Friday 31 October 2014

Wizkid - Omalicha

I think the album is great.
I've read some of the reviews, some of which critique his song writing etc , but I don't actually.. some tracks are fun, others musically more 'traditional', others thoughtful and reflective, Wizkid has worked and continues to work with some very talented producers, and has managed to fuse different genres of music very well..
He has done well.
thumbs up from me

Thursday 30 October 2014

Wizkid ( Ayo) Jaiye Jaiye & Bombay

Also on the album.. the fantastic Jaiye Jaiye ft Femi Kuti

and the great Bombay ft Phyno
Don't play with that Bass

both have appeared here before but I love both tracks so there
lord knows I need it after all that Snake business #shudder

On another note.. Rio Ferdinand, who ive grown to love got fined £25,000 for saying 'Sket' on twitter?.. Rahtid.. better he join blogspot!

Say what you like here heehee.
Well...I guess that's what happens when you have millions of followers perhaps

Or when you use Jamaican phrases?

I told Ti about my dream.. he said
'why'd you Google your dreams?'
'Doesn't everybody??' I asked
' Err no.. now you just gonna have that in your head all day, stressing you out'..
I said..
'Dreams are important.. wasn't it Freud who interpreted dreams?'
'Uncle Floyd?? he asked
' FEUD.. arse..'
yeah he was tryn be funny ( did make me laugh though)

Wizkid ( Ayo) For You, One Question, Dutty Whine

.. More from the album...
On this thoughtful Thursday.
Enjoy x


I don't like Snakes.
Literally and metaphorically.

I even struggle to add a picture...

So when I dreamt I was bitten by a snake, I had to look it up. [click]

You see.. It wasn't even accidental. A guy that looked like this guy...

...held my hand as I was sleeping

and made his snake bite me ( yeah I know..keep it clean)

It hurt.

It wasnt the 1st time either ( yeah I know.. keep it clean)

He had made his snake bite me before.

This is not good.. especially for someone who now struggles to trust people

It has unnerved me slightly.
What could it be!??

Wednesday 29 October 2014

D'banj - Alaye & Confidential ft Shadowboxer, Idris Elba & D'Banj

I wish the producers will tell D'banj to stop saying "I'm D'banj" on all of his songs.
Still.. best track I've heard from him since 'Bother you' ( I liked that one alot.. but then I enjoyed the film too)

Now.. I didn't know Idris Elba could rap.. in Krio too.. #Go Salone boy!

It's an okay track.. kinda sexy.

A rainy and grey day today. Probably silly to complain about it, as it's that time of year.

Who is this singing?.. Errr I forgot..oh yeah.. It's Dbanj! lol!
Funny guy

This video may help ease away any grey sky blues..

Wizkid ( Ayo) - In Love ft Seyi Shay , Murder ft Wale

For two days, If I thought something strongly enough [in my tiny corner of the world], something would emerge to confirm it.. or it would present itself.. or I'd get some kind of acknowledgement that no.. my thoughts were wrong. What I found interesting was the speed in which it would happen
imagine that?!
Its been a few days of either being in sync, or just simple coincidences. Either way, i'm not complaining [yet] ( as my thoughts were good ones.. predominantly)

Here we go.. another two tracks track off the album..
Happy Wednesday x

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Wizkid - Ojuelegba

My featured album this week will be Ayo by Wizkid.
I have a lot of love for Wizkid, he's very talented for sure.

Now this song, is my absolute favourite off the album.
For some reason this song reminds me of Fela. I hear it and I hear him. I hear it, and I see him.

There is something very special about this track. It evokes memories of my life.. why is that?
Blessed song.

Anyway.. here it is

Monday 27 October 2014

As the working week begins again..Keep Focus - Loyal Flames

Whether you're working or not working..have a good day allx
He's a cutie
okay.. i'm up up up

..'live your life.. like it necessary it right.. 'cause it necessary..'

Sunday 26 October 2014

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

I hadn't planned to post again today but I'm in a romantic/thoughtful mood (aka slightly merry) and felt like sharing the love:). Not uncommon I know.
Anyway, I remembered someone mentioning this song in the week. I hadn't heard the song or even seen the video, but I have now, and wow.. I think it's lovely.
Awwww.. sweet
and.. how amazing is the woman in the video.. very acrobatic

Love songs. Putting to words emotions that many say renders them speechless. Joy and pain, love songs cover the spectrum
Joy and pain is what I feel.. when a song encapsulates the mystique yet simplicity of love. Amidst the joy, declarations of love evoke memories of those relationships that didn't quite make the grade.
..wrapped in the arms of another, another heartbeat to feel, another to caress at night
We all seek longevity.

Precursors to love I call them

Jah Blessings Riddim - ft Jah Cure, Christopher Martin, Exco Levi, Loyal Flames

I've been waiting for a big tune from Jah Cure, must have missed this one

The riddim mix is hot!.. I'll highlight a few

This guy is FIRE!..

'It nuh mek sense unu run an bawl, babylon dem nuh business at all no, put your shoulders to the wheel go at the end of the day you shall get your reward',,
...'We warn reach we dreams ina life, tired of the days no food cyarn buy..Ay.. you nuh see di tears ina mi eyes, yout', it nuh mek sense you cry'

Sunday Selection Lutan Fyah - because I can't stay away too long :)

This sounds like an anthem for the men for sure.. no.. we talk when something's not RIGHT :) how many times do we have to repeat that lol!!
Smooth rhythm.. very smooth cool n easy as we say


Ghana Movie Time - A Stab In The Dark

I watched this film last night and found it quite entertaining
Funny in places.. and engaging. I searched for part 2 but couldn't find it... my search continues,as I really want to know what happens next!!

Some great lines in it ...
'..Great storms often announce themselves in gentle breezes..
..'he's getting uppish.. I must bring him down to his proper level!'..

Fun, funny and thought provoking.. go Ghana, and oldie but a goodie

Why are they so horrible to the brother/son??.. and why are the dad's pyjama pants worn so high (35:09)??lol! #keepingitreal

Weekend WOW Factor - As UK Election Year Looms...

