Friday 3 August 2018

Learning Everyday

I'm learning how to listen more, and learning patience.
For those of you who long mastered heart of patience well done, I personally have struggled with it.

I've always had a desire to do things quickly, rush on to the next goal. Whilst for me its always felt like enthusiasm and passion, the downside is that it can it can lead to, or trigger anxiety.

Anxiety is an inner state of being which can feel much like fight or flight mode. whilst a little can motivate, too much can tip the balance.

This morning a gas engineer said I had a leak at home, and he has to shut the system down, which could last a week! as gas leaks can be fatal. I argued desperately trying not to have my gas shut off, ' "a week!! no way", I need to cook, bathe!", then realising I was arguing to have an ongoing gas leak (which may explain why I'd been so drowsy) I simply asked for a temporary hob. " oooh, can't guarantee that " he said.. but I went on long enough to have come home to a fixed pipe, no leak, hot water, and a gas hob, as my cooker is now out of action.
I now appreciate that engineer to be honest

Another example of listening is that I parked yesterday in a car park well known for 'boy racers'. In fact, a friend had their car crashed into in the same car park because of it.
So.... I parked right in the centre, car fully exposed and a guy said to me, "why park there? park your car closer to my own on the side. Hot and bothered I said.. "oh its ok, I'm too hot and tired to move".
within less that 5 minutes, I got back in the car and moved it.
I listened!

When I told my sister the story she said " oh.. is that it?.. I was expecting a better climax to that story" :)

Then on reflection.. and knowing me she said.. "well done".


Love the sun on my skin, it's so lovely! and real mood lifter, but by the end of the day I want nothing more than a cool bath to do nothing..and to sleep!

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