Sunday 31 March 2013

Strong bonds

I haven't seen (one of ) my brothers for a while - and I used to see him all the time. He of the sound..
I thought about my family quite a bit today. My brothers and sister, nieces and nephews ( known and maybe even unknown. Don't know why, other than it's Sunday
Oh well.. this reminds me of them all. Even old friends.
I'll try see him this week
Hope he made bun.

Paul Robeson

My parents used to really like Paul Robeson.
I knew he was a 'big actor and singer', but not much else..
So I was a little surprised when his name popped up in my reading tonight..

A Pan Africanist, he studied African languages and culture at the London School of Oriental Languages, where he met Padmore (George), Kenyatta (Jomo) and Nnamdi Azikiwe the first president of Nigeria.
His father escaped from slavery at 15yrs of age.
Anti colonial - he had his passport revoked by the US in 1950

This film reminds me of watching TV with my mum, and rest assured... she'd be singing at this point.. truth be told, I recall both her and my dad singing.. "arrrgggh.. I can't hear the tele.."
Nice memory
I miss my dad sometimes - guess my mum misses him all the time.


Chris Rock.. & a Vox Pop

I stumbled across Chris Rock looking for a documentary on Interracial dating, some kind of historical/ cultural analysis..I can't explain.. something.. Funnily enough , I couldn't really find one, but that may be due to my vagueness in search. I found this though.. which wasn't what I was exactly looking for, but interesting.

Up with the Lark - Kenyatta

I still had a fairly early start.
Eyes still heavy, head pounding, but it feels better sitting up.
It looks very beautiful outside as the sun is shinning brightly. I dare not open the back door just yet though as I'm not quite ready for the cold breeze that I suspect will undoubtedly follow.

Maybe when I'm dressed I 'll go get some fresh air, not before.

So...Uhuru Kenyatta , (Son of Jomo Kenyatta) of Kenyas largest tribe Kikuyu, won Kenya's presidential election

check out this bio - how do they know all this

Raila Odinga (Luo tribe) lost.

check out his bio

News on Aljazeera

Why did I mention their tribes? Well.. because there are apparently about 42 ethnic tribes in Kenya, and Kenyan politics it would appear, is very tribal, influencing the way people vote. If Kenyatta is found guilty at the ICC, what impact will that have on Kenyan politics I wonder?

The ICC who's sole purpose does appear to be the indictment of black African leaders. International or 'foreign' actors involved in African conflicts don't often get a look in, may lose credibility/legitimacy, if they continue to appear biased.

Anyway..can tribalism and politics ever be happy bedfellows?
It's not just in politics though is it. It's a way of life, one which strongly informs actions and interactions.
I don't think democratic elections can really be democratic when tribalism runs the show.

Kenyatta has said he wants unity, see what happens at the ICC.
I will say this.. I think his name is pretty cool.

That and... I'm not 'tribal', having said that, maybe I am. you see, we all have a way of being, and tend to gravitate to those (even where differences exist ) who share our world-view/behaviours/beliefs, in some way. we are perhaps more tolerant/ do favours/ turn a blind eye , or ear when required. It may not be blood, but.. its tribal.. isn't it?
Hmm.. no.. I'm not 'Tribal'
I'm Caribbean.. lol
I'm Black
A Londoner.. weeeee, this is fun
Seriously though.. I'm not
I'm just me.

Saturday 30 March 2013

T.I ft Andre 3000.

Frank Ocean - Pink Matter

And the peaches and the mangos
That you could sell for me...
What do you think my brain is made for
Is it just a container for the mind
This great grey matter
Sensei replied, what is your woman
Is she just a container for the child
That soft pink matter
Cotton candy Majin Buu
Close my eyes and fall into you
My God she's giving me pleasure

What if the sky and the stars are for show
And the aliens are watching live
From the purple matter
Sensei went quiet then violent
And we sparred until we both grew tired
Nothing mattered
Cotton candy Majin Buu
Dim the lights and fall into you, you, you
My God, giving me pleasure
Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure
Pleasure over matter

