Saturday 30 April 2011

Sun is shining..

Bank Holiday Saturday and in between taking breaks to watch Pride & Prejudice ( which I've seen so many times but Colin Firth is in it and .. well the whole cast are great actually.. best version for me) I'm trying to get some work done before.. I have to get back to work!
The sun is shining but to be honest.. it's freezing (to me)
Is this what it's like in places like Iceland where the sun shines but it's cold?

I've actually put the central heating on!!
My body adapted to the heat from the sun we were getting - so now it's not there I notice it more..
Sun helps me function at my best..
I need to grab some socks - get a hot drink - wrap up and read a bit
oohh quick update.. almost a full green lawn.. one stubborn patch remaining.. a few tiny patches here and there. I've also notice 6 new banana plants growing. I've just learnt that banana plants are actually herbs and the root will continue to reproduce new plants - once the existing ones bear fruit and die.

Can you believe it - wonderful & exciting. I need to find out if I can take 2 and replant them else where.. ( I'm such a novice aren't I ;-) - better add a union jack to that family tree post!!!...Londoners!!!)

Dr Phil on David Letterman.. not literally ...

David Letterman speaking to Dr Phil

Tough questions eh Dr Phil.. how's that workin' for ya? ;-)
Here's my summary...
D. Is Trump racist?
P No! (he's my mate!)
D How can you say that if you're not racist?...
P ha ha ha... he just doesn't think things through!
D ha ha ha..

Check out the clip..Dr Phil looks uncomfortable to me
*Trump's so rich I expect he really just doesn't give a damn...

*Power of money

Is Love enough??

Or does the success of a relationship also depend on money.
His and hers.

Will you ladies be happy with a man who can't help to pay the bills? If he can't buy you nice things - take you out from time to time?
Do you men look for women who can cushion the blow of unemployment?. Would you resent a woman for not paying her way. Is the age of chivalry dead?

Tell me...can you really love someone when the electricity bill's overdue – you need money for the children - food to eat - and your own needs are far from being met?.
Imagine...'she looks at him.. he looks at her' ..and nobody's looking happy??

Ladies...would he still be knight in shining armour - or more.. night-mare!!

A guy the other day insisted he walk with me awhile and in talking - proudly went on about how he’s glad to be able to leave work early – how tired he was from working so hard... blah blah blah.. I asked him what he did – and he paused before saying... he supervises cleaners.
Oh yes... a ‘cleaning sup-er-vis-or’ now don't get me wrong...there’s nothing wrong with that...but frankly – the answer wasn’t fluid which led me to believe he was probably...a cleaner just too embarrassed to say - because he was trying to impress – but my feeling on that is .. If you're embarrassed to say what you do for a living – or you have to lie to a woman about who you are – you shouldn't be trying to chat that person up..should you?
I wasn’t bothered either way – he was sweet enough - but I wasn’t interested... he wasn’t to know!!

People say they love people for many different reasons…
For some – it’s a promotional opportunity - maybe financial or perceived status
For some – it’s an ego boost
For some – they were lonely and someone was keen
For some – tradition/cultural reasons
But... if you love someone for a reason – is that really love?
Why not love someone... for no reason at all – other than you just do...
Just a thought..

Having said that ladies - we know money isn’t everything - but it helps right?
Guys - If you don’t have it - don't worry - you just better have one hell of a cute personality … either that... or a huge...

“Yes??!?”... Someone’s calling me… back later!! ;-)
Oh.. heart .. by the way...I was going to say... heart!!!

Friday 29 April 2011

Tornado season..

Whist we've been watching the wedding other news today wasn't quite as enjoyable.

Always seems to be those with very little who suffer the most. Why are these people allowed to build homes in these areas? Houses that look as though they're made of wood.

Royal Wedding was it for you??

Without going into detail it's fair to say that was a gorgeous wedding. From the moment Harry and William appeared in full uniform in the rolls Royce Phantom( Love that car) I was engrossed..But as one clergy said today.. every wedding... is a Royal Wedding.. nice touch.

So - in the spirit of the day I've sourced a few biblical verses for you all.. I hope you can relate whatever your faith/beliefs

Ephesians - Chapter 4:2-3 Of marriage
2. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
3. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Proverbs - Chapter 28:6 For men/husbands
6. Better a poor man whose walk is blameless than a rich man whose ways are perverse.

Proverbs - Chapter 12:4 For women/wives
4. A worthy wife is her husband's joy and crown; a shameful wife saps his strength..

Ephesians - Chapter 5:25-33 For men/husbands
28. In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

*Glad it's over still..

Enjoy the remainder of your day

*media wedding overload

Version for her

Version for him

Thursday 28 April 2011

Wishing on a star..

All the world... in waiting rooms

Hospital waiting areas are interesting spaces occupied by very interesting people. People really do live interesting lives. Today I sat next to three 'perma tanned' late- middle aged women - two of which spoke with very heavy 'East End' accents and one Scottish. Despite trying to blank out what they were saying it was becoming more difficult as they all spoke very loudly - until in the end... I was gripped – and I missed them when they left. They told tales of past lovers... in juicy detail – what germs they were thankfull they did no inherit – tales of cruises - being offered babies for sale on one holiday - and £25.000 hotel suites – and to look at them you wouldn’t think they would be as well travelled as they were. Every time they spoke I was like – eh??... eh??.... I began to wonder what their husbands did for a living – concluded that their ‘old men’ must be loaded - either that or they had won the blinkin' lottery!!’
I sat close to an Orthodox Jew - and even he was gripped! He looked at them – looked at me – smiled and went back to reading his book - *Torah I assumed .

Then - even he surprised me – by striking up a conversation with the Muslim man next to him (but one chair) and having a discussion about faith. The Muslim man took out his book – *Koran I assumed... and the Orthodox Jew indicated to a page at the beginning... sounded like he said… ‘Read from the beginning!’… not sure if it was a question or an instruction.
As they chatted away - another Orthodox Jewish man came in to take a ticket... looked at them and gave an expression of... ‘A wha' gwarn here!!’

He tried to greet his fellow man but he was too engrossed in his conversation. The newcomer walked… then stalled… then looked over and really seemed to want to join the discussion but was weighing up whether or not he was prepared to squeeze in between two other unknown Gentiles! !!
He decided against it.

It was nice to see the two men talk and bid each other farewell in the way that they did.
I laughed at myself and my little pre conceived judgments and stereo types.
People appear to operate better on a one on one – when they're just left to get on with it. Maybe it’s being out of their usual comfort zone and having nothing to prove - free from constraints – that brings out our nicer side.

