Sunday 26 August 2018

Zimbabwe's New President ft music by Reekado Banks Ft Duncan Mighty - Bio Bio

I'm just a massive Duncan Mighty fan
His voice is just sexy, lovely :)

Over in Zimbabwe the court rejected the MDC's appeal, and in the week that was Emmerson Mnangagawa, was sworn in as the new President of Zimbabwe.
Robert Mugabe was allegedly barred from attending ( Ok o... if you say so)

Anyway, In case you missed it..

Saturday 25 August 2018

Tunde - My Heart Ft Adekunle Gold

Weekend WOW Factor: BlacKkKlansman - A Review

It was movie night.
How could I resist 'A Spike Lee Joint'

A classic.
..the kind of movie you may need to see more than once

Spike Lee has showcased what it is, to be a master filmmaker.
There is simply no denying his own unique style.
The language is raw, jarring, cutting and unapologetic, right from the beginning, so those with a slightly sensitive disposition to racist, anti jewish, or homophobic language, will be In for a bumpy ride.

Yet it's a reminder of just how far we've come with regards to how we speak to each other.
Yet it can also serve as a warning of what we may be returning to, if far right groups continue to gain traction and influence socially and politically.

This beautifully shot, cutting edge film is based on the true story of Ron Stallworth. The lst black Police Officer in Colorado who infiltrated the KKK. ( he was also a police informant for the Black Panthers btw)

On seeing the poster for the film, I initially thought it was a comedy, until I read an article in the Guardian, that set me straight.

Don't get me wrong though.. it is refreshingly funny in places!.
He did something with the two women the lead actor meets that wasn't funny, but was a too familiar stereotype of the 'angry black woman' (I notice these things)
The women were all beautiful however, and lets face it, the style was pretty sexy back then, and John David Washington, the son of the acclaimed Actor Denzil Washington, does a great job in what is quoted as being he first big leading man role.

'He handsome too'.

Spike Lee ( keep working that name my brother) is a genius. He has put together a piece of work that whilst set in the 70's is a film of our times.
I sat and watched with a predominantly white audience, as the underbelly of racial prejudice was exposed for all to see and hear, in all it's ugliness, on screen.

Sunday 19 August 2018

Pana Book Club Book Review: This American Life Sef Part 1

Things fall Apart

I first read this book many years ago, and as I've actually started reading more again, both due to the Book club and simply because I love it, I thought I'd read it again, with fresh eyes and wider perspective, once done I'll complete a review.

I'm especially interested in how those of us in the Diaspora feel about the book. Those whose mother tongue may be English or French, or Spanish, and perhaps cannot speak directly to any particular tribe other than that of the colonisers. If language holds so much significance ( and it does) how do Africans at home square that round hole with regards to identity, identifying, and relating to their kin.

Things Fall Apart tells a simple tale, one which has stood the test of time
Yet is it really that simple.
Yes, time to read it again.

There is an audio book for those who prefer, and want to chime in later.
But you can buy the book [here]

Saturday 18 August 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Why President Buhari Will Be Hard To Defeat

I do not believe that President Buhari is a bad man, and I certainly don't believe he is any more ethically or religiously biased than the average Nigerian. In fact, he is possibly less so.
I don't even believe he is corrupt man.
I see that he enjoys the perks of power and leadership! but who wouldn't.

President Buhari is a man of his time. In many ways he is trying to retain his 'way of being' amidst a changing, and more media driven world.

People criticise him for many things.
But many forget where he's really coming from. ( and I don't mean his hometown of Daura)

Some insults about Buhari, are targeted at his Fulani ethnicity, and penchant for tribalism.
Many criticise him for not doing more to deal with the herdsman farmer conflict, believing that he will not take a hard stance because many herdsmen are Fulani.

Yet the conflict between farmers and herdsmen is an old one that spans across many regions across various countries in Africa. It's not ethnic, it's economic.
It's ironic that meat is still a staple, among those who complain when cattle need somewhere to graze, but anyway, any life lost, is a loss, whether as a result of farmer herdsman, or domestic violence.

"If you're so angry at the herdsmen, why  continue eating so much meat!"

Buhari was a tall young military leader, and served as head of state in Nigeria from 1983 - 1985.
Buhari is the only head of state to implement a 'War Against Indiscipline' as National Policy Agenda.

He tried a re-launch in 2016, but it failed to have any impact, second time around.

Buhari handed over power to a democratic government, but tried again many times over the years to lead Nigeria again, retuning in 2015 after beating the President in office at the time, Goodluck Jonathan and what seemed like a terribly corrupt government.

People voted for change.
At that tipping point, people remembered Buhari for his integrity and his war against indiscipline, and with so much lawlessness in the chambers of power, wanted a more accountable leadership.
So what went wrong?.