...David Cameron talks tough to Europe, and reevaluates what's acceptable and unacceptable...

Lets see..

Under good news?... Ebola came first. *as in the UK response to it* (As it directly threatens our national interests....)
Would have liked some detail on that aka how.. but never mind
As we know, governments are known for toying with the unemployment /employment figures. The largest number of new UK welfare claimants are those 'in work'
Increasingly, unemployed individuals are forced to register as 'self employed' and are given a days work. Once registered as self employed they are classed as 'in employment'.

Climate change came second..
No , I'm sorry.. I got nothing there...

Under bad news?...

Well.. this is the way the UK taxpayers often feel when policies are imposed that are neither liked by the people or agreed on by the people. It's how people feel when they are forced to take out loans to pay to get a basic education
It's how they feel when banks put pressure on both individuals and SME's ... simply because they can
I'm sure many people would like to thump the errrm lectern yes lets just say lectern... and say NO.. we're not paying..
..Bailing out banks and propping up the mega rich.. NO, perhaps we can file that under .. unacceptable?

Bottom line is... it's the poorest who will pay. (after the election is won) and believe me David Cameron and Co will ensure that they pay.
Okay.. minor detail...He goes from stating with conviction that he will NOT pay.. to we will CHALLENGE it.. in under 10mins
He wont pay on on the 1st of December.. but when asked 'how about later?'.. he falls apart

What many people want to say to him and his government including the Lib Dems to coin a phrase, is that.. They are unacceptable, this is unacceptable.. it's an unacceptable way to behave... etc etc
It is not going to happen
Yet it will
He's a funny guy. He's quite arrogant.


UKIP has a Commonwealth spokesman!?..
Winston Mckenzie. Probably the Caribbean equivalent to a name like John Smith. [Winston].. I wonder why sometimes.. I wonder if those boys were named after Winston Churchill?.. anyway...I digress

Just whose Jesus does our Russell look like?.. lol!.. I digress again..


Is this what has been referred to as a Caribbean accent?!.. have mercy

As UK Election year looms...

Saturday 25 October 2014

HARDtalk - Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

Overview and Youtube description

'HARDtalk speaks to one of Africa's greatest living writers, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o. Tipped to win the Nobel prize for literature, he decided years ago not to write novels in English but in Gikuyu, his mother tongue. His work includes extraordinary memoirs of colonial times and the Mau Mau uprising in his native Kenya. How far have today's young Africans forgotten the sacrifices that brought about independence? And has that independence itself been a disappointment?'

Yemi Alede - ft Chidinma, Phyno & JK

In search of purity ft - Boubacar Traore, Habib Koite

If there is nothing pure about politics, and all is political, where does that leave us..?
'Sometime ago I went in search of love, and found music'

'Sometime ago I went in search of the truth, and found music'

Word on the Web on ISIS and Ebola.

Thought I'd take a look at a few videos skeptical to say the least about Ebola and Western ( American) Foreign Policy

If I were to summarize the videos the dominant themes on Ebola are that..
1. It is totally fake with footage created using crisis actors and actresses enabling a western take over of a mineral rich region
2. It's the precursor to mass poisoning and population reduction and control

If I were to sum up the videos on foreign policy it would probably be by saying.. 'wow.. god help us'.
and perhaps truth really is stranger than fiction

There are lots of videos covering both subjects

This became surprisingly more interesting as it went on

Dick Gregory controversial as always.


Friday 24 October 2014

Friday Fever - ft Tiwa Savage - My Darlin. Largess No Time. Wizkid fy 2Face Idiba - Dance Go

I decided to take a trip over South to see my sister as I had a few books to return to the University anyway so it was never going to be a direct trip home from work for me.
I cancelled a movie I was intending to see tonight, as i'm still feeling a little rough.

Travelling on the train, I'll admit, I felt quite was really hot underground and my temperature seem to rise to the point that I had to take my jacket off. I was under pressure and I remember thinking, oh my gosh.. if i'm ill on the train will people come to my aid?.. or run away?
Will the guards come.. or special forces? #Ebolascare?
.. imagine that huh...

for information about that short film click [here]

I decided to calm down ..stop panicking, and before I knew it.. thankfully i'd reached my destination.
I didn't see my sister but fortunately my niece was in. for as [no] luck would have it, my sister was going out to dinner straight from work. That's me all over though with my impulsive ways.
Home now, I'm gonna chill and take care of me tonight.

On another note, Ti worked really hard on his project which he had to hand in today. He told me that his work was critiqued considerably, with not even 1 positive comment from the lecturer or his 'fellow students'!
That upset me.
It upset me because I saw his work and it was actually pretty good. and also because other students received positive comments in addition to having aspects of their work critiqued.
I told him not to allow this to affect his confidence etc....
That type of thing upsets me because he's the only black student in his class so I'm kinda suspicious as to why they would treat him [and his contribution] differently.
Maybe i'm being over sensitive. I don't think so though as these things are not uncommon.
I know I can't fight his battles.. he's a young man now and all that but.. well.. it upsets me, and I always want to do something about it, that's all
I don't like people messin' with me or my progeny you know?

I get.. well lets just say I get serious...

Anyway, it is Friday.. and even warriors rest I hear.. so I'll take their lead.
I'll relax my brain.. and my body..indulge in some sweet sounds and sweet thoughts.. let the world wait.. yes the world can wait, til another day..
this is me now..
.. and I'll be having an early night I think

Adaobi - . Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks, Di'ja, Korede Bello. Ruffcoin Ft. Phyno - 30/40. Solid Star - Oluchi ft. Flavour, J Martins - Dance 4 Me

..and TGIF
Enjoy yours

Thursday 23 October 2014

No censorship here MOBOS - Just Dance to D Beat - LXG

I didn't see it all last night, but apparently the Best African Act category was not broadcast on last nights MOBO ( Music of Black Origin) Awards. [click]
Many people are asking why.. rather how on earth!, an awards show showcasing music of black origin would 'leave out' not show the world the artists in the African category

There may be a joke in there somewhere.. feel free ________________________________________________________________

Anyway.. this award was won by Fuse ODG [click]

and.. this is what we didn't see apparently

The MOBO Awards has courted controversy over the years, e.g who should be included/excluded and even what constitutes music of black origin
I'll say this, If Elvis were alive he'd probably win
.. I couldn't confidently say that about hmm I dunno .. Toots?