Life is great when people get along isn't it?
Yes – funny spaces these waiting rooms – a world in one space

*I’m not entirely sure what books they were reading but they did look like faith books.. Remember also I’m a writer… with an occasional overactive/imaginative mind ;-)

Wednesday 27 April 2011

London 2012 Olympics

Have residents of the 5 Olympic host boroughs been overlooked when it comes to tickets?

One way to have enabled enthusiastic residents to participate would have been for the Local Authorities of each of the 5 host boroughs to be granted tickets which could have been sold to low income residents at a cheaper rate. It will be a real shame for anyone living a stones throw away from the stadium being unable to attend due to lack of funds.

Hopefully the Olympic legacy and paralympic legacy - will really regenerate the area and provide those much needed opportunities

Donald Trump on Obamas birth certificate.. not literally.. that would be worrying!!

Is insisting the President of the United States parade his birth certificate to the world something Donald Trump should be proud of? Now - he feels the need to look at Obamas birth certificate in more detail to see if it's real!!.. well...ahem.. he'd know about all real things I guess..
John Prescott Tweeted 'has he got a birth certifcate for his hair? ' which I thought was quite amusing.. laughter can take the heat out of most things.. good ol' John..

Still - I wonder if this is the post racial society Dr Tony Sewell likes to speak of?
Maybe Tony should look a little deeper - maybe scratch the surface - not a lot - just a little. In fact no - just... observe... follow the green cross code... stop - look - and listen.

The transparency of the situation of Obamas birth certificate is cause for embarrassment - and I would guess be a reminder to Obama that his position for many will always be a thorn in the side.

Having to 'prove' himself at that level is appalling - I've never heard anything like it!! yet.. it hasn't surprised anyone I know..

There are many things that would have made Obama more 'palatable' more - 'man of colour' and less.. ahem ...'black' - but he has chosen not to go down any of those well trodden - well worn roads.

Instead he has chosen to succeed on merit.

After enjoying Bush in the White House for years... why not a American Kenyan?. Is this not the rich cultural mix that makes America...America?... Is this not the American Dream?
Personally - even if he was born in deepest Africa - why not lead the country?
What is this bizarre rule they've got? Americans.. what do you think about this?
Dr Tony Sewell...not quite there yet...

Kelly Rowland... Grown Woman.. not official vid'.nice song..

Black Uhuru..what is life?

Why women send men to the shops

There are lots of things us women like men to do for us - and one of them is … go to the shops!
I’m not sure what it is about the shop thing - but women do tend to have a habit of sending men out there. We could have just got back from shopping – trust me – later on - maybe while watching TV the woman will say – “can you buy me something from the shop?”
Could be for chocolate
A bottle of wine - whatever.
What is that about?
Men seem happy enough to comply - to the point where they may be going somewhere entirely different but before they leave they’ll now ask “ want anything from the shop?”.. result!!
In fact – ladies if you're out and about and a man leaves a shop with a small bag with apparently few items and he tries to chat you up... he’s probably on a mission for his girlfriend.
Ti’ had a couple of female friends come to visit him the other day and within half an hour they’d sent him to the shop for chips!
I wonder if women in remote tribes do this – ‘hmmm I fancy some honey – honey!... can you get me some please?’
The man would have to venture into the jungle and scale some 1000ft tree with little but smoke for protection - get stung by a gazillion bees to bring the lady what she loves...
Remember the milk tray man?...
Question Ladies – why do we love to send our men to the shop?
Not shopping – but to the shop!
If they refused would we still love them?
If they refuse does it mean they don't love us?
I think it's the hunter gatherer thing.. we still want our men to be hunters deep down.. and yes... going shop for us is a sign that you care

The wedding rehersal

Amazing what some get up to whilst we sleep.
This pre dawn rehearsal looks quite cool actually

It would be great if this approach was adopted for road works/tube/train maintenance at all times.. pay them extra if needs be.. and maybe road sweepers..
I think the wedding will be very graceful
Is this being paid for by tax payers? I wonder if local authorities would considers providing venues free to residents who wish to get married too. Having said that - you could be sure some people would find a way to abuse it. Or trash the venues so they look like crap. Hmmm then again - no - forget that idea.. it's better to pay and have something nice. Lot's of people do opt for a simple registry office wedding and are ecstatic with that. The space inside is nice and the ceremony tastefully and respectfully done - and the couples look very happy indeed.

I love watching the army /navy et al on these days - they do an amazing job - bring on Friday

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tinie of many youths doing great things in the UK today

Easter Sunday was anything but peaceful for these churchgoers.
Is nothing sacred anymore?.

Our youths have so much potential that it really is with resigned acceptance of a situation you still hear of these incidents with shades of disbelief.
Whilst young women are being drawn into these activities it's still predominantly men. Yet fortunately they are still a minority. Young men (if fortunate enough) become older - then - old men. What's the long term plan?
Where are the 'older/old' men who have helped to shape these youngsters?
Have they shaped these youngsters? - or have these youths been shaped by systems and society at large.
There is no one cause and no one solution. But we do need a solution and - fast.

Hopefully more youngsters will continue to dream of great futures - be happy - and achieve their ambitions.. it's so great to see.
Yes there are traps set for them to fall into - but we hope they will grow with the ability to not only see these traps but to sidestep them altogether.
There is a better way.

Snoop Dogg - will be headlining at Lovebox Victoria Park 2011

Garden/lawn update

7 days in and I can say there is a light 'film of green' spreading across the lawn area.. it actually looks a bit like algae.. It's very patchy - some places look no different. I'm hoping pretty soon to see a 'sea of green' or at least what is a decent looking lawn.

It's sketchy right now.. but I can.. when I look really close.. see tiny grass appearing..

Do we need more women world leaders?..can a woman be sexy and strong?

Do we need more women world leaders?.
Do men find the incongruity of a soft feminine and sexy female also possessing a strong dominant side difficult to fathom?
It's often thought that if women were in power there would be less wars - more peace more understanding - a fairer and more equal society.

*Apparently men and women posses a 1% biological difference. 99% of our genetic make up is the same - yet that 1% x/y chromosome is so powerful that we can at times seem like a completely different species.