[André 3000]
Since you been gone
I been having withdrawals
You were such a habit to call
I ain't myself at all had to tell myself naw
She's better with some fella with a regular job
I didn't wanna get her involved
By dinner Mr. Benjamin was sittin' in awe
Hopped into my car drove far
Far's too close and I remember
My memories no sharp
Butter knife what a life anyway
I'm building y'all a clock stop
What am I, Hemingway?
She had the kind of body
That would probably intimidate
Any of 'em that were un-southern
Not me cousin
If models are made for modeling
Thick girls are made for cuddlin'
Switch worlds and we can huddle then
Who needs another friend
I need to hold your hand
You'd need no other man
We'd flee to other lands

Grey matter
Blue used to be my favorite color
Now I ain't got no choice
Blue matter

You're good at being bad
You're bad at being good
For heaven's sakes go to hell
Knock knock on wood

You're good at being bad
You're bad at being good
For heaven's sakes go to hell
Knock on wood
For heaven's sakes go to hell
Knock knock knock knock on wood

Well frankly when that ocean so mahfuckin' good
Make her swab the mahfuckin' wood
Make her walk the mahfuckin' plank
Make her rob a mahfuckin' bank
With no mask on and a rusty revolver

Francois Bozize

Francois Bozize.
As far as I'm aware the (current) rebels were his supporters, but grievances developed over time as he has failed to come good on promises made.

A Wiki overview.. for now

I would love to interview female rebels.. you rarely see them, but I'm sure there's more than 1.

Boo hoo.. I'm unwell

I'm not sure if any of you get this but I've found my body has a way of staving off sickness (at times) if I have a lot of commitments to meet. Then, as soon as they're met, and I take time off to do my thing..blam
crap.. flu like symptoms.. cold sweats an all.

Its not funny. So, I'm laying on my back to work, wanting desperately to be served like the queen of freakin' Sheba.. which probably wont happen...

..unless perhaps.. I yell ... hmm.,. very unlike the queen of Sheba

To be honest I felt it's onset on Thursday.. Wednesday night actually..

Well, it does force me to slow my roll a little. the sun is shining you see, and if I felt better I would feel far more inclined to make a start out back etc etc etc.
It can wait. I'm sick, and my little body hurts

This says it all - thanks Guardian

They'll probably be calling it something else now.. like 'Lazy Arse Syndrome..'
Grrrr... shiver..

Catching up with the news.. Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe, was a great writer. He died on the 21st March, aged 82.

On his work

I came across things fall apart rather late ( about 5yrs ago) I cant remember now what drew me.. but I'm glad it did. Time permitting I will get around to his other work

He wont run away they say..

Should Oscar be allowed to travel and race abroad?
Sure he has not yet been found guilty of anything ( he may never be), but the case is as serious as it gets
I wonder how other athletes would feel, would it/could it, be a distraction
Oscar back on the track?

Wife carrying races?


Thursday 28 March 2013

Old Rockers..

Did I hear correctly?.. Mick Jagger will be 70 this year?!?.. wow..

sure he looks older now..
I'm not a big Stones fan but.. good on them

In the spotlight tonight Jah Vinci

Wednesday 27 March 2013

What's on the mind

I'm really looking forward to the Easter break ( yummy Easter Eggs at the ready ) as I've been burning the candle a bit so it'll be nice to have a little ease in some areas. I hope to clear up the garden a little.. so may set aside two days for that, weather appealing..

As I sit here and write I'm able to think a little, well, quite lot really, and relax as I do so. My assignment has shifted focus.. again, so I'm now looking at a statement by Dubois and aspects of Pan Africanism. Simple as it sounds it's not really. It's fair to say that Pan African origins were located in the Diaspora, America and the West Indies, with the first seeds of African nationalism (ironically) planted by colonisers, with the creation of what's known as Liberia, but what's interesting is that the Pan Africanists could barely agree between themselves. Dubois couldn't stand Garvey, and visa versa. Garvey viewed Dubois as some kind of 'sell out puppet', and Dubois viewed Garvey as verging on the ridiculous, with a dubious and fanciful notion of going ( or facilitating the return of people)'back to Africa', show boating ( stealing his thunder) with fancy 'over the top' costumes. But Dubois couldn't deny( and didn't deny) Garvey's mass appeal.. and some have said he quietly envied Garvey's charisma.