So it is.
There are scary undertones....

Did he say... 'if you no dance [to] dis music you dey witch' lol!
Love it!

Hope you've had a great day x

May D - Tanx A Lot

This week seems to be going by quite fast. I'm not complaining, I need a day in bed to shake a lingering fever. (Weekend pending)
Anyway.. I thought I'd enjoy a little chilled track to kick start my day
Tanx alot May D

Interesting picture

Click [here] for Guardian Article

And if you're not in the mood to click .. here's an extract...

.Mo’alim knows that launching the ATM is not without risk. Armed gangs remain a threat. The installation of the cash machine, however, is the latest indication that Somalia is slowly rebuilding its fractured society after almost two decades of conflict...

...The Salam Somali Bank is one of around a dozen private banks and investment firms which have opened in Mogadishu after 2011’s ousting of al-Shabaab militants from the capital. Despite these new shoots of activity in the financial sector, many Somalians remain dependent on remittances. A hefty portion of the country’s national income is derived from diasporic Somalians sending money home from countries like the UK'.

Somalia huh
War is big business.. but not everyone profits

Happy Thursday all x.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

John Perkins - Corporatocracy Globalization and Foreign Aid


..'We think foreign aid is altruistic , that it's there to help fact it's only there to help the corporotocracy.. that's what it's for, that's how the system is set up.. I think its terribly unfortunate..

Tuesday 21 October 2014

African Mama - Museba ft. J. Martins

Why I'm upset with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf...

...When I want so much to love her.
You see...when I perused the credentials of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf I simply thought .. 'wow, this is impressive'.
This is a highly intelligent and serious woman

Lets take a look at a few of her outstanding accolades ...

Nobel Peace Prize (2011)
France’s highest award and public distinction, the Grand Croix of the L├ęgion d’Honneur (2012)
The Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development (2012).
The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor bestowed by an American President. (2007)
The Global Citizen Movement Award for championing the cause of gender equality (2013)
Entrepreneur for the World Award,(2013) in the Policy-Maker Category, and recognized her leading the way not only for the African continent, but every policy-maker willing to transform his/her community

Shall I go on?... yes, I feel I must...

...the Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Medal and Alpha Award of Honor (2012); the African Gender Award (2011); Friend of the Media Award (2010); FUECH Grand Cross Award (2009); FAO’s CERES Medal (2008); International Women’s Leadership Award (2008); International Crisis Group Fred Cuny Award for the Prevention of Deadly Crisis (2008); James and Eunice K. Matthews Bridge Building Award (2008); American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award (2008); National Civil Rights Museum Annual Freedom Award (2007); National Democratic Institute Harriman Award (2007); Bishop T. Walker Humanitarian Award (2007); Gold Medal of the President of the Italian Republic (2006); Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger (2006); National Reconciliation Award (2006); International Woman of the Year (2006); and the International Republican Institute Freedom Award (2006).

....honorary doctorates by over 17 institutions, among them: Tilburg University in the Netherlands; the Nigerian Defence Academy; the University of Massachusetts Medical School; Harvard University; Rutgers University; Yale University; Georgetown University; the University of Abeokuta, Nigeria; the University of Minnesota; Furman University of South Carolina; Brown University; Indiana University; Dartmouth College; Concordia University; Langston University; Spelman College; and Marquette University.

..ranked among the top 100 most powerful women in the world (Forbes 2012); the first most powerful woman in Africa (Forbes Africa 2011); among the 10 best leaders in the world (Newsweek 2010); among top 10 female leaders (TIME 2010); called “the best President the country has ever had (The Economist 2010); and as one of the six “Women of the Year” (Glamour 2010).

click [here] for source.

This is impressive by any standard...

Yet...the country that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf leads, has NO functioning Health Care System. In fact, health care is woefully inadequate, and Liberia remains one of the the poorest countries in the world, with 73% of its gross national income coming from foreign aid.
That's 73%.

*Kiss my F*****g Teeth*.
..*and roll my eyes in disgust*

'There are literally hundreds of international NGOs with offices in the city, and in addition to the 800 million the country receives in foreign assistance each year, the UN spends an additional $500 million annually on maintaining a peacekeeping force.'

Source 'Africa is a country' [click]

Okay...I'm being harsh perhaps.. after all.. the war decimated the country in more ways than one. It will take time to rebuild. That is true. My question is... how long?

So now...I'm torn.
Here is a woman of whom it's often stated champions the causes of women, and is a strong advocate of women's rights
A woman who has been dubbed the 'Iron lady' for her grit and determination
A woman who by all accounts has achieved in a male dominated arena, what is possibly the highest honour a country can bestow.
A woman who for all intents and purposes is a role model to me.. and perhaps to many ohers..
But tell me this...What does all that matter, if it fails to improve the lives of the people?.
Will selling swathes of her countries land to foreign investors and logging companies help to rebuild it?.
No. I don't think it will.

*Recruited by the UN, 'elected by the people'*

It often occurs to me that too many African countries have long been accused of being a haven for puppet governments, a place where western backed puppet leaders fail to make the changes the people desperately hope they will see, and desperately need.
All too often these governments are accused of nepotism, tribalism, and misappropriation of funds.
Whilst i'm not suggesting this is the case with President Sirleaf's government, we all know the song.. and it's sung often.

Any country crawling with 'overfed' aid agencies denies the people what they really need...
Their own sense of the very real sense.
They take away the people's ability to take care of themselves. To think for themselves.. to see a life beyond 'western aid'
Too often.. thier life, is a life on continuous sociopolitical life support..
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is an extremely intelligent woman..
So Marvin going on?

Liberia; The Pan African dream became a nightmare long ago.
Nkruma is gone, but he was right.
Neo colonialism has that country in its grip...
So what will President Sirleaf do?

The faces change, but the game remains the same.

Don't get me wrong.. President Sirleaf seems like a nice lady
But if that were my country... I would be embarrassed
In fact.. I kinda am
I'm upset for the people. They deserve better.