*Apparently the oxytocin we produce which has a calming effect when we're under stress - is boosted by estrogen yet blocked by testosterone. ( which is why woman may also be more prone to falling in love than men) So - it's thought that we - as woman - will look potentially for a calm resolution to conflicts - whereas men may growl - then opt to fight.

Yet there are some woman in power at the moment - and to be honest I don't see much difference to the world. Let's not kid ourselves therefore that woman really will seek peace in the ways that we would imagine - or that power will even possess equal value.

However - Margaret Thatcher took us to war in the Falklands didn't she? (rightly or wrongly)- I suspect that if we looked into it historically we could find several women leaders fiercer than any man could ever imagine. I'd say Thatcher was tougher than any leader we've had wouldn't you?..

Maybe - it's not just men who find it difficult ( the idea of a soft - feminine - sexy - yet strong - fierce - and powerful woman) maybe women struggle with it too..

Do we need to look more like blokes to be taken seriously? by both women and men?
Do we need to act even more feminine for men to 'do us a favour' and listen?
equally - to not scare - or unnerve other females?

*Ancient Matriarchal Kingdoms were replaced by Patriarchal systems - and the story of women represented throughout scriptures through the eyes of man..

Yet the differences we have are also our attraction. Maybe what we need is more recognition of our real qualities and equal respect for them to create a sense of balance. Whenever I hear of a male leader behaving badly I always say - 'humph.. I wonder what his wife said to him about that!!.. can't see his wife letting him get away with that!!' and my mum will give me a look like .. this girl ( even though I'm a grown woman mum still gives me that look..)'you're really not married yet!..I can tell!! good luck with haven't got a bloomin clue..!!' sometimes ( exasperated as she may be she'd say) what can they do??... you think they listen to them?? ...probably lob off their head!! (I said that) 'but Dad listened to you' I'd say..
'Ok Dawna!' she'd say
and that would signal the end of the convo'

Question 1 Would you still feel proud of your man if he behaved really badly/hurt people?
Question 2 Can a woman be sexy and strong?
anwswers welcome

*I am not a scientist or historian so don't blast me if the 'facts' aren't totally accurate.. pls accept my apologies in advance ;-)

Monday 25 April 2011

A change is gonna come

Much if not all of life is transient
We decide on our reality through our choices
We are emotional beings
We laugh
We cry
We grieve
We fight
Situations arise that appear not of our own doing
Within that we then choose our state
Either that
Or our state chooses us
At times it’s difficult to tell
In the worlds eye view we are miniscule
Yet mighty enough to change the view of the world
Are people born great
Or do they become great
Are people born to rule
Or to be ruled over

My friend is sad
I cannot help
Words not actions create situations
Actions not words define them
It’s okay to be sad
Sadness is transient
A change will come
Oh yes it will

Bank Holiday soundtrack..

I think a great soundtrack can make or break a film. This for me is the most romantic song ever - and totally made that film Pretty Woman ( despite the worst lines said at the end!) I think the writer may have run out of steam there ;-).. still it's one of my many soundtracks
More often than not we sideline romantic songs for Valentines days or special occasions but I say.. it's bank holiday Monday.. the sun's shining.. we're here.. so let's enjoy
Happy Bank Holiday Monday all....x
Just watched it through..yes this vid's a bit corny at the end but.. couldn't find another one..beautifully simplistic lyrics though..

Sunday 24 April 2011

Reflection of you..poem for lovers

I love being a reflection of you
It’s true
For no other reason would I release this name
My legacy to someone great
That they never left in vain
Yet one could proudly co-exist
Against the other
With no reason to resist
My ego feeds neither flight nor fight
The day rests easy as does night
I love being a reflection of you
I do
It’s true

An unquenchable thirst for love and beauty
To acknowledge the existence of grace in the undesirable
To remain strong under pressure
To last the duration and never falter
To be loved and loathed
Yet question it not
To provide shelter from the storm
Shade in the hot
None cannot question your loyalty
Neither your integrity
To embrace me now
I won’t push you away
Or any other day

To hold you close
To yield the fruits of love
Cultivated in the knowledge that
A love based on trust
Respect and admiration
Will flourish

Counting daffodils
Forget me not’s
An appreciation of all that is good
Resurrected from dust
Careless words can cause upset
Even pain
Yet words
Of love
Will bond lovers for an eternity
Bodies entwined as one entity
A symbol of life’s continuity
I’ll smile because you love me
I’ll frown because you love me
My pride is dwarfed by my longing
Yearning to be set free
To love thee
I love being a reflection of you
I do
I know
It’s true

night all...D x

A little way different


Hi all...I took the vids off as I didn't realise but they linked to some roads I personally don't travel down .. sorry..

If you want a job doing they say!! ( I assume you know the rest of that saying)
I will discuss Melanin another time.. my own viewpoint possibly - or the view point of someone I both admire and trust..

Until then...

I'll give you an update on my grass..
It's not yet growing..
I'm a little fretful as I haven't even seen 1 seed grow yet..
I've kept it watered and we've had plenty of sun so maybe I just have to be patient!

The enlightenment zone..

5 ways to keep your lover happy

1. Touch
Does not have to be restricted to the bedroom. A gentle touch on the arm – an embrace - a kiss…can work wonders!. It reminds your partner that you find them desirable – that you care. For us ladies it makes us feel protected – don’t fear it… it may not be very English (stiff upper lip an all that) but break that repressed style if you can..It’ll be well worth it…they wont bite!.. (unless you ask) just simply… touch

2. Dress up
Every so often it’s nice to know your loved one has made an effort for you. If you work in an area that doesn’t really enable you to dress as nicely as you would like to – when you get home... change
Remember the way you were when you just met? If you have just met chances are it’ll come naturally

3. Argue
Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they say. You are allowed to have your own opinions... remember you are still your own person. A good argument can get the blood flowing – heart pumping…pls note... I said a ‘good’ argument. It’s important not to go too far!!.. Besides ... making up will always be extra special.

4. Agree
This may at first appear contradictorily taking into account what I just said but it’s not… honest. It’s important to back each other up when needed. In fact. If you’re compatible you should agree on issues of real importance. Or find a way to agree to disagree. Still. As I’ve said before. Your partner should be your greatest fan and biggest supporter. You should never ‘side’ with anyone else against them ...(not in any serious way..I'm not talking about a competitive game of chess here!) If you find yourself doing that… you may be with the wrong person

5. Share
Your feelings and emotions. Be generous with who you are and what you’re doing. Allow your partner to share your ups and downs. Don’t starve them of their desire to be a part of your life. That’s what it’s all about

Happy SMSx

It's also Easter Sunday.. Enjoy those Easter Eggs if you have them..
I'm currently watching The Six Wives of Henry VIII with David Starkey.. It's 'great' - So much drama... romance - sex - intrigue - deceit.. oh hang on.. what there's a squirrel digging up my bloomin' garden.. tryna eat my germinating seeds!!I can't stand those things.....ay..... b****rd!!!
Spk laterxx

If tomorrrow never comes..