So, unity?
(But I suspect they may have harboured a secret deep admiration for each other.. whether they realised it or not)

Dubois himself viewed the African 'natives' as.. somewhat incapable, and felt that the leadership should and would come from the black intelligentsia in the Diaspora, and suffice to say it did.
Nkrumah, student/supporter of Dubois, and many others, educated in the west, (some) sponsored in part by colonisers anyway, returned 'home' to either implement ( knowingly or unknowingly) European rule, with many cementing their position as black African 'compradors'. (True or untrue, there are those who viewed it that way)
But that didn't quite go according to plan either.( they were a rebellious lot :)
Cue .. a never ending season of coup d'états

It's funny really, when you get down to it

Pan Africanism at times suggests a kind of homogeneous Africa, yet at a time of racial segregation oppression exploitation and colonial rule, I guess it would have been impossible not to see these somewhat arbitrary binaries, and unite against a common 'bad guy' or girl, but ethnic (and class) divisions (socially constructed or not) will out.. and did out.

So, anyway.. over the break I'll be de constructing Dubois's well known proposition that.. .“the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line.”

Unless I change it again that is.


I remember when I started this blog, I had thought I'd focus mainly on news and current affairs, but over time it's become somewhat more personal, like a journal (but not a journal). It's a space to clear the mind a bit, freeze frame a few documentaries of interest, 'off load' when needed, enjoy a tune or two. Fact is, the news is quite depressing at the moment so I tend to avoid it.. well not avoid it totally but not be consumed by it too much.

It's actually relatively easy to pull a few words together as I tend to be reading something or watching something ( master-chef included) so can 'blog away' in the pauses.. during the tea and biscuit breaks.. or before sleep descends.

On with the show for a bit..

A week in the spotlight - Lutan Fyah

A little Turbulence

Africa: states of independance

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Crazy World - Lutan Fyah


a various blend

That 'high st ' picture's a great photo
Lutan - a very visual lyricist.

Pretty nice musical arrangement

I must admit this studio session makes me laugh.. Fantan feeling the vibes.. shake it big man

Ghetto Lifestyle Riddim

Thursday 21 March 2013

The Love list

It's almost Friday..
The past few days I've been really taken with this album...
So sweet.
Yeah I know.. you and this J.T thing right...
Bite me.. he's pretty cool.. and pretty darn cu...

So.. the love list.
Do you have one?
A love list is a list of people you select to love.
No?.. are you sure you don't..?

A love list will render anyone not on it.. a non recipient of your love
Sound unappealing?
Alternatively you (we) can recreate your love list - update it often - and try an act of love - or kindness, to someone least expecting.. someone alien to your love list..
Well... why not..

Drifting into dreamland.. it's a wonder I can type a sentence that doesn't look like... njgfgd, to kjhfgdd lkjf ghghg!?!
I'll reawaken for an hour or so and thenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Tunnel Vision

Thought of the moment..
What's Gordon Brown up to these days..

Nice song..

Sunday 17 March 2013


Maybe I have it all right.
Or maybe wrong
Perhaps I've worked out the equation and sequence exactly as planned.. on time and on schedule
It's just possible the vision that has accompanied me throughout my journey has served me well
Yet perhaps it's served me ill at times also..
I don't know.
Maybe tomorrow it will all fall into place.
Maybe I'll look and say aha...
I was on the right track .. all along
My faith was not blind.. but knowing
Serve your higher self well we say.. nourish it with love.. uncomplicated
See things - hear things - and know
Feel things
Who knows...
The beauty of life I guess


Mojo Morgan ft Peetah - Gramps - Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage

Gramps Morgan

Tarrus Riley- One drop

The Emerald Isle

Just to confuse everyone a little more

Happy St Patricks Day everyone!

St Patricks Day is celebrated in Montserrat - as it has a long history of Irish settlers there.

I'm not a big fan of wearing green though.

This song is outrageous..!

Is this Stuart Hall narrating?

