters in a small room, from the United States, with the intention of exposing corrupt officials and government malpractice.

Sahara Reporters has been a powerhouse of African Journalism and reporting, but Omoyele has raised the bar even further, by announcing his intention to is run for president of Nigeria in February this year, and by August, formed and registered his own party; AAC .

The African Action Congress was recently excluded from the recent Presidential debates, despite its growing prominence across the county.

Omoyele is a force to be reckoned with, and no matter what happens , this is one of the most impressive displays of vision, integrity, and action seen for some time.

This interview has done the rounds, and many have been taken aback with the ease in which his is both outspoken and factual.

Like Fela before him, it was his time spent outside of Nigeria, notably in the US, that strengthened his awareness and resolve, and gave him the kind of clarity and insight that sets men apart

Humble, hardworking, 'fearless' and handsome, Omoyele has the ability to communicate well with people across ethnic lines, nationally and internationally... and has a sense of humour despite the seriousness of his ambitions

One of the problems he faces is what's known as 'stomach infrastructure'.
It has become a staple of political activity and vote rigging. 'Stomach infractstuture' is where people will vote for whoever pays them. It's not exclusive to Nigeria, no, we have seen instances of political vote buying across the continent, with votes going for as little as a bag of rice.

I've seen the disappointed faces as he's toured various states, and not handed out 'favours'.

72% of eligible voters didn't vote in 2015, over 59% of adults in Nigeria are illiterate, so the struggle is that the ability to tap into the amidst of people who will not be reading lengthy manifestos, and are accustomed to short term gains of small amounts of money.. is no easy task.

There is a change on the horizon win or lose.
Omoyele has raised over $100.000 on gofundme, still not much compared to the dominant parties, however, there is still time.

The questions are, do Nigerians deserve an Omoyele?.. are they ready?.
Does the average man or woman really want change, or even believe it possible?

Despite the increase in social and economic inequality, there are many who would like things to remain as they are, as the status quo benefits many.
But Omoyele is cut from a different cloth.
Integrity may not be the norm in political life , but it's certainly something to aspire to
It helped Buhari win against Jonathan... now....can Omoyele, as the 'ranked outsider'....unseat the formidable Buhari?
We shall see.... yes, we shall see..

Merry Xmas everyone! x

Beautiful song

Saturday 15 December 2018

Weekend WOW Factor - Women Standing Tall

It has rained all day
I don't mind the rain so much, but it's soooo cold lol
My little fingers nipping even in my pockets, when undeterred, I ventured to the market in pursuit of veg.

Did my maintenance even though I broke my nails past few weeks so they now need time to grow back

Cooked, cleaned, went to see mum, ( didn't get out in the garden) and picked up Ti's xmas gift as he'll be off back to sunny Oz soon

Anyway... this was interesting
Nigeria's Vice Presidential Debate

Not sure how they selected the parties that would take part outside of the two main parties.. but a debate is a great way to go... after all... who doesn't love a Presidential debate :)

Khadijah... candidate of the ANN ( Alliance for New Nigeria) lost the moment she took the stage.. as she bowed to her male opponents.
big no no ... someone should have told her

I guess if you take on board the cultural context of Nigeria with regards to the normalized role of women ( which is why she bowed) , massive respect to the women, who were able to get up and stand alongside these men regardless, and say their piece.
Khadijah is not yet ready.. having said that... still more ready than the man alongside her ... ( Ganiyu Galadima, APCN candidate )
A comment says he belongs in the other room.. ( as made famous by Buhari) or perhaps that was just in my mischievous mind. heehee

The rolling comments were even more engaging the the debate.. :)

Good for Khadijah anyway, she was nervous, not well prepared, and possibly battles with confidence , yet she tried.. got out of her comfort zone, and next time she will be much better

The remaining three each held their own. Peter Obi of the PDP tried to blind us with numerical science.. suspect his figures were incorrect, but who had the time to check them?... no-one!

Prof Osinbanjo remained calm and blamed the PDP, as after all.. he's in office now
but the one that stood out for me was Umma Getso, of the YPP ( young progressives party)
I like her style

On imports...Why is Nigeria importing toothpicks???

Ultimately, they were all asked a different question which makes comparison difficult
Fun to watch tho

Over in London
Theresa May - strong woman

Why does ex PM Tony Blair sound like a calming voice in a storm?

Anyway, think I'll just relax now

Ready to eat.... again :)

Hmmm I wonder what would happen if there was a new referendum...
Lower turnout I suspect..people are Brexit weary

Monday 10 December 2018

Men & Mental Health

Work today had me pondering this issue.. so here are three Interesting videos, 1st one set in London Uk, 2nd the U.S..3rd in London again.

This talk is very informative..

I think many of us have a clearer understanding of the why's, the challenge is turning it around for the better.
Multifaceted and complex it may be, but whilst we work on our cultural pathologies, we need to ignite the desires of all, including institutions and businesses, to identify and work on our social pathologies

Identifying the problem, raising awareness, committing to building a better society for all. x

Twinkling Lights and Smiles All Round. ft Music by LAX

This time of year seems to really bring out the best in people.
Out and about today doing a bit of shopping I noticed something quite sweet. I found myself assisting a few men who were panicking, saying their wife had sent them to buy a tree and wasn't sure if it was the right one!. Some called them on the phone to double check.. right height, right colour?

They may have felt out of their comfort zone, but their desire to get it right for their significant other was so sweet
Some had brought their children along, and their happy little faces as they shopped with dad was also proof that children..... absolutely love spending their parents money... lol!
I'm sure when they got home there were big smiles all round

I didn't get a new tree, but I have picked a new set of lights... as my tree is awaiting;)

Anyway, a new week beckons.. and it's goodnight from me x

Saturday 8 December 2018

Davido - Wonder Woman

Weekend WOW Factor - All is Politics

Been checking Theatre prices for Panto (yes I know, but it's not so much for me, but of the little ones..cough cough ..) and nearly chocked on my tea! Yikes!!