Saturday 23 April 2011

Paul Weller..

Bristol Riots

Are the riots in Bristol a sign of things to come?..
Apparently locals were/are unhappy about the opening of a new Tescos.

I have noticed another Tescos in Dalston - there's already a Tesco a 'stones throw' away off Sandringahm Road.. walk up a little further and you will find a Tesco in Stokenewington
Head the other way and you'll find one off Mare St. Hmmm

Are LA's not able to regulate?
It's the same with betting shops..

The Localism Bill wont really mean a 'Crock' if residents are powerless to put a halt to big businesses they feel stifle small local business - and bring little to communities
Although Tescos will hopefully hire local residents maybe part of their corporate policy should be to invest in developing communities through the funding of local projects.. do they do that?

Looks like we may be in for a hot summer in more ways than one...
The Jam released this in 1981
A few months before the Brixton Riots
Margaret Thacther was in power - we had a Conservative Government
Tension in the air
I was almost 13
Bubbling away in the backdrop to my carefree youth was social and civil unrest that -appears not much different from today..

Sunny days
The Jam

Oh yes.. care free days... enjoy..

Rastamouse at Glastonbury?.. Gorillaz!!

I hear Rastasmouse will be at Glastonbury this year..

How's that gonna work?
They must be chatting to Gorillaz - hope they play together..combination styleeee ha ha
Could be like Oasis and Blur all over again.. someones gonna think the others 'not 'ard enough'.. and being as R.M's covered in fur I think I know who it will be!!!

Would you get a boob job?

Nip tuck of any kind?
Lip fillers and fake tans a sign of the times
To be proud of ones body in it's natural state
Is seen as uncool - in other words 'late'

If we continue to tamper with our bodies in this way
What is the message we send to our children
Will they
Look at themselves and hate what they see
Are we sowing seeds of mental instability
Somebodies getting rich over this ideology
This perception of what is viewed as true beauty
A viewpoint which changes across the demographic
Yet one fallacy dominates and continues to propel it's
Images upon images
Women desperate to replicate
Forgetting about what's inside
Trying to secure a mate
Men confused some trapped in the fallacy
Look to you for reassurance
Need you to provide solid ground when they stumble and fall
Prop them up
Help them stand tall

They'll love it if you do
That ass that you hate
Whether large or small
Set your own template
So love it and see
Set yourself free
Awaken the goddess did you know she's a she
Centre yourself
Realign your mind
Look in the mirror and say
I'm just fine...

Hey folks.. You can't say S.S hasn't tried over the years.. Think maybe we need this for us adults ;-).. I reckon we can easily replace the word hair with skin - breasts - legs - colour - height - thighs - the list goes on..
I know it can be difficult at times... but battle on ... you will get there

Friday 22 April 2011

Does sex really sell??

Ooh so much to talk about this Good Friday
Do clothes 'turn you on?'

This Guardian Article makes an interesting read.

I so love being un cool.
Oh shite.. is it okay to talk about sex on Good Friday ;-) oh damn I said shite.. oh shite I said damn .. I'm sooo silly at times
luv ya

How to be happy

Do you remember dreaming as a child
Of things to do - things to see - a person you hope to be
Never let that die
Whether 25 - 35 or 55
The pursuit of your dream fuels a passion in you
Get up early
Work on it daily
Sometimes you'll be out there alone
When everyone else is long gone
Sometimes people may tell you to quit
Lack faith in you
Criticise you
But be strong be bold be resilient and know
That one day you
Will reach your goal
Wherever you end up will be alright with you
Once you continue to pursue what your heart yearns you do

*Someone sent me this link via twitter which I really liked so wanted to share with you all..
Pursue your dreams and happiness will be a wonderful by product

Wedding Dresses

Take a look at how Royal Wedding dresses have changed over the years

Compare them to today's styles
What do you think?.. I suspect they were cutting edge at the time though.. some look like they weigh a ton..
Guys...have you ever wondered why the 'dress' is so important to women?

I don't know any woman that has ever worn her wedding dress after the wedding
Could turn out to be the most expensive 1 off purchase ever..
I'm surprised more men don't say during arguments
' what do you mean you're not happy in the marriage???..I don't give a toss.. after all that money you spent on the wedding this marriage has to work.. like it or not!'
Funny thought - but a scary reality..
I think the mans outfit is equally important if you ask me..
Hmm... I think my get out clause would be to let the man spend an equal amount - or at least have a bit of a say in things.. even if it means a smaller budget.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Do men make better friends than women?

Women do love to talk to their girlfriends.
I met up with a friend who I’ve known forever yet not seen in awhile ( so it really was catch up time) and as we sat outside and chatted at one point she said... “I’m sure you ask that same question every time I see you!”

“Yeah”... I said “Yet I’m still not tired of asking it – or bored of hearing the answer!”
We laughed about that then quickly realised that although I’ve asked her the same question for all these years... I’ve never received the same answer!... which sparked a whole new conversation about making decisions based solely on limited knowledge/what we think we know - past experiences - and disregarding who we may become…
Anyway... that may seem a bit random and out of context but my question is... Do men make better friends than women?? Men appear able to maintain friendships despite changes in social status – financial status – girlfriend’s - marriages - the lot
Women seem to struggle with little things... oh she’s lost more weight than me... oh she’s got a boyfriend... oh she’s single so may try to steal my bloke... odd stuff. Women can be best friends one day... or for years... yet harbour deep down feelings of resentment – or in truth may not really like the person at all (gleaned from passing observations over the years)

Why is this?
Does it depend on age?
I plan to talk to more men about their friendships – what they mean to them and how they're able to maintain them - as it's possible that they experience the same issues - but men being men just don’t talk about them ... at least not as much as women do.

I find that my close friends who I’ve known for many many years stray into the realm of family...It’s very very easy
I’m fortunate - in that I know some cool women though – very strong – very smart- intelligent and funny
So these issues don’t rear their head.. if they did .. I’d run ( perhaps further and faster than Mary Keitany :-)

Anyway readers... - I found this on the net and thought it was funny...