Effjay & McGallaxy - Sangolo

I quite like Effjays voice

Happy Tuesday all x

Cute video

Monday 20 October 2014

Bucket List Blog Hop

Okay,, so I thought I'd take part in the Bucket list Blog Hop hosted by Sherry Ellis and Susanne Drazic.

thank you both for organizing this x

Taking part in any blog challenge is new to me so I thought... hey!.. why not?.
and then.. I sat down to write it..
It's actually alot more difficult than I thought.. and I'm struggling as the list is infinite!
Still.. I'll do my best..
I'll brainstorm it.. it's getting late, and it's the only way
here goes...

1. Ride a horse ( I absolutely love horses but have never even sat on one!)
2. Visit Sierra Leone, touch the Cotton Tree, say a prayer of thanks, and reflect on what has gone before.

3. Buy a nice plot of land in West Africa and build a home where I'll stay from time to time ( possibly in Salone but I'm still location Tbc)
4. Travel to Liberia (and make a positive contribution to the development of the people) travel to Ghana ( visit the Nkruma museum), Senegal ( (walk along the beach and chill) Nigeria, Zimbabwe..( basically.. there are a few places I'd like to visit including those underground churches in Ethiopia.. but those countries are top of my list.

5. Go to New York and ride in a New York Taxi! ( If i get to share that taxi with Cornel West and have a chat.. even better)
6. Visit the Panzi Hospital in the Congo, learn more about what they're doing to support the women. Speak to the women about their experiences and donate funds
7. Set up and run a successful business ( with enough profits to enable me to donate significantly to specific causes that matter to me both here (UK) and abroad e.g see No. 6.) and still maintain a wonderful quality of life!
8. Write a stage play, screen play, and film script, which changes the way people think and feel... in a good way
9. Earn those millions baby!
10. Get married.. to someone I love and who loves me without question, doubt, or alterior motive
11. Make some great music and be successful in all my creative endeavours
12. Be happy and content
13. Try my hand at being a lecturer at University
14. Write at least one decent book
15. Complete my PhD
16. Buy my dream cars...

for those everyday trips...

and my baby.... ( I'm coming for you..) brum brum.. or rather purrrrrrrrr

17. Learn at least 1 other language. French ( I made a start but want to be confident enough to hold a conversation e.g What on earth would I say if I should bump into Fally!?.. come on girl.. learn the language!) , Krio ( Oddly perhaps, I understand quite a bit, and it feels slightly easier for me) and Twi ( maybe?)
18. Have the home of my dreams ( with a lovely walk in wardrobe, and functioning office)
19. Learn to grow food all year round, helping to keep me and my family fit and healthy
20. Interview Winnie Mandela and Robert Mugabe.. and... the list goes on ....

Sunday 19 October 2014

Ary - Aiue Minha Vida

A comment on youtube asked.. oh.. nice language what is it?
Another said.. It's Portuguese my dear.

heehee.. we can be culture snobs at times...
I tell you what though..Great..and thanks, because I tell you straight.. Portuguese?.. me?.. not a clue.. not even one word! #must try harder.

However.. this song and video I really like.
In fact.. I think Ary's kinda cool

I love Afro house
Imagine that!,.. for the longest time I couldn't stand house music (UK) .. but I'm really happy because I've been able to find some I like!

African Divas - Shaa - Sugua Gaga, , Jonglement de Rein, Patience Ibembo - Alex Mfumuti , Ary ft DJ Jesus - Mama.


Ivory Coast


Nice car...


Nice version of the song right?

Angola... great track!

P-Square - Shekini

Famous-Korpor Don - Abizzy Bongo - Nega Don - Kaki,


Happy Sunday x

This beat.. yum, love it, and interesting lyrics

I've had this song on replay. it's just sooooo cool...Awwww.. lyrics style melody

Weekend Wow Factor - When Things fall apart.

"The denial of racism is essential to the survival of racism"
- Dr Frances C Welsing -

The denial of racism also increases the risk of mental ill health of those who experience its impacts

Lately I've been thinking about the psychological impact life events can have on us.
From loneliness, to depression, anger, confusion, fear or anxiety.
Of course, life events can and often have positive impacts too.. bringing about feelings of joy, confidence, positive self image, sense of purpose.. and so on

However.. It was after having read an article in the Guardian about Ebola survivors being treated like 'outcasts' on thier return to thier home communities, and hearing the stories of families losing friends and loved ones, of communities not be able to bury thier dead, of dealing with poverty and lack of services..and so on; that I wanted to explore this further.

This thinking led me to discover this report today. A UNICEF guide entitled:
Psychological first aid during Ebola virus disease outbreaks

If we truly are what we think.. then what goes on in our minds is of very great importance.
It's just one of many reasons I recommend people stay away from seriously mind altering drugs.
The mind once lost.. and who knows....
That said, I guess it's also important to listen to others in need, and develop and maintain to the best of our ability, self awareness with regards to what we say, and to the way in which we treat others.


I think about many things, but I also think about war alot.
Don't misunderstand me, I don't get off on it or anything.. it just fascinates me that even now.. war can be considered an effective answer to a problem.

I think there are times when it's easy to make the mistake of assuming that once a war ends.. it ends. Often once the physical act of warfare has ceased .. another one begins; the psychological.

Whether solider or civilian, I cant imagine anyone having lived through the brutal wars that took place in Liberia and Sierra Leone .. and even the wars taking place now, not being affected by it. Those pulling strings 'internationally' may have that luxury.. but for those living the experience, it can be no luxury at all.

Once the fight against Ebola ends, and is hopefully won, the suffering of the people will continue. They may question why, question thier government/s, feel immense anger, feel let down, feel betrayed..feel grateful to be alive..
They will also continue to grieve.. and continue to live in poverty, long after Ebola no longer makes our newspaper headlines.
They will be left alone.. with thier thoughts.

Ebola Orphans

An on going crisis in Eastern DRC.
Two separate attacks in villages, and the people ask WHY?