Anyway , it's a treat so..
hmmm.. I could use a few new outfits to cover the party season tho
Theatre or Top Shop... hmmmmm...

decisons decisions..


Its been awhile since I've undertaken an official course of study, and qualification, so I'm actually excited to be starting again next week. University of Liverpool this time .. distance study linked to my new role - more on that another time
Nice to be activating that part of the brain again.. despite the hard work to come


But wait..... did Barrow eat Jammeh?
this man was slim a year ago.. !


Aisha Buhari states that two men are blocking her husbands progress... hmmmm only two dear?

This is why it's always important to be mindful of your circle, however, I believe in Buhari's case, he simply chose from the pool around him... but... slowly over time, has become weakened to them
Political osmosis..

Jesus chose his 12 carefully, but even then .. many were found wanting when it mattered most
what he did do however, was stand in his power, and not become like them..


So I've been following Omoyele Sowore's presidential campaign, and the director general of his party comes across well..
Yet his followers/supporters are becomming increasingly fanatical
that could be a problem
If anyone critiques Sowore.. his supporters come down hard on them like a ton of bricks, hurling insults and the likes

What will they do if the outcome is not what they hope for?
Will they attack supporters of others parties?
Or will they turn on him?
Will thuggery preside over next years elections?..
We will see.


Here's a funny thought on political ideologies...

The problem with socialists... is they have no money
The irony being that capitalists by proxy, end up doing more for the people in their ability to generate jobs and capital.
A capitalist with a socialist heart.. sounds like a philanthropist
It's not what you have, but what you do with it
I guess It's a question of intent



Here's a book I must read.. not heard of this man before

I heard about him via this speech


Buju Banton has been released from jail, and returned to his beloved Jamaica.. and the fans rejoice
Not sure when Buju became a hero , but there you have it
Just wait, if he releases a bad tune, much of those same people will be calling for his return to jail!!
People are funny and we don't even realise
Spice of life
Welcome back Buju..
Be good

Anyway.. lots to do today.. there's even an Xmas party across the road from me.. mulled wine .. here I come

Happy Saturday!

Stay blessed, stay beautiful x


Thursday 6 December 2018

On Submission . ft music from DJ Exclusive ft Duncan Mighty & Mafikizolo

Looking forward to the Xmas break


22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

Why do so many people mis-understand what 'submission' means in relation to male female relationships?
Or misquote, or select parts when leaving out the rest?


I kinda want to throw my 2 pence in, but in very simplified terms
masculine and feminine states, are energy, often depicted as action and allowing.
So whereas feminine energy is often depicted as acts of kindness, caring , generosity, compassion etc...masculine energy is often depicted as doing, striving, making , using, hunting etc.
Both energies exists within us all. Our dominant energy may be heightened by our gender and early conditioning, but in life we are called to tap into both .
So it's virtually impossible to remain in one state for all times
e.g...If you're with your man and someone is kicking his head in, do you think what he needs is for you to hold his hand?... or run and seek help, or help yourself, call out.. anything.. just act!
If someone is hurting and instead of applying compassion, you bullishly handle the situation, it probably won't go down very well....

Knowing, or discerning, when to apply.. is probably the best advice
Though not easy, balance is the key, but even more than that, it's knowing who you are and who you are called to be at the core of your being... and that often takes time

If, as traditional scriptures tell us, the man is the head, then that implies leadership, and an ability to 'cover' the members of that house, to ensure as best as possible, their well being.
To do things which would shield them from harm.. right?

A true leader has vision, and doesn't need to insist upon gaining followers. people naturally gravitate to such people.
So a woman with a man that has the skills of leadership such as vision integrity and compassion etc, will easily submit to such a man. An untrustworthy man however, will naturally ignite the opposite in a woman, as she seeks to save herself ( and her kin) in the absence of the protection she desires.

There's a lot of woman bashing these days with regards to that.

Find what's right for you.. be equally yoked in terms of values , spirituality and that's a pretty good foundation on which to build.
The right person or people in your circle, will push you do do better.. encourage you to be your best self and higher.
They want the best for you even in those times when your self confidnece is waining. They check you, and call you out when you're wrong, and celebrate with you when you achieve.
Kings needs Queens and Queens need kings... often each one misunderstood if their vision surpasses that of those around them.

Before you build a house.. know how to build a home

Duncan Mighty...That voice tho... just lovely x

That was my 2 pence worth :)

Monday 3 December 2018

Femi Kuti on Aljazeera

'never look down on your audience.. you don't who's watching'

so true..

Femi is very articulate, and comes across as a very humble man

He could easily be justifiably angry, looking back on all that occurred with his father, grandmother and all, yet somehow, he has remained calm , clear, and optimistic
an inspiration

Sunday 2 December 2018

Dalton Harris Wins X Factor Gold

I haven't seen, or heard such an elegant X Factor winner in a while...congratulations Dalton

Looking outstanding in those super tight trousers and all....

and just like Christopher Martin, Putting the Caribbean, and Jamaica in particular, in the spotlight... again and again. Shine on!.. the world is your oyster

In the week, The United Nations, declared Reggae music, a global cultural treaaure
Reggae, that revolutionary music of love struggle and resilience, made by the loving and equally, the resilient


.. and so Dalton Harris has won arguably the biggest talent competition in the world, and the world is reminded that artists like Dalton are limitless.. and reggae simply cannot be contained

Never forget, Make love your goal