Friendship between Women n Women:
1. A woman didn’t come home one night. The next day she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend’s house. The man called his wife’s 10 best friends. None of them knew about it.

Friendship between Men n Men:
2. A man didn’t come home one night. The next day he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend’s house. The woman called her Husband’s 10 best friends. Eight of them confirmed that he had slept over, and two claimed that he was still there.

ha ha.. does this just prove the scattyness of women??.. forgetting to tell her mates!! - or does it show that men can be far more calculating than we give them credit for??..
Yep - women... we are complex - don't you luv it!!

This may not be totally relevant (times have thankfully changed )but.. I can't resist.. it's a classic..
Very dated attitude but spoke of a time I'm sure..

Royal Wedding

Yes I'm in the Royal wedding vibe as well now.. why not..

I will say that Kate is very very pretty and Wills is handsome ( most ladies prefer Harry I think) but he's charming nonetheless
It all sounds very romantic doesn't it ladies.. ooh Kenya... cool.. imagine sitting under a cool gazebo - or just out on the veranda - a cool breeze passing through - caressing your neck..pretty candles here and there.. and a glistening diamond. Tell you what.. don't tell the paparazzi...'s a secret but my eyes are finely tuned for a Prince - my prince...and come the hour come the day - he will be Royal enough for me!
Anyone for Bunting???

Afganistan..when will it end?

Anyone being killed at war is always an extremely sad affair - but there is something even sadder about the news of the female solider Captain Lisa Head - and the two journalists - Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. I think for me it's because in Lisa's case she was a woman on the front line doing a heroic and unquestionably dangerous job - and Tim and Chris were award winning journalists ( not soldiers at all) - risking all on the front line to bring news to raise awareness and educate the masses.
Condolences to their families ..seems so pathetic to say at times - but it's all we have..

When will this war end..??

Counting down to grass..

I've done it.. took me the best part of the day but I was out there really early in the morning. I turned over all the soil at the back again - created and sectioned off my vegetable patches..planted my veg and sowed grass seeds for what I hope will be a beautiful new lawn.. complete with decorative curves. For those of you who are unaware - I've done this practically every year. The 1st time I actually layed turf.. it looked lovely until the 1st cut.. it didn't last. Hopefully I've learnt now and this will be the year I succeed. I was going to pave it but what the heck.. I'll give it another go - with my own fair hands.

I will update you on progress - I don't have a camera right now or I would just post the pictures.. but it looks like this at the mo.. a bit odd.

Apparently I have to water it 1st thing in the morning and at sunset - for 10 or so days..

I recovered 2 of my existing chairs - to sit in the meantime

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Easter hol's

Are fast becoming my favourite hol's

Are Easter Eggs meant to be eaten on the Friday or the Sunday?
Either way - it has been requested that I buy some
Why is it that the chocolate on an egg out of a box tastes nicer than everyday chocolate?..
I'm on search for the Flake .. which I usually struggle to find
T wants Kitkat
Nai likes Buttons
Hmmm.. hope there's a deal on

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Adele x 2

My tune of the day..Nas ft Damien Marley.. Patience

Our Survey says...

Here's a fun game we can all play...

As I was reminded the other day. Only 10% of the worlds population own or control 90% of the worlds wealth - predominantly obtained through the subjugation of countries not indigenous to them...

Monday 18 April 2011

Come mek me hol' you han' eh!

Ladies.. the perfect song if your guy's giving you trouble

I can't advocate that move at the end though.. even if the look on her face does make you laugh..
Also.. which girl in her right mind will stand in the rain - listen to a guy tell another girl he loves her and still.. go off with him.. even if he is Dr Dre fine..
Jeesh..calm down D it's only a vid.. luv it!

Catch you later.. got some work to do

Quotes for you this fine Monday

Happy Monday
Quotes for men and women...

People are very tender, very sensitive inside. I don't believe age or experience makes much difference. Inside, even within the most toughened and calloused exteriors, are the tender feelings and emotions of the heart.
Stephen R. Covey

You don't fail because you are a bad person and you don't succeed because you think good thoughts; you fail or succeed because of what you do.
J.M. Gracia

A man may conquer a million men in battle but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors.

What a woman doesn’t realise is that all women are beautiful. So in hating the imperfections in her own body it reacts badly, sadly, then gives up the desire to be desired. Beauty quits. It was chased away
D.A. Lee

The best men are a little flawed, a little nervous, a little shy. Yet when they love they are giants, capable of great things
D.A. Lee

A good man without me, is a great man with me
(The non feminist)

Woman, look for a man that desires you greatly. It may annoy you from time to time, but it may possibly be your best bargaining tool (The non feminist)

and here’s one to make you laugh..

Men wake up aroused in the morning. We can't help it. We just wake up and we want you. And the women are thinking, "How can he want me the way I look in the morning?" It's because we can't see you. We have no blood anywhere near our optic nerve. ~Andy Rooney

Sunday 17 April 2011

Russell Brand - Beard or no Beard??

It’s said that Russell Brand has shaved off his beard for a remake of the film Arthur.
I watched him on life stories last night and couldn't stop staring at him. Had to check again on the +1!. I didn't recognise him! He’s a very very funny man - and I enjoy listening to him as he certainly has a way with words - but boy.. He looks a bit scary without it.
I’m not really into beards but they suit some people for sure – and Russell for me is one of them. What do you think?
Oh I know what it is - he looks almost ..animated - maybe if you see it often enough you get used to it.
Looking forward to seeing the film.. hope I can concentrate on the script!

Why love songs?..why any song?