[UN Google Picture source]

Fresh attacks leave a community devastated and confused as men woman and children are massacred in Eastern DRC [click for Aljazeera article]


Nigerian government officials state a ceasfire has been agreed with Boko Haram, and the kidnapped schoolgirls are to be released
#Politics. [click]

[google picture source]


RFA Argus deployed to Sierra Leone

To be clear... this is not an off shore hospital. All state of the art on board equiptment is for military personnel alone should they become unwell.
[click for more info]


A DIASPORA response and an Inspirational woman
Ebola: the story of the Sierra Leone diaspora response that no one is telling

For more on Memuna Janneh [click]


Ebola checks at Heathrow optional?..

There are calls to calm the sense of panic around Ebola.
Which is beginning to impact on African football players... Africa Cup of Nations anyone?


Ebola - A Poem for the living.
Gotta be the saddest cartoon I've seen in a while

Krio version

On a lighter note. My brother supports Tottenham 4-1?
Better luck next time :)

Saturday 18 October 2014

Molemi - Pelonomi

He's so sweet.. she waited for him.. Awww..
For a bit more about Molemi [click]

Hot chocolate, porn, and broken lifts.. a few hours later.. i'm wide awake
Red Wine at night?.. mad dream delight
.. and I'm back in can't sleep mode

Do you ever have those times when your mind has a mind of it's own?
Often my thoughts are driven by emotion, occasionally logic,there are times when I find neither satisfactory

Forgive me:)

Good morning all..and Happy Saturday! x
..the weekend is upon us

Friday 17 October 2014

P - Square - Ije love.. and please please please wear protective gear if dealing with Ebola

I'm in love with this song
I'll give it a kiss rating of Xxxxxxxxx. 10/10
..and not just because it sounds like he's singing 'Daw-na' in the background heehee..

On another note...
Did you know.. that the Ebola virus can live in the semen of those men who recover from it for as long as 90 days?
here's an interesting and hopefully useful article

How to avoid becoming infected with Ebola

..and picture of the week is.. what was this guy thinking!?

Is he like.. totally immune or something!?

Where's his protective gear!?

Papers are calling him 'clipboard man'.. but his family may have called him something else when he got home
I don't think it's worth taking any chances with something so infectious, and so potentially horridly devastating

Check out the story in The independent [click]

I wonder..

if this got sorted..

Oh man.... this guy...
I didn't even want to laugh because the woman was serious as heck but this guy .. oh gosh, just had me laughing toooooooo hard!!

What an arse :)

'Shit wartaaa...'

If you don't laugh you cry
bloody guy.. yeah, you can tell it's Friday lol.

Mackeehan - Miss you bad

Ti accused me of having a lesbian moment this morning as I listened to Madonna. Errr,.. okay son.. if you say so..
Wonder what he'd say now?!

But seriously.. it's been a long week but a good one.
I'm so glad it's Friday.. time to down tools, reassess.. reflect chill and enjoy
Duane has an extra feature last night so I thought I shine a light on Mackeehan this evening
I like this
But then I'm romantic like that
Hope you've had a lovely day :)

Miles Away - Madonna

Ahhh.. remember this?

Okay.. i'll admit it.. i played this over and over when I first got it.
Don't ask me what else is on the album... got stuck on this

Great lyrics... and for some reason it's been on my mind for TWO WHOLE DAYS :)
Okay.. I give in
Happy Friday all!! xx

Thursday 16 October 2014

Rastafari Way - Mackeehan & Duane Stephenson

It's been an evening of combinations..

an interview with Duane Stephenson..

..Friday looms.. and and early train to Bedforshire beckons

loading some sweet sounds..enjoy yours

Ma Story - Obibini Ft. Bisa Kdei

Awww... beat and flow on point again.. keep pleasing me like this and I may just adopt a permanent smile :) #strangerthingshavehappened

'Mellow mood has got me..' ft Chris Brown Usher & Rick Ross

.. "so.. let the music rock me"..
- B Marley -

I really like this song.. nice melody
There was a time when I wouldn't miss an Usher track.. if it was out.. I'd get it.
Nice to hear him on this

Happy Thursday all.. now go make your dreams come true x

*Thxs btw..*

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Shoki Rmx - Kesh ft. Davido & Olamide

Nice beat nice melody

Shoki.. Yes I wanted to do this when I heard of the pay disparity.. Geesh..

The average top 100 Company Director earns 120 x more than the average worker?
That's £2.43 MILLION a year compared to the average salary of £27,000. [Source]

That my friends.. .is a HUGE ____________ GAP

Check out this earnings list. [click] I'm not sure why they've included Michael Jackson, but the list did surprise me somewhat.

Guess that Gap is getting bigger huh

Shoki its said is Yoruba slang for well on point or direct

M.anifest - Someway Bi

Is it Friday yet??

A Good Wife

"I'm bored".
She said
"I've decided, all I really want, and all I've ever wanted, is to be happy, to have someone to love, who loves me back... and to be, a Good Wife."
She signed, relieved that finally, she had come clean
" Everything else.. " she said, "Is window dressing"

and forsaking all others.. her search led her to love.. finally
She found her man
But it wasn't easy.

Google images []

and for all realists out there....

Yeah. Peace.

The New Black

It's as if he could tell, that the question behind the question was always... 'How does it feel to be a problem?", Stuart Hall once remarked.

Picture source Getty Images [}

Guardian article on the Sun's campaign [click]

Greenslade Blog Article the Guardian [click]

“Identities are formed at the unstable point where personal lives meet the narrative of history....Identity, is an ever-unfinished conversation.” - Stuart Hall -

What it means to be British today is also an ever - unfinished - politically charged - conversation, which may require that one relinquish what one holds dear..

Gordon Brown's (Ex PM) 2006 speech on the future of Britishness [click]

Monday 13 October 2014

Dre Island - Hide Away & Move Up

The rise and rise of the Lonely men

Some weekends I sit and talk with a friend whilst my clothes dry in the laundry. He's the hardest working man I know.
I admire him.
I knew him before he set up his business, and I've witnessed his struggles, and successes.
He's still doing his thing.. all these years later.

I met him when my children where babies. He used to be my cab driver, and he'd ferry me to and from my mums or anywhere else I needed to go.

