Saturday 18 August 2018

Paddington at Hamley's

So the legend is that Michael Bond found a lost bear at Paddington Station in 1956 , picked it up , gave it to his wife as a present, and within days had created what we now know as Paddington Bear.
Other than Poo, possibly the most famous character Bear of our childhoods ( UK style).
(Hmmm, I wonder how many wives these days would appreciate an old rugged looking second hand bear as a gift.. oh how times have changed, but what a wonderful story it is)
Popped in to Hamley's, and came across this sea of Paddingtons, my favourite stuffed toy as a child.

I had one that looked much like this.. but brown
It may be worth something if I could find it now, but I'm not sure where it is!

Come on Kylo, you can do it.. smile

Can you imagine If Hagrid was real and this tall?. Security!!
I did see an almost 8ft man at Highbury last week though. The comunte must look very different from that height!

I can confirm these are the softest of all softness.

He said something really funny

After my visit to see Ti in action, I had ideas of gifts floating around, and watching the energy of the staff was so encouraging. Toy stores fill the imagination, remind you of your own childhood, and really help you to appreciate the fun and creativity in us all.
Ti is a really good presenter!

Hamleys, the oldest and largest Toy Shop in the world.

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  1. I haven't been to Hamley's for years but having seen your photos I now want to go! But 30 quid for a penguin?? Wow.