Love songs are able to put into words the emotions and thoughts that others often find so difficult to articulate
They capture the first feelings of love
Reignite dull passions
And soothe a broken heart

They can provide the backing track to life in that all things are connected to love
(I already have my walk down the aisle track..don't laugh..why not)
When I write I hear music - I see music.. there is music in silence.. if you're still enough

Spend a moment to think of a special time in your life
Somewhere out there a song exists that could express that moment..
So beautifully
People often find it difficult to say what they feel ( in the poll that's been running on this blog not one person answered No.. it was either yes - or - sometimes)
I believe it's far more difficult when emotions are involved
Maybe people are afraid of the response they’ll get
Afraid to look silly
Maybe they harbour a fear of feeling vulnerable
A fear of rejection
well..songs don’t play that game
They just say it as it is
You see there is no shame in feeling love or passion
So why fear it?
No one has ever looked silly for expressing how they feel
Only fools snicker - whisper - sneer
But deep down they wish they had the courage
and could free themselves of the shackles of self doubt and restrictive behaviours
Songs give hope to the hopeless
Replaces cowardice with bravery
Frees the mind from fear

They speak of life
They can say I love you
Need you
Hate you
Want you
I'm sorry
Let's start over
We are over
I believe that if you care about someone
You should let them know
trust me - It could go one of two ways
They'll either care back
feel as you do ( great)
Or they won’t
Don't ( C'est la vie!)
How will you ever know
If you don't ask
Love is not selfish
It is to be shared
So - to that end - today
I’ll share these two songs with you
But as I do
I would like to set a little task...
And that task is that you tell someone special how you feel about them
Or - you give your partner a compliment you have never given them before..
as though you’re meeting them for the first time
Life can be crap - yeah ..we know
But only if you allow it to be
Let’s not allow it
Let's do the things that feel good and make others feel good
Love is unique in that even the people you can’t stand ( in the nicest possible way of course)
Will be loved by someone somewhere
It’s one of the only things that’s possible for us all
And I wouldn’t want it any other way
Happy SMSx

Saturday 16 April 2011

Me and my garden again

Hi all

Well I searched for another Banana plant today and couldn't find one at all.. Luckily my existing plant has a wonderful green leaf about to emerge so the winter didn't completely destroy it.
I saw a really nice table and chair set - which I hope is still there when I'm ready for it..
Got some fruit trees though and a few other bits and bobs so I'll tackle that in the morning

Q. Where's the sunshine?
Nevermind- I'm really keen to get it just the way I like it..then..maintain it!!

Sustainable living

Our elders know all about sustainable living. Some call it survival – others call it common sense...
From Clapham North to the Caribbean they are able to live within their means
( although it is becoming more difficult now)unnecessary waste is almost viewed as sinful - an embarrassment - and virtually unheard of. From making clothes -to growing food – and preparing home cooked meals... It really is no big deal.

I was thinking the other day about depression – and why it seems to be more prevalent in the UK/West than in places like the Caribbean or possibly Africa (That’s my experience anyway.. you can let me know if you disagree)

Here in the UK most of our time is spent indoors – or within four walls of some kind.. whereas in the Caribbean a great deal of time Is spent outside - food is often cooked or consumed outside – clay ovens are still in use - and there has always been a closer connection to nature in the growing of food – rearing of chickens and tending of land.
Things are changing for sure. The Americanisation of the Caribbean now ensures that Kentucky and other fast foods have seeped in the people’s consciousness – and drink and drugs provide an uneasy distraction – an uneasier money. All of which are influences that the people could well do without – but they exist none the less - and many view this as progress.

Ironically – the very way of life that people here in the UK aspire to have appears to be the one that is being eroded away in these far flung countries.
So when did we lose our common sense? When did we stop listening to our parents – and start listening to the government? When did we forgo our faith in humanity only to worship at the altar of the state?
Have we sold out the wisdom of our elders only to buy it back repackaged and at twice the cost?
Considering the fact that the retirement age has gone up – and people are being expected to work for longer – maybe we need to hire some of these elders to write our sustainability policies - or even deliver a cookery class or two... After all – who knows better than them?

A Stevie Fav.. on a Saturday

Dreams and their meaning

Happy Saturday to you all
today being the 1st day of my hol's - I feel like staying in bed all day - but I wont as I have much to do..

I had the oddest dream that caused me to wake early anyway. I dreamt there were Monkeys in my garden stealing my garden furniture. I just managed to throw something at one who was lifting the chair over the fence.. ( didn't bother him)this was after engaging in some foolishness at a venue in Hackney which I wont go in to)

I was curious enough to google the meaning.. here's what I got
Q. What does it mean when you dream of Monkeys?

1. A banana deficiency! ( serves me right!)
2. A deceitful friend (sob) One who will flatter you to advance their own interests ( please don't awaken my paranoid side yikes!!.. I need to trust more baby - not less)
3. An immature attitude and repressed sexuality (hmmm - I'm listening)
4. As Monkeys represent your playful/mischievous side ( apparently) it's a sign that I really need to lighten up and have some fun ( are those two linked?? just a question.. I bet a man wrote that..ahem)

Monkeys kind of scare me - they look so nimble and urghh
My boy said it's a reminder of when I used to live with them in the jungle!!
(Just so you know .. he's had a tendency to liken me with animals on and off.. when he was 7 he decided I had a long neck - and called me 'Lama neck' which later progressed to 'Goose neck'.. yeah - tell me about it!! anyway.. just so you know it's not some weird 'inner' racist thing!!)
I like the playful one - I do like to play more often than not - so I choose to continue to be mischievous and have fun.. get thee behind me Monkey Dreams.. if ya know what I mean..

Friday 15 April 2011


I like images.
Unfortunately - I fear we have still have some way to go to change stereotypes and discriminatory practices.

Vogue magazine famously said that if they put a black woman on the cover of their magazine it sells less copies. Really?
How would they know..??
I kid There have been a few black models on the cover since so I trust they've dealt with perfunctory racist ideology so I'll let it ride...It's a boring and backward argument anyway..and I know my readers are more intelligent than that..

I would say though that most Londoners live in very mixed 'communities' in terms of ethnicity - yet BMEs ( or even those who look a bit different to the mainstream) are still underrepresented in roles of significance - and by that I mean roles where they can have a real impact on policy - allocation of resources - funds - the design of strategy - even though - much of it once decided and acted upon - could have a profound impact on their lives - and the lives of their communities.
I would love for someone to explain to me why they think this is - and to enable us to get to the root of this I'm a little unsure - but until that time...and as a reminder of the rich mix that surrounds us all and sweetens this wonderful 'British Brew..'
Here are some images - coming to a boardroom near you!!

Can I just say - if Alek walked in - I'd have to say "What you doing here girl?? - get thine legs up on that catwalk - you tooo hot!!

The Princess

Mama can I be Goldilocks's
or Sleeping Beauty please
Read me a story that when I close my eyes
Myself I see
Adventures exploration
From lands so far and wide
The heroine I will be
The princes beautiful bride
Read me a story slowly
I'll cherish every word
In a jewel encrusted gown
I'll shall dance upon this earth
My story is my story
My journey real to me
So read my story slowly
For the princess lives in me

Eastenders tonight

"Tanya - get that marriage annulled quick - take back Max - you love him!!"
forgive him... he loves you ( plus - he's way cooler than the other guy!!)