Sometimes... I just sit. It's a space away from it all. I sit and listen to the machines going around and around, as I watch the world go by through the window.

This weekend however, another friend arrived. I've known him almost 20yrs now. As we chatted, he told me he was on his own, as his wife was away. I have no idea for how long but he said he was a 'free man'
"So what are you gonna do with all that freedom?" I asked
He laughed..
He had no idea. In fact.. he really wasn't enjoying it at all.
He was lonely.
"There you go".. I said.. "Men often go through their lives be-moaning the fact that they have a woman in thier life (loving them, which they may interpret as nagging or suffocating) demanding freedom and 'space'...yet when you have real 'freedom'.." I said, .."you don't know what to do with it".
He agreed that it wasn't good to be alone. He pondered on whether he should have had more than one child when he had the chance.. decided to trust the gods on that one.. told me he hadn't forgotten he'd promised me a ticket to the Ivory Coast.. then left.
Kinda Forlorn.
He's always kinda forlorn looking anyway...
But this time, I assume he was missing his wife.

Google picture source []

So today's news report that men over 50 in the UK are experiencing extreme loneliness (and i'm sure they are many reasons for this) came as no surprise to me.

I know what it's like to be lonely. Truly lonely. I've experienced it many times over the course of my life. People never believe me when I say it.. but it's true.
There are times when that loneliness feeds ( or has fed) my creativity, there are times when it's sole impact has been to further fuel my pain.
It's life.
A blessing and a curse
It's perhaps my occasional cross to bear

In truth, loneliness does not discriminate... and it's possible to be lonely in a crowd.

However.. you can hazzard a guess that a single man with no wife, girlfriend or family, no income other than state benefits, and few friends.. will be lonely .. and find that your guess is correct.
Losing a loved one can totally alter ones life. Children grow up, jobs are won and lost, and friends may move on... This is why a sole reliance on the eurocentric nuclear family is risky business. I much prefer Ubuntu.

I think deep down we all do.

I honestly believe that of all we have.. all we may acquire.. the thing that keeps us truly 'alive' is the opportunity to share our lives with others. Humans cannot live fulfilled lives, in isolation. That is why solitary confinement is considered a harsh punishment.

Google picture source []

We are social beings. We need each other.
We need someone to love
and someone to help us grow

Guardian Article excerpt
'Men with poor health, low incomes, few qualifications and living in rented housing are hit hardest by loneliness, which Independent Age defines as the feeling of not liking isolation. Mother Theresa said it is “the worst disease that any human being can ever experience”. Source Guardian [click]

That these men are lonely is a concern, and often because unlike tend not to express how they feel.. if they feel vulnerable or sad, they may keep it inside. I don't know why .. maybe it's not macho or something.

Proverbs Manifest - ProVerb ft M.anifest. - & Sarkodie 6 Feet [freestyle]

South African rapper ProVerb meets Ghana's M.anifest
Yes.. they've definitely resurrected rap for me.. Nice.

How are you?..Good day?.. 1 day down - the working week has begun

More from ProVerb


Sunday 12 October 2014

Crazy Love - EL ft Ice Prince

What is revenge porn?

Well apparently it's the name given to sexually explicit photos taken during a relationship and later exposed by the ex if, or rather, when, the relationship fails.[click]

There has been an increase in reported cases in the UK apparently, and even my much loved Fally was caught up in a 'revenge porn' scandal involving Samuel Eto 'o's ex (mistress) and explicit photos of her that emerged online, ruining her career.

For some time the question of who did it?.. and why? bubbled away.. Was it Fally? or was it Samuel..? . The trail appears to leading straight to Samuel [click] But who knows.. I hate to gossip...

Picture source -

So.. taking sexually explicit pictures is clearly a risk. If the person you're with is not your husband ( I think this affects women mainly.. I mean..who cares about a little dick pic..) it's probably best not to do it.

Even with your husband ladies, there are no guarantees that he will remain your loving husband ( I hope he will i'm just saying) or that he wont do something spiteful to hurt you if you upset him, or worst yet.. threaten to leave him. So you really just gotta play it by ear and hope you know your man!

I think the best way to deal with such a move should it ever happen.. ( and lord knows I hope that I, and you, never have to) is to...
1. Scream
2. Cry your eyes out
3. Tell the cops
4. Tell your'people' (selected family and friends)
5. Tell your employers ( hmm actually.. seek advice on that!)
6. Hibernate
7. Emerge.. and say... yeah?.. and? so what?... was it me anyway? ... and try your absolute best to style it out
8. seek counselling if no 7 fails.
9. Cry some more
10. Pray that time really is a healer

I think it reflects much worse on the them than it would on you anyway
They would have showed themselves up to be real scumbags

I know that I've written this in a very light hearted way, but I can only imagine it could be utterly devastating.. a real breech of privacy. So I'm sorry if it has happened to you without your consent (you too men.. you too)

Weekend WOW Factor - Thomas Eric Duncan

Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan was the first man to die of Ebola In America.

Others have been treated and treated successfully, such as Dr Kent Brantly [click]


Freelance 'Vice' cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo [click]

Whilst we are all pleased for those who have received treatment and are doing well.. it highlights further the case of Thomas Duncan

Much has already been written about this, so please feel free to check articles in
the Daily Mail [click]

The Guardian [click]

Apparently, Thomas Duncan had informed nurses that he had travelled from Liberia. Early reports implied that he had kept it a secret.
But he hadn't.

The question now is whether the fact that Duncan was a black man contributed to the poor response that he received. [click]

42 yr old Thomas Eric Duncan travelled to America in hope of a new life. Having survived that terrible 'un'civil war in Liberia, he had reunited with his long lost love, and mother of his child.. and they were due to marry.

Ordinarily.. it would have made for a wonderful love story

Picture courtesy of the Daily mail

But it was not to be. Duncan died within days

To be black with Ebola in America [click]

RIP Thomas Duncan, our sympathies and condolences are with his family and friends

Natural Girl - MzVee ft Stonebwoy

Nice song.
..even if songs and videos like the one below make me feel a bit sad.
Why Dawna?... It's difficult to explain but i'll try

I guess it makes me sad that some of us have to fight so hard just to be who we are.
Explain this... prove that... change this change that
Pick pick pick..