That senators and ministers around Buhari now are seemingly corrupt, does not make the man himself corrupt.
His failing is that they have not been held accountable.
The task is huge, and one man alone cannot do the work of the military, senators, police, teachers, lectures, farmers, citizens, lawyers, so cannot be blamed when they fall short of doing the right thing.

The real problem is that civil society is often un-civil, and those in a positions of leadership are more inclined to indulge their ego, and not help those they are appointed to help.
If you receive money to fix a road, fix the road.
This is not a Buhari problem.
It's a moral problem.

I quite like Buhari, you may have guessed. Despite his disapproving almost snobbish looks, I don't find him offensive.
I don't agree with everything he says, I even find he can appear cold and unfeeling at times, but he has an authoritative away about him that speaks of an inner strength, which is enduring.
..and it's that trait, that makes him electable.
People remember how you make them feel.

With Buhrai in charge people still feel relatively safe.
He is a resilient and principled man.
Critics who say he is too old or sick are being a little heartless, and slightly cowardly.
If he were young and well, would they still find such courage to speak?, or find him such an easy target?

"Most citizens indeed, still need to be educated that corruption goes far beyond financial misdeeds and that a certain “moral pestilence” which rages in Nigeria "

Whilst he was extremely sick last year, we can feel compassion, a chance to see the man as a human being , and not just a President.
The reason the APC have any followers remaining I believe is strongly influenced by Buhari.
To defeat him will be a hard task, yet it's not impossible.

If President Buhuri is not re-elected next year, in reality it will only be as a result of one of two things.
1. An act of nature preventing his ability to contest
2. The failure of the APC to present a credible or honourable and united front as a collective.
It's really theirs to lose.
A revolution is possible, it's certainly gaining traction, and if it can occur in the Gambia it can occur anywhere, as Gambians are even more traditionally compliant towards authority than Nigerians.

So, it would be interesting, but I guarantee that if it were to happen, (a revolution) the old (our old) internal enemies of greed and lust will rear their heads again... even among the revolutionaries.

Don't they always?
I'll be happy to be proved wrong. Something I rarely say :).

Senator Dino ( the entertainer)
left APC and ran back to the opposition party PDP

Paddington at Hamley's

So the legend is that Michael Bond found a lost bear at Paddington Station in 1956 , picked it up , gave it to his wife as a present, and within days had created what we now know as Paddington Bear.
Other than Poo, possibly the most famous character Bear of our childhoods ( UK style).
(Hmmm, I wonder how many wives these days would appreciate an old rugged looking second hand bear as a gift.. oh how times have changed, but what a wonderful story it is)
Popped in to Hamley's, and came across this sea of Paddingtons, my favourite stuffed toy as a child.

I had one that looked much like this.. but brown
It may be worth something if I could find it now, but I'm not sure where it is!

Come on Kylo, you can do it.. smile

Can you imagine If Hagrid was real and this tall?. Security!!
I did see an almost 8ft man at Highbury last week though. The comunte must look very different from that height!

I can confirm these are the softest of all softness.

He said something really funny

After my visit to see Ti in action, I had ideas of gifts floating around, and watching the energy of the staff was so encouraging. Toy stores fill the imagination, remind you of your own childhood, and really help you to appreciate the fun and creativity in us all.
Ti is a really good presenter!

Hamleys, the oldest and largest Toy Shop in the world.

Sunday 12 August 2018

Weekend WOW Factor - The Drama of Politics - ft Simi - I Dun Care

Breaking News!
President Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa says he is "As soft as wool"
(well... we hope not wire wool :)

After his 'defeat' in the recent elections in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa; leader of the opposition party, the MDC, has ruled the election fake, fraudulent, refuses to accept the result, and says he will NOT attend the inauguration of President elect Emmerson Mnangagwa.
He said it stinks in high heaven .. lol!!!!

( Does any leader ever easily accept when they lose?.. really?.. oh hold on , Goodluck Johnathan did if I remember well. That was something wasn't it.. even the former President of Ghana.. ok, so some do)

Chamisa should not forget that the President elect is known as the 'Crocodile' and not the 'Puppy dog' and I'm sure there's a reason for that. In fact, many cite him as the enforcer (the real strongman) who was behind Mugabe.

Mnangagwa may be looking like a soft cuddly bear now, but several 'opposition leaders' are now 'no more' (if you know what I mean)

Anyway, Africa is Africa, and this is why I no longer watch 'soaps'..
African politics has enough drama and intreague for all

Wow, in the interview below, the President elect said that anytime Britain has a woman leader things are better... cough cough.. bless him)

Watch as he seduces us all

85 yr old President Paul Biya of Cameroon rules over a divided nation, and plans to continue to do so as long as he can. A country where the English speaking Cameroonians continue to be persecuted by the French speaking majority. With little state intervention or world media coverage.
Can you believe it. The colonisers language - dividing a nation

Elections to take place Oct 7th.