Arrow again.. arguably Montserrat's most famous son.. RIP

No really.. where are you from?

Immigration debates

It does sounds odd to me at times when I hear an Bangladeshi, or Indian or African, state things like we need to curb immigration.. we need to know whose coming in and who's going out.. 'our services are creaking..' he said. In a fairly strong non English accent.

It sounds odd because of the history of immigration with regards to Blacks and Asian people, and the racist policies that were imposed to deal with it.
It sounds odd, because many of these people, despite in some cases, great wealth.. are not really accepted.. or are they?
hmmm are they really seen as British?.. not in the eyes of many I suspect.

I was born here, but most people on meeting or seeing me ask where I'm from. Even if I say I'm born here, they wont have it.. 'yes, but where are you from?.. I don't mind.. I recognise what they're saying.. whether they realise it or not, they are actually saying as a black person I am not English.
I cannot look as I do and not be black Caribbean African (or whichever way round you want to spin it)
Yet, my mum would disagree.
But not only my mum...In fact.. in the Caribbean I was called the English girl throughout my entire stay. Not so in Africa. ( where many people seem to know a girl 'round the way' who looked just like me)

Blacks and Asians here in the U.K, I feel may have been slightly bamboozled with the immigration debate..
Many new immigrants are European.. and not black. As Europeans.. they are welcome to come along.. creaking services or not... outside of the E.U , and no such luck.

So are our immigration policies racist, or not?.
When people talk about immigration who are they talking about?.. which people are the 'problem'.. and which are not?
Is the concern economic?.. even when many people speak of a loss of culture/ white culture (whatever that may be) smelly foods stuff, language, schooling, and odd holidays?
Immigrants work and pay taxes.. lots. they contribute to the public purse.

Somebody please tell me in a ll honesty, what this immigration debate is really about.. because often it appears contradictory, and slightly insincere.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Christopher Martin - Prettiest thing/Jah Cure - Jah rule the universe

How nice is this song.. sweet.
Chris Martin has a real talent for cute love songs..
To think.. rather to know... that your beloved sees you as the most beautiful, most precious of gods creation is really something quite special..

Jahcure sings of the highest all encompassing spiritual love. To love truly, and deeply

'Although I walk right through the valley
I fear no flesh on earth
aint no doubt about it
Jah rule the universe'

To the depths of love you feel - you give - and that shall you receive - and more

Jah Cure - That Girl - Saturday Market - Saturday Shop

I'm here looking out over the world, as people go about their Saturday hustle.. it's quite cool, because I did my shopping last night.. so now I don't need to fret about that..
It's cold and wet outside, but this song is warming me up something chronic..
that.. and I'm not outside..
I'm working, and it's all good right now..
Happy Saturday all

Good morning world....

Friday 15 March 2013

Hugs.. because T = tired tonight..

because it's Friday night..

and because I can...

Awww.. go on then...
Night night x

Racism and the media.. a historical glance

70's archive footage of media representations of race racism, and stereotypes
I find it fascinating what used to appear commonplace on TV..
featuring a very young looking.. Stuart Hall

A history of racism - BBC 4 documentary

The title of this documentary doesn't really do it justice I don't think. It's a lot more interesting and exploratory than the title suggests

My brain's a little mushy today but maybe something like 'The inception of slavery, colonialism, and the ensuing class structure'..
or 'race, slavery and class..
Not sure, but If you watch it , you'll see what I mean

Tuesday 12 March 2013

The dream dictionary

Thought I'd check out the dream dictionary this evening.
Much, if not all, of it rang true.
I didn't disclose every aspect of my dream, but suffice to say it all appears to be connected.
Interesting., and quite revealing.

Suffice to say I was in the mood for a nice song or few tonight.
Every so often it's needed. At least I felt I needed it.
It's comforting..something easy to relax with/to. Clear the mind a bit and focus on what's important
To be fair, we can attach importance to anything really, and it truly varies from person to person, so just as a some kind of disclaimer I'll simply add...
To me..

I haven't heard this for many years..


Vivid dreams

Have you ever had a dream so vivid it was as if you were not dreaming at all?
Well.. that was me. I'm awake but feel as though I haven't slept.