Questioned doubted scrutanized and occasionally.. sometimes.. ... loved
Its not right... and what I mean by that is I find it unacceptable.
I don't talk about it much, but I think about it more.

Black women, for a very long time, have been measured by European standards.. of beauty (even behaviour) Behaviour is another post altogether so I wont go into that one.. yet.
The one constant in (what is in reality) the ever changing arena of western or 'white' beauty standards is that of skin colour. (ish)

and I guess.. well..I don't know..after a while.. sometimes a girl just wants to say..hey.. you know what? 'go f**k yourself.

But we don't.. do we

I'll share something with you. An ex ( of a few years back) once told me I remind him of a white woman. Said he had the 'best of both words with me. He was a black guy.. and felt he was complimenting me. He had dated predominantly white females, and said something along the lines of never knowing black women were okay until now ( me). Thought they were all aggressive/ or had attitude or something
I should have walked then.. but I didn't. I guess we all have an ego right. lol!
Suffice to say..we are NOT together.
I should have asked him what the best of those worlds were but I was too caught up with his blasted eyes!! ( silly me)

So... in short, I guess songs like this remind me of the poison and ignorance that exists in places it really should no longer dwell. We need to wipe it out - yeah.. just like Ebola,

M.anifest & HHP - Jigah

I love this Ghana and South African collaboration
Got to say it.. African rappers.. making me love rap again...Yeah, Makaa Maka :)

as rap goes, I do love Common.. if he was on this track as well i'd be near wetting myself ( so to speak)


In case you were wondering...
Here's Common..
..back in time selection.. but still hot nonetheless.

and now...

then older still...

Guru - Mpaebo

Ghanaian rappers have featured strongly here this weekend.
I hope you've enjoyed

Sunday selection - Spotlight on - M.anifest - Makaa Maka

Makaa Maka translates as - If I said it, I said it.
I like that.

Racist rants on public transport

What is it about public transport that seems to bring this behaviour out in some people
There are quite a few racist rants that have been filmed and surface online

To be honest I could just about understand the Australian guy but that may be because he's drunk?
The one filming and laughing is a real ass don't you think
Try that in Jamaica I say.. or any where that guard is not a minority.

If that guard had taken him off the train and beat his arse, then his friends arse... well... lets just say it would have been errr...understandable
You know what i say?
Give everybody drink... and be done with it.

This was in the Guardian btw [click]
So I looked for the full version on Youtube

If I can walk somewhere I walk. Please don't talk to me if; I'm not in danger hurt upset or lost; you aint cute, your not lost, and its not necessary lol!!!. I'm joking, but you never can tell

Saturday 11 October 2014

Lord 'ave mercy dis track bad... Hallelujah - E.L ft. M.anifest

I totally immersed myself in music today. I needed too..
I already showcased my song of the day but I don't care...this song and video just touched my heart...
There was a terrible road accident near me involving a bus and a bike. Eye witnesses say the bike spun in the air 3 times before landing. Airlifted away.. pray for your recovery.. that you be okay.
Made me think about God
For you x.

and because music is my saviour

My song of the day - EL, M.anifest, D-Black, Sarkodie - The ChOsen

Beautiful piece of music
Okay..for me? Sarkodie shut it down... nice

Rewind selector - WizKid ft Femi Kuti - Jaiye Jaiye

Joey B Ft Sarkodie - Tonga

Okay so Tonga.
There are a few meanings floating around on the net but in this context it means sex or p***y basically.. or... woman [click]
I like the delivery (no pun intended) from both of them
Happy Saturday people!. Grey skies in London...I've decided to go back to bed! x

Why are...

The majority of foreign aid workers in Africa white?

I attended a lecture/seminar approx year before last with the then director of MSF when this question was raised. He handled it well. He said he was aware of the way it may appear as in neo-colonial, and recognized that racism still straddles certain careers and opportunities.
He gave the impression at the time that he felt it mattered, and hoped over time it would change
Cant remember what he said he do about it...
But then... what can he do?

I wonder of the impact (if any ) on the psychology of the people receiving help.
Maybe to even think about it, is a luxury they cannot afford

Do you think it matters?

Phyno - Man of the Year

Like the video..

Sarkodie ft Castro

Catsro's story is very sad [click]

Nice flow Sarkodie.

Many of the Youtube comments on the Adonai song refer to Castro, but others are from some requesting a translation.. and how others feel about that

Here's one summary of the song provided by DjEric GH - 1 month ago

'He says that God is the Alpha and the Omega. That what he says will happen. Raise your hands and praise the Lord. He is the only one who can give comfort. Raise your hands and sing hallelujah. The rap continues to describe the hardships he went through and how people wanted him to remain in bas.Ils also tried to have him arrested. Now they are ashamed and turn away when they see .It does not hate his enemies or cursed. It is by the grace of God, he is where he is now and going higher. No other force can work on him except Christ. He urged all to pray non-custodial loose (free). Commit all your worries to God. . The last part of the song is worship; God, you created the universe, the heavens and the earth, you are great. You take care of all your creation. You take care of me, my family and my friends. That is why we call you Adonai !! You bless us beyond measure. Thank you !! By Your grace we live in today. (Baba means Father) Baba God. You are too good !!'

Here is another provided by Selom Dzotsi - 1 week ago

'In honor of Castro am translating his chorus for does who dont understand twi to get the message of this song...'

"when God comes into your life all your troubles will end
what God says is final and will surely come to pass
when God lifts up His hands mountains are moved
So my friend (paddy) dont lose hope (loose guard) take heart and relax
Everybody sing Hallelujah"

Language (and religion) was a great way to keep Africans divided (and under control) during the era of the transatlantic slave trade, at home... and abroad. Fortunately many still found ways to communicate.. and new languages evolved.
This was an interesting comment... from Stuart Tweedie - 3 weeks ago

'+Khin Ninson Not really. I'm half Ghanaian but do not speak Twi. There's no reason to objectify those who don't speak if they are interested in learning...There are many Ghanaians who have grown up abroad and do not speak. You should be more open an accepting of those who show interest..'