Lord have mercy I'm blogging Eastenders..After a lonnnnggggg hietus I decided to watch tonight as as I heard it could be a good one. Yep - gonna tap in tonight and I'm not disappointed

Simon Ashdown is my favourite writer on the show...he's great every time... 'woo we woooo'!!Hot like fire!!
I'd be more than happy to write an episode or two if you call me.....
Long been an aspiration.. I know these characters..

Let's do this..ha ha
Classic line...
" What d'you want Ronnie??... I've gotta pub fulla punt'ers!!"
(luv it!!)

Poverty of the mind

Poverty robs people of the courage to be true
The belief in their abilities dashed
And the courage to aspire to greatness feared
Poverty robs people of their desire to seek beyond societal norms
Of the willingness to challenge low expectations
And if to bear witness
To refute inequality
Poverty robs people of their sense of moral duty
Their hope for a better life
And the expectation that they too can achieve and have nice things
Poverty robs the poor and gives to the rich
Poverty is fashionably used in politicking
Mercilessly exploited by those unnamed
and so called ‘do-gooders’ time and time again
An understanding of its causes and effects
A ruthless game of human chess
Despite the guilty's desire for more of the same
Every cliché every town a desire for change
How poverty blinds the ‘Seeing Eye’
Eroding trust
And fueling animosity
Poverty robs people of the ability to fight injustice
Poverty and the fear of poverty is a tool used by the wealthy to further suppress and undermine those who lack financial freedom
From the squeezed middle to the squashed bottom
Poverty markers now blurred
As the line slowly erodes
Yet what is poverty
Poverty is not financial
Is it
Not economic
But psychodynamic
As the trappings of wealth tighten as a noose around the necks of those who fear going against the expected
For those who wish to appear far from that which is despised
To banish the image of poverty from thine eyes
To see it no longer
Whether father or mother
A historical figure
To return to it no more
Never have the misfortune to knock at that door
Yet neither a borrower or a lender be
old fashion now and out of touch
As words no longer mean much
To a new generation
A lifelong loan the only option
Lifelong loans are now the norm
Have been for some time
Are you on board
Ownership implied
Yet remains an aspiration
In truth there is nothing more valuable
Than a rich mind
Maintain your riches
May they fool you no longer
Dance to your own melody
For this is where the battle is won

Thursday 14 April 2011

Nina Simone - Jazz Icon

Baby just cares..

You still around
Thought after a year you’d be gone
You still care
Is this your true colours I’m seeing right here
No it’s not easy to maintain an act
To pretend to be something you’re not
So Baby
Don’t you go letting me down
If I sing your praises all over town
How cool are you to be that way
Care you not what others say
Some ask me why I let you stay
Well it’s simple enough
As night turns to day
Don’t understand
Well let's not delay
Sit back
Now Baby
Press Play

A Poem..can't think of a name yet!..oh here it is.. Who Knew!

Why do I miss you so much
Who knew
Damn but it’s true
I didn’t have a clue
Until one day I turned around
And you weren’t there
The space you would reside
Was bare

Who longs for distractions more than I
So easy to find
But still can’t deny
That something is missing
Not quite complete
Or so the heart believes
In every beat

How can I miss you so much
When there’s still so much to do
Every second - minute - day – week
Weaved together by thoughts of you
The mind cannot fool the heart
Despite every effort made
But you live with it
Get used to it
That’s the way
That love
Was made

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Improve your memory

If you're anything like me - tips on how to
Improve your memory
will come in handy.

I find I'm most forgetful if or when I'm tired - or if I simply have a lot on.
There can be many benefits to improving your memory - for example - it can help you to plan more effectively - be more organised - more focused - and more relaxed. If you have a clear perspective of all your commitments - it leaves less room for panic stricken last minute adjustments .. although there are times when some things just cannot be avoided (as life has a way of throwing us these little surprises now and then!)
Still - have a look at the tips and see if there are any that you find useful
I can 'muster up' two... 1. Get some rest - and 2. Use a diary!
Work in progress...

Tuesday 12 April 2011


I'm watching Bruce Parry - Tribe on Dave Ja Vu - and for the 1st time he looks seriously stressed. This tribe you don't play with.. he looks like he wants to say I'm a celeb .. get me out of here!!' only he can't..
This Tribe - is seriously tribal - not an easy task..
For some reason I haven't caught the name of this place.. or the Tribe.. sounds like 'Ibecs' or Suri or someting like that. Unlike Bruce he hasn't smiled yet.. oh spoke to soon.. he just smiled..when he was told to wipe the blood off his mouth..

That Bruce!! 'can't take him anywhere'... sloppy drinker! :-)

In the end he said he had a great time!!
Has he won any awards yet??.. he's seriously brave I give him that

Name that flag!.. my family tree

Hi to everyone who hails from a part of the world represented by one of the flags below. Apparently - I am from each of these locations...been spotted there on several occasions - shopping. Apparently I have a sister - or aunt - or brother - wondering what on earth I'm doing in the UK - Hackney!

Who is this 'doppelganger'? - my 'looky likey' - I'd like to meet her.

We can do a swap for a couple of days. Instead of wife swap we can do 'country swap' - learn about each other and return to that which we know.

The person who said I was from Barbados was clutching at straws methinks.. Horn of Africa.. possibly.. Barbados.. ( beautiful as it is) No
So - marks out of ten to anyone who can name the countries without having to look them up..

Yes - I am happy and honoured to be part of your extended family.. the list grows longer each week!... on your marks...

Monday 11 April 2011

TV moment .. 1 born every minute

I have watched practically every episode of One born every minute
and trust me - it's such an emotional and engaging show. Putting aside the actual births for a moment - the human/relationship/family stories are so unique and so inspiring that it helps you to see the real beauty in people. You see them at their most fragile - most honest - and you think ... people are so lovely..

The midwives are amazing.. I've noticed they all say pretty much the same things and it hasn't changed in 24 years - so I suspect there's a script.. they are so calm though - so ..soothing
Can I just mention that I don't remember gas and air doing anything other than making me light headed..and queasy..that pain... 'wasn'tgoinganywhere!'