It was an odd mix.
A guy, and a few other bits and bobs

I have a headache at the moment. The dream itself was pleasing enough, only I really do feel as though I've just lived through the entire experience and have been yanked back..suddenly.
Dreams can contain messages some say. I believe they can, and often do. Its working out what it is.
Sometimes dreams can be premonitions..
Perhaps an over-active mind tackling unresolved issues
Preparation for something?
Either way..
I could use a little sleep..
To sleep no doubt to dream

Sunday 10 March 2013

Hezron- can't come between

You'll often find on a version excursion riddim mix there'll be one tune that really gets you...
This is mine.. I so love it..
Couldn't resist pulling it out of the pack for a play in full

I just love, love songs - perfect, and so beautiful. D Major
Seems its been a girly Sunday..

Ok, that's it.. those are my two.. the chosen ones.

Dambisa Moyo - on aid to Africa

Dr Dambisa Moyo - Economist and New York Times best selling Author of Dead Aid.

Heart and Soul - Riddim Mix

Hezron - Can't Come Between
Jah Cure - From My Heart
Chris Martin - Girl Friends
Further Notice - In This World
Busy Signal - Missing You
Future Fambo - Puff Puff Pass
D Major - That's What Loves About
Chuck Fenda - Warning
Chevaughn - When You're Here
Million Stylez - Where's My Wife
Richie Loop - Your Love I Miss


Same Ridiim - Heart and Soul

Sunday Morn..

Happy Soulmate Sunday.. Happy Mothers Day mums

Friday 8 March 2013

Thank You Lord - Robert Nesta Marley

Long Day

..and I'm quite tired.
A good day nonetheless. Nice company , and very positive.
Now its time to unwind for the weekend.

So Unique - ft Judy Mowatt

One persons stale bread is anothers gourmet meal.

During the band days we had a close friend, who acted as manager for a short while, as we tended to manage ourselves.
Anyway, her name was Dennis. ( as in the boys name)
To be honest, I've never met anyone quite like her since.
Dennis was on the brink of her filmaking career. She had a great eye, made a film with another well known film maker.
Beautiful looking woman, tiny really, with long locks.
Anyway, one day out of the blue, I got a call to say she had died. I was stunned. Died in Ghana, malaria. That's where she rests.. never came 'home'.. she was home.

Today, my thoughts have turned to women I've known over the years. How different they all are. Yet some - not so different to another.
During those years, I used to act as mediator to two friends who'd bitch constantly about each other - I tried - It seemed to work for awhile - but they were unable to stop. I got sick of it and left them be.
I think now they're grown - they've grown out of that. Call it a phase if you will.

Dennis was on a whole other level really, and with her being gone - I realize it even more.
An old reggae classic by Judy.

On Key -On International Women's Day

Wow - late night so this feels early.
A very busy week, so glad it's Friday.

I can't remember paying as much attention to one question as I'm paying to the construction of my required essay question This is my third one now, and I'm determined to have decided finally, by the end of today. ( All being well)

It's funny the way some things matter a great deal to us, and other things - not at all.

I think we can feel, deep within, when something's right - and equally, when something is totally off centre. I think the more we know ourselves is the more in tune we become with our intuition ( gut feeling) or just become more definite in our intent - intentions - and are less easily swayed.
These days - as in the years before me, it's really about being 'on key'
Anything outside of that, is not a pretty sight, and best avoided.

Each of us will follow our path, either leading on our own journey - or being lead as a passenger - in it. Issues of war, conflict, development are examples of that played out on a wider stage.
Propaganda is not just a tool of war as you know , but a tool used to control. To follow propaganda is be be led, and not to lead.

However, those among us who are 'off key', create a role, or at the very least, an example for another of how not to be. Some of us are born to lead, others to follow.
Today is International Women's Day.
Which explains my early start required for my tasks today.