Surely by now we know this

Shh.. Tommy Lee best kept secret crush ft Mega Banton

I shouldn't ... this song really is f*****g unkind as they say
Wow.. don't upset them

Is there something wrong with me why I don't fancy...

Idris Elba

Funniest Youtube comment on a unfunny subject was from ...

DJJ...2 weeks ago

'World leaders could [not] give a damn about what he says, only folks care what this guy talks about are black women! Ebola been around since like 76 Its lab created there is no money in a cure'.

Well... I don't know about it being Lab created.. but I know I don't fancy Idris. Give me Fally anyday of the week.
To be fair though.. I wouldn't pass on Dalston High Road!

Friday 10 October 2014

Brainstorming 10 good relationship tips that can enhance a good thing

1. Be sincere ( that's a must really.. in my book)
2. Be honest ( stop *frontin'.. as they say)
3. Compromise sometimes..(practice give and take)
4. Talk ( to each other that is)
5. Make time (for each other that is)
6. Appreciate ( say or do something nice from time to time.. show you care)
7. Resolve differences and arguments ( don't let them fester)
8. Be kind (really.. I know I need to say that?.. ok.. I did anyway.. just in case)
9. Be respectful ( we all know that right)
10. Have fun ( yay!!... whenever you can .. as life sure can trow up a curve ball or two! )

* aka .. showboating

Do you have any more to add?

Brainstorming 10 relationship triggers that can spoil a good thing...

I'll limit it to 10 for now and see how I get on

1. Complaining about your partner in a derogatory way to others or in public. (it's bad energy/karma.. hard as it may be.. sometimes its best to keep schtum))
2. Emotional, physical, or mental abuse ( now that's just wrong.. and everyone knows it)
3. Unhealthy competition due to fear insecurity or jealousy ( grow up)
4. Excessive lies ( Pinocchio)
5. lack of care and attention ( hello...)
6. Poor or lack of communication ( we have so many ways to communicate these days but do so less and less. you cant say it all in text speak)
7. Lack or trust/ Breech of trust ( who is the person really.. I mean .. really)
8. Taking a lover for granted ( say thanks at least.. they don't have to be with you)
9. Not listening ( HELLO.. I SAID NOT LISTENING)
10. Assumptions ( don't be lazy.. hear say wont cut your own empirical research )

Do you have any?

Decisions Decisions..

Why are some decisions easier to make than others?
Tea or coffee?
Milk or black?
Sugar or no sugar?..
Bus or car?
Walk or run?
and so on
All pretty easy stuff..

Today, and in life in general, I have some decisions to make that I'm not finding very easy.
Apparently Librans are notoriously bad at making decisions, but to be honest there are times when I can make one (or more) in an instant, without hesitation
Yes.. I can be very decisive indeed.

Anyway, I made one today that means I no longer have to expel any more energy in that direction. You see.. that's the other thing about not making decisions.. ones energy is often drained just by the sheer weight they occupy on the mind.

So I made a decision.

For really is important that I love whatever I do.. whoever I'm with.. everything. Whatever I do.. needs to feel right , and needs to be done for the 'right reasons'
I have more to make... but I've made a start.

The other thing about making decisions is they can also require a great deal of courage. The fear of making a mistake can stop a person in thier tracks... and that horrible feeling of being 'stuck' can take over the space where joy used to reside.
I think that being 'stuck' is sometimes little more than the result of an unmade decision. Not always.. but sometimes.

My gut feeling.. instinct.. intuition or 6th sense, whatever you choose to call it.. is screaming at me. It's loud but not audible. I'm struggling to hear, but it's becoming clearer.
Day by day.

Prince de South Fork - Fally Ipupa - Original

It's Friday

Can Africa ever really trust Europe

A friend of mine doesn't believe in Ebola.
At least she doesn't believe it's as bad as it's made out to be.. and she doesn't believe it 'simply happened'
We were talking yesterday about some of the recent ISIS videos that have been emerging, and whilst she was ( as some are) skeptical about them, It was 'the West's' response to Ebola that was the main topic of conversation.
So whats the issue?

The history and legacy of Europe in the hearts and minds of many Africans

It is felt ( by a few people actually) that the response to send troops to the region is merely a ploy to increase military presence in the area. Why?.. a number of reasons.. one being perhaps in preparation for regime change, or perhaps simply an increase in military personnel will make it much easier to do 'business' in these mineral rich countries again.

I don't think Africa should ever close both eyes.
They've played that game before and lost.

However, when your desperate... you accept help wherever you can get it from.

There an old saying.. 'Make hay while the sun shines..'. In my humble opinion, first order of business for any country coming out of a civil/international war once the safety of the citizens is assured is to rebuild the infrastructure.. then get those key institutions in place.. hospitals schools etc... But I'm sure those in power know this... that they haven't been able to is sufficiently is the question that needs an answer.

Came across this in the Guardian yesterday... [you may have to click to read]

or to view Source Guardian - 'How to beat Ebola'click [here]

What excessive policing against black teens may look like.. [in case you ever wondered]

This is the story of Brooklyn 'Law Enforcement'.. and the Black teenanager

I hope I never have to see this nonsense real time.. [click]

Thursday 9 October 2014

Every so often..

I like to listen to Bitty Mclean...

This is the album I always return to... 'On Bond Street' his best by far in my humble opinion.

But my song of the day... and my Bitty song of all time is....

Happy Thursday, may it bring joy x

Here's an extra track

Wednesday 8 October 2014

'Fat Girls' - Reggae music salutes you

Over the years there have been many songs written about, and in appreciation of the female form. e.g Miss wire waist, But probably the best known, and most loved, is a song about a mans desire for fat girls.

Red Dragons Ku Kum Kum was about skinny girls and not flattering at all.. It sure irritated me lol.. but I still enjoyed it as the song was so catchy! basically he says skinny girls will give you blue bones!

At a similar time songs on this riddim was lighting up the airways

But No... 'Fat Girls' were definetly the most serenaded

Okay...slow it down Heptones.. we didn't hear you