People often wonder why African governance and politics appears to be the way it is. The shennanigans of leaders, the corruption. The drama
Well all politics is drama, but African leaders learnt their trade from those who lead (or ruled) before them. They also have a poverty mindset, where they believe there simply isn't enough to go around, so they take, take and take, because they know.. and can see... to be poor in Africa can bring about a suffering that no right thinking person wants!
So it's easy to steal ( morally speaking if the rational is that they need to as protection) and easy to be bought.
A total shift in mindset, trust, the ability to build a sense of nationhood, and human kindness will do the trick. It really can be as easy as that.
but don't quote me on that:)

In the UK, London, Boris Johnson made another 'offensive remark' this time about muslim women who wear the niqab, and yes it was silly and offensive, etc.
What we really need is outrage and our growing inequality, and institutional racism, funding cuts to Police, Health Education, Youth Services, our Third Sector. Ironically, despite the comment, Boris's career will not be harmed by it. He has almost become untouchable.

Boris of Johnson, PM in waiting
Watch how he seduces us all


I love this track, my heart can testify!
Go Simi!

Monday 6 August 2018

Teni- Fargin

Weekend WOW Factor. Depression In Nigeria. Ft music from Brymo & Teni

According to recent studies, 1 in 5 Adults in Nigeria suffer from ( or experience ) Chronic Depression.
Across the continent, there has been a significant, yet under reported increase in suicides.

These findings certainly contradict the image of the ever smiling African.
'suffering and smiling' as Fela rightly stated.

Nevertheless, I do wonder, why the increase?
Could it be that our 1st world problems have also become 3rd world problems?
Could social media and our obvious interconnectedness not only enabled us to share our pictures, jokes, music and thoughts, but our issues as well? [click]

In the UK we are relatively fortunate, in that we have services to support people experiencing poor mental health, from low mood to the more extreme.
Whilst misunderstanding and stigma still exists , we have moved away from harmful practices, to the more humane.

Nigeria however, needs more support services and awareness, to counsel those with depression. To be fair, they are not too far behind, in that there is an increase of trained coaches and counsellors on hand, however it's a service that remains accessible mainly for those who can afford it

Nigeria (and Africa in general) will progress further when they see depression and poor mental health, not as a lack of faith or as a sin, neither a lazy attitude, but as a symptom of the wider world in which we live, where more people are under pressure to succeed against the odds, and empathy is lacking, and they are required to do more with less.

Many Nigerians may not even realise they are depressed, having lived with it for so long.
Another reason for the increase in depression could be the ever widening inequality, corruption, and the feeling of helplessness in actually being able to affect change.

People need to feel valued and worthy.
We need more 'just' societies
So against the odds, perhaps suffering yet smiling isn't so bad after all
Until such time...
Yes... keep smiling, a smile is contagious, and like medicine can heal wounded souls.


Summer Days & Nights

When it's too warm to sleep
so you play with filters..

Friday 3 August 2018


If one has a tendency to 'expect'.. expect only... that all things will turn out well

Be kinder to yourself x

Learning Everyday

I'm learning how to listen more, and learning patience.
For those of you who long mastered heart of patience well done, I personally have struggled with it.

I've always had a desire to do things quickly, rush on to the next goal. Whilst for me its always felt like enthusiasm and passion, the downside is that it can it can lead to, or trigger anxiety.

Anxiety is an inner state of being which can feel much like fight or flight mode. whilst a little can motivate, too much can tip the balance.

This morning a gas engineer said I had a leak at home, and he has to shut the system down, which could last a week! as gas leaks can be fatal. I argued desperately trying not to have my gas shut off, ' "a week!! no way", I need to cook, bathe!", then realising I was arguing to have an ongoing gas leak (which may explain why I'd been so drowsy) I simply asked for a temporary hob. " oooh, can't guarantee that " he said.. but I went on long enough to have come home to a fixed pipe, no leak, hot water, and a gas hob, as my cooker is now out of action.
I now appreciate that engineer to be honest

Another example of listening is that I parked yesterday in a car park well known for 'boy racers'. In fact, a friend had their car crashed into in the same car park because of it.
So.... I parked right in the centre, car fully exposed and a guy said to me, "why park there? park your car closer to my own on the side. Hot and bothered I said.. "oh its ok, I'm too hot and tired to move".
within less that 5 minutes, I got back in the car and moved it.
I listened!

When I told my sister the story she said " oh.. is that it?.. I was expecting a better climax to that story" :)

Then on reflection.. and knowing me she said.. "well done".


Love the sun on my skin, it's so lovely! and real mood lifter, but by the end of the day I want nothing more than a cool bath to do nothing..and to sleep!

Johnny Drille - Halleluya feat Simi

It's Friday! Hallejuah

Beautiful song..