Hey - when I grow up - I wanna be - just like me.
Only cuter:)
Women that I am

How each woman defines herself differs from woman to woman.
I think people tend to be shaped by their experiences, the only thing is, if their experiences have been a painful, they could struggle with inner demons.
They could struggle with them anyway - and in those cases, nothing outside of them can heal that pain or confusion -no quotes, or phrases will remove what lies deep within the subconscious, or less deep and in the conscious.
Only real inner work - can ever do that
That - and a genuine ability and desire to Love.
Devoid of any devious or manipulative ulterior motive.

Women - like men - have a capacity for greatness.
Women - like men - sometimes tend to forget that.
But we can remember
Stay on point - stay on key

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Freddie Mcgregor - Wine of Violence

My final post before bedfordshire... and only Freddie will do.
We go back a long way me and this tune.

What can I say. Other than..
Night night.

Freddie Mcgregor

A fitting tribute..
A fine reggae classic from Freddie McGregor - from what is arguably his finest ever album

Hugo Chavez

Oh no. Chavez has died
I'm so sad about that I can't tell you.

Why Freetown?

For some time I've wanted to visit Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone, and Senegal... but back to Sierra Leone for a minute.

I'm watching a documentary about the civil war as part of my research. I hadn't intended to focus my efforts on Sierra Leone initially, but somehow, it's crept up on me - it crept up today to be frank, seemingly out of the blue. Oh man, I wanted to go general, but no, typical me, here I go again.
So... I'm working on piecing together British and US involvement,in addition to other interstate actors and getting a clearer sense of why Tony Blair once described Sierra Leone as his greatest achievement.
I'm trying to get to grips with the brutality of the war, the various rebel fractions, which on a human level, through my eyes, isn't an easy task, yet what interests me mostly, is the behind the scenes players that possibly made it all possible, helped to sustain it, then possibly... took credit for ending it.

I am trying to be somewhat detached from the emotional triggers, but... well , one can but try

African American Slaves gave thanks for their freedom at the base of the cotton tree

Yes.. for some time I've wanted to visit Sierra Leone
Call it a calling to go there - if you like..
So how do I feel now?!?...

For some time I've wanted to visit Sierra Leone.....

Sunday 3 March 2013

Please don't eat the Pony..

It's cute.
Had to smile at this one - great Ad - sillyfunnystuff.

Nai knows good music - Trey Songz

It's very nice when you hear sweet sounds in the background on a Sunday
Knew I'd find a song to move me today
Pour your heart out Trey - sounds good to me
Sad love songs

Tariq Ali - On Alert Citizenry and American Imperialism


Sunshine Sunshine

Through my windows bright and glorious
You're my sunshine
Soulfull Sunday
Soulmate Sunday
Silent Sunday
I'm feeling quiet today

Human Rights Act

If reports are true - why does David Cameron our current P.M - and others - want to abolish the Human Rights Act?

Prohibition of torture
Prohibition of slavery and forced labour
Right to liberty and security
Right to a fair trial
No punishment without law
Right to respect for private and family life
Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Freedom of expression
Freedom of assembly and association
Right to marry
Prohibition of discrimination
Restrictions on political activity of aliens
Prohibition of abuse of rights
Limitation on use of restrictions on rights
Protection of property
Right to education
Right to free elections

Saturday 2 March 2013

Men shouldn't hit women.. if they want to fight...

Maybe they should sign up..and go to war.

Out and about, I thought about domestic violence.. partly based on a conversation I had recently.
I've found that the reaction towards domestic violence perpetrated by men on women, is often met with a mixed reaction among men, but with women, just the thought of it usually precedes one simple word. " Bastard".
Whenever the topic has come up with men, some have said things like..
'Well you know what some women are like..'
'She must have asked for it..'
'Probably up in his face..' and on and on
To be fair, some have said.. 'not a real man' .. etc.

Power and sex are closely linked, and one is often used to obtain the other.
A little like power and war

My thoughts had me trying to remove the gender aspect. 'Violence is violence' I said to myself. Whether it be male on male, male on female, female on male, or female on female.
Yet, somehow. I have not yet been able to do so.
Is it the blatant abuse of love?.. abuse of masculine dominance?.. the shield of patriarchal cultures, the disgraceful denials and shedding of responsibility, when fault is placed soley on the woman.
Or am I buying into the notion of the weaker sex?. No, I don't think so.
I don't think so, because I don't think that women are the 'weaker sex' at all.( If there is even such a thing ) They may display more emotion, but that does not negate strength.
There is something strikingly different in my eyes when a man beats his wife or girlfriend, than in those other scenarios .. something feels different, I just can't yet put my finger on what that thing is.. yet.

