Sunday 12 August 2018

Weekend WOW Factor - The Drama of Politics - ft Simi - I Dun Care

Breaking News!
President Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa says he is "As soft as wool"
(well... we hope not wire wool :)

After his 'defeat' in the recent elections in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa; leader of the opposition party, the MDC, has ruled the election fake, fraudulent, refuses to accept the result, and says he will NOT attend the inauguration of President elect Emmerson Mnangagwa.
He said it stinks in high heaven .. lol!!!!

( Does any leader ever easily accept when they lose?.. really?.. oh hold on , Goodluck Johnathan did if I remember well. That was something wasn't it.. even the former President of Ghana.. ok, so some do)

Chamisa should not forget that the President elect is known as the 'Crocodile' and not the 'Puppy dog' and I'm sure there's a reason for that. In fact, many cite him as the enforcer (the real strongman) who was behind Mugabe.

Mnangagwa may be looking like a soft cuddly bear now, but several 'opposition leaders' are now 'no more' (if you know what I mean)

Anyway, Africa is Africa, and this is why I no longer watch 'soaps'..
African politics has enough drama and intreague for all

Wow, in the interview below, the President elect said that anytime Britain has a woman leader things are better... cough cough.. bless him)

Watch as he seduces us all

85 yr old President Paul Biya of Cameroon rules over a divided nation, and plans to continue to do so as long as he can. A country where the English speaking Cameroonians continue to be persecuted by the French speaking majority. With little state intervention or world media coverage.
Can you believe it. The colonisers language - dividing a nation

Elections to take place Oct 7th.


People often wonder why African governance and politics appears to be the way it is. The shennanigans of leaders, the corruption. The drama
Well all politics is drama, but African leaders learnt their trade from those who lead (or ruled) before them. They also have a poverty mindset, where they believe there simply isn't enough to go around, so they take, take and take, because they know.. and can see... to be poor in Africa can bring about a suffering that no right thinking person wants!
So it's easy to steal ( morally speaking if the rational is that they need to as protection) and easy to be bought.
A total shift in mindset, trust, the ability to build a sense of nationhood, and human kindness will do the trick. It really can be as easy as that.
but don't quote me on that:)

In the UK, London, Boris Johnson made another 'offensive remark' this time about muslim women who wear the niqab, and yes it was silly and offensive, etc.
What we really need is outrage and our growing inequality, and institutional racism, funding cuts to Police, Health Education, Youth Services, our Third Sector. Ironically, despite the comment, Boris's career will not be harmed by it. He has almost become untouchable.

Boris of Johnson, PM in waiting
Watch how he seduces us all


I love this track, my heart can testify!
Go Simi!

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