To be honest - I sometimes watch through my fingers as I can imagine the pain.. at times I say out loud - oh my gosh.. yikes!!
and then sometimes I feel like ahhh - I want one( I've had 3) still...ahhh I want 2... extra!!
am I crazy??.. :-)I suspect that's a natural reaction to a show like that - it's only words.. trust me..I'm just playing...It's just the show - honest... I've done my bit
See what you think anyway ... bet you any money you'll 'well up' I challenge you to watch an entire episode and not cry..

One episode featured a young lady who stated from the outset she wanted a natural water birth.. she had all the soothing classical music - mum to the left- partner to the right - everything well organised and stress free...
I was impressed.
When that pain kicked in.. lord have mercy .. she screamed ...I screamed ...she wanted the drugs.. her mum kept saying - 'but you said you wanted a natural blah blah blah'... I wanted to reached into the TV - shake the mum and say - 'You crazy?? ...give her di dyam drugs mama!!!'
All was well in the end.. took me days to recover!

The Mystery of Shoes

This is such an indulgent post - but I found this picture and thought it was so cool - so enticing that I really wanted to capture and share it. What do these shoes say to you? This is a great photo. I don't think I own any red shoes - ( at least not high ones) but if I did - I don't think I'd ever wear them.. not outside anyway! in fact - I think I'd just take them out and look at them from time to time..

I guess then I should save my money and just get a huge picture - frame it and hang it on the wall...right

Ladies.. what would you wear with these 'hotties'???

Or would they look cheap in the light of day?.. some shoes look better by candlelight.. and as these are patent the shimmering light will reflect off them giving you that moonlight effect' whaaaatt???? You okay D??
Yes thank you..
Enjoy the shoes.. they're artistic!

Buildings and our Behaviours

Do you think the buildings around us influence our behaviour? Are we really products of our environment - or is it all in the mind? ( In that you can limit the impact of your surroundings with a strong mental attitude and clear self awareness)
If you could choose to study anywhere - or spend time in a particular location which of the images below would best suit you.. which would you prefer?

I don't mean to influence you but I really like old buildings - always have. Although the desire now appears to be for most schools to become Academies there's a part of me that will miss that 'old school feel' The 'traditional' look. Will you? If we are influenced by our surroundings - will our young people grow up with the idea that things lose their value once old? Will they value the new and the shinny..just because it's..well... new and shinny? If so ( and i'm not saying they will!)- will that attitude or thought process translate to how young people view their elders? Will they see their elders as 'fonts of wisdom' - or past it?

I know it's just architecture but it's a thought 'nonetheless'
ps.. one of these buidings is Oxford University - one is a Hackney Acamdemy

Sunday 10 April 2011

Communication and Love

Hey all...I was thinking about what to share with you today for Soulmate Sunday - and I thought about how we communicate in relationships. I thought about how I communicate - how I want to communicate - and why. Anyway - here it thought for today..

There are many things that can ruin a once ‘good’ relationship with your partner - and the one I’d like to focus on today is communication.

Sometimes - when relationships fail and you ask people why they may say something like – “Oh he cheated on me” – or “she cheated on me” – or –“ we just grew apart” and whilst all these things are valid reasons for relationships ending - often at the root of it is communication.
When you first meet someone to be honest it’s easy to get sidetracked and want to spend all your time focusing on the physical - which I guess its nature’s way – and completely understandable - but - if it’s something you value – it may be worth keeping your ears and eyes open as much as possible – and ensuring that you talk just as much as you do other things.
You may be thinking ‘Yeah but sometimes you just click with someone and you don’t need to talk much’ okay - I hear that – but even those who click – talk. You just may not see it – but they do. Communication shouldn't be difficult – although it can be depend on what you have to say – but in a relationship when all is relativly new -it should be easy to talk to someone. You should be keen to hear what they have to say – and keen to share your views also. How else will you know if you’re truly compatible? – How will you know if you have any shared values? – How else will you know what the other person is thinking? – What their needs are? – Their hopes? – Their dreams?

I remember sitting in a cafĂ© on Kilburn High Road last year with my sister – and together we watched the couple opposite. In all the time they waited for their meal -and even after it was delivered they never said a word to each other. Yet – they looked completely at ease in the silence – and in each other’s company.
Who knows what was going on with them at that time – there’s probably a perfectly understandable reason for that silence - but I remember thinking – ‘How at ease - and how solid does a relationship have to be with someone to be able to do that’.
To get to that stage - and have love and desire still exist takes work – or rather it takes real commitment - and love.
I like to talk – yet sometimes I like silence. I know from past experiences that when communication goes – or is ineffective – the trust goes – the understanding goes – the respect goes – the interest goes – the desire goes - the love goes. All roads lead to communication.

Whilst the visible effects are easy to pinpoint like cheating or not spending time together – tackling the cause is what is often avoided..even feared.
If you have busy lives – try and schedule time together – forget everyone and everything else and focus purely on each other - and talk.
If you really want your relationship to last and be all the things you want it to be - respect the other persons space - enjoy silence - but...(put it in your diary if you must)

Love - Dawnax Happy SMS..

Saturday 9 April 2011

Dance with me...

Who will be kind enough to translate the words in the comments box for me?? or at least a basic idea.. or even just the chorus!!
I don't know what I'm dancing to - but hmmm feels nice!
Please let it not be offensive:-).. why do I feel like a cigar??

Saturday music treats ..Craig David

The sun's out - and i'm on a Craig David 'tip' as i'm sure you can tell:-)
You know these tunes remind me of really cool summer days - driving to work as if I had no place to go- nice music for company...
Thought I was sooo bloomin nice back then ( I must have ) I'm smiling even now just thinking about it ;-) the memory makes me feel so good!
I love.. love.. love these songs so much..
I'm gonna turn it up and chill outside for the rest of the day... at least until I get cold.. ( Don't wanna reactivate that flu bug) then i'll just bring my chair in and over look the world from the inside as I write.. hope you like them...
My Saturday music treats!!!x

Ahhh.. .sort it out before it get's to this people... beautiful song - 'but sad to hear eh!!'if it can work make it work - if not.. schucks.. just sing along :-)

The Journey

Whether up or down
You can still be great
Whether high or low
You are still so special – blessed in abundance
A straight line has it’s uses
But a life lived without adventure has little joy
For even in the hardest of times will a light appear
There will be those who walk away
Those who run
Forget your face
Your name
There will be those who stay
It's okay
They have played their part
So thank them
Yet move on
Arriving at your destination is great
But never forget the journey..
The fight is never over
Unless you say it is
Yes arriving at your destination is great
But never forget
The journey

Pt2..vid' version 2...Luv Sting!