Suit and Tie - J.T

Not so keen on the intro... I think the Jay Z bit slows it right up as well, after which it never restores itself back into full swing, but the overall song I got into.
Nai said she finds it a bit boring. "I didn't like it" she says .. "but you might!"
Reminiscent of John Legend

Friday 1 March 2013

Mirror @ Brits with Justin T

Took ages for me to find JTs Brits performance.
But here it is.
Lovely stage and lighting as well
A stage show with full band, always has that extra something special for me.
I like Justin, I've never been what you'd call a big fan or anything, although I've tended to buy his music over the years..but I do like this.
Caught me at the right time I guess.
Despite the fact that on the night I was mesmerized by the sight of that guys massive horn, Its not over the top, it's just cool.

A week through the eyes of Dawna ( who really should stop talking in the 3rd person)

Wow. Is it really the 1st of March already?!?
Yes it is, which can only mean one thing ( it can mean anything really but stay with me..) It's almost Spring!!.
Yes Spring, the season of new beginnings, and a warmer climate.

Anyway. What did I learn this week?.
Patience. I need to learn to practice more patience.
That, and to fret less.
Not to worry so much when things don't go according to plan. It's okay... It's okay missy.

I also learnt ( or was reminded ) that I really do like having my own way. Borderline spoilt perhaps? I don't know what that's about (my family may disagree) but again.. It's okay .. not to have ones own way all of the time. But before you start calling me names like.. 'silly spoilt cow' or whatever.. hold your fire..

It's not a selfish kind of spoilt really it isn't. I like to do my best to help others when I can, and that's when I tend to find I can be eager the most.
The selfish part I guess ( if there is one) is the feeling of disappointment I feel when I'm not at my best. I'm perhaps a closet perfectionist.. not typical by any means.. but it lurks... it lurks.
That's the ego...right?
Who knew.
So what else did I learn? ( Other that the fact that potatoes wedges splashed with malt vinegar and baked beans tastes great on a Friday eve?).. well...
That we all have a story to tell.

I had a conversation a few days ago that left me feeling a little odd. It stocked my emotions, although not at the time. I wont go into detail, other than to say it can be tough for some growing up.
Yet, despite dire experiences, they get on with it.. somehow.
People often share things with me, and whilst I am honoured they feel comfortable to do so, I'm sometimes left wondering why, or rather, what, I can do with the information.
I suppose I learn from it, and maybe that's all that's supposed to happen. Maybe these tales teach me compassion. Perhaps when I sway into egotism, I'm brought back by these tales, which are sobering and humbling.
So I'm grateful.
I also learnt (or was reminded) that there must be a reason why I am drawn to certain things, or feel compelled (almost) to do certain things. I'm trying to follow my gut more, be more trusting, both towards others, and towards myself. It's work in progress.. A part of me is so quiet and shy, definitely more introvert than extrovert, yet I keep getting drawn out of that position for some reason.

I retreat when I'm at home though..( like most of us) can muse over things on my blog, and allow myself to embrace that side of me.( Bloomin' nora...Ti tends to switch over the TV when he thinks I'm unaware, then gets bored - goes upstairs, and leaves Homer Simpson yapping in my ears... the remote/s are now on the other side of the room and I can barely be arsed to get up and turn it over or off.. ee-rritaating!!!!)
Anyway.. patience Jargo..this sweet Friday, it's time to unwind, a weekend to get my brain into gear, watch Mr X doc, and give some energy to work pending assignment.
Enjoy your Friday

The life of Malcolm X - A documentary

Interviews with family members and academics, alongside original footage of Malcom himself. Malcom has been described as a controversial figure, and very militant, and as a result some may find his words, and views offensive. History can be like that. Set into historical context from what I have seen (as I will have to view in full tonight) it's quite in depth, and similar in style, to the documentary on Marcus Garvey