Monday 31 December 2018

Happy Blogging Birthday ! - Because It Matters x

It was this day, eight years ago, that I started the Because It Matters Blog.
New Years Eve 2010.

As I enter my 9th year it's fair to say, that I had no idea at the time if I'd have the stamina for it... but I knew from the very beginning that I had the energy, the love, and enjoyed it immensely.

Further evidence, should anyone need it, that when you do something you truly fuels momentum - fuels inspiration

There are many variations of Blogging. Some pictorial, others mainly the written word, and then there are video Blogs.
I love to write, but It's nice to mix it up
For my Blogging birthday, I'll be doing something else that I love, have not yet mastered, and keep putting down and starting over...

Yes you've guessed it.... gardening.!

I've a bit of a mountain to climb , having neglected it all year, but I intend to climb it anyway. I started yesterday and believe it or not, made great progress , so now instead of a dense jungle, it just looks like a neglected garden now.


Yep... as you can see.. it's a lot of work

Funnily enough, I get a lot of pleasure when I do it myself, although the temptation to pay someone to do it has crossed my mind.... until I googled landscape gardener. uhum... ok... not yet

I'll keep a record of my progress, as that'll help me to stay motivated .. and stick with it, and really learn this skill

Anyway, I bought a new rake, some grass sees and some flower bulbs. The latter is the icing on the cake as the real work is in the clearing.

I digress!.... I was celebrating my Blogging Birthday.

What initially started as a bit of a diary, ended up becoming a mix of social commentary and music reviews, so I'm very pleased that in my tagline, I knew it's purpose even if I wasn't entirely as clear.
I'm pleased I've remained consistent over the years, and my passion has not dimmed

I have a better understanding of what it means to be a Diasporan of African descent, and still occasionally wring my hands at the fact that despite access to so much information, we still remain ignorant and divided in some areas
But.... more to Blog about I guess.
My passion was cemented when completing my Masters..
Now it's a light that just keeps shining

Keep your heads up 'Middle Passage Survivors'. Whether your destination was the Americas or the Caribbean....
I see you!
Keep pushing on.. claim your birthright, your land, and your legacy
I'm grateful to continue to learn with each passing day

One of the 1st poems I ever wrote was Because it Matters.. (you can read it at the base of the blog somewhere).

I still stand by it.

So I thought, what can I write today, before I get started on my back garden

What is on my mind??

Other than the fact that I've never been a fan of old years night/ or New Years Eve, however you wanna put that.... this was a passing thought....

We are not merely what we think we are
we are so much more
it is our job to find out what that is
and become it
to express gratitude once found
and bless others along the way

I'm of course, thankful to you, my readers, and hope you continue to enjoy your visits, and the music promoted on this Blog

I wish you all a Happy New Year x

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