Sunday 31 May 2015

Weekend WOW Factor: Arsenal did it again.. FA Cup Winners 2015!

Chilly rainy day over at Highbury this monring...

Still... who cares..

4-0...and they did it in style

Love my team
Simply the best

Saturday 30 May 2015


For Arsenal fans everywhere ...
well.. you know...

" Maybe I'll see you at the victory parade again.. if they win that is.."
I laughed

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Quote of the day

'The nicest thing in the world is when someone loves you.. just for being you'
Just because...

Cool pants.

Have a great day all x

An insult & a compliment

Ti said his 'new friend' knows how to cook...
that I should ..'watch and learn'

He declared that he wants more of this 'gourmet' food instead of 'this government slop he's been eating over the years!' ( that's his nickname for my food btw)
He said ( because I wear latex gloves in the kitchen) that I don't enjoy cooking and it shows, and apparently my brother said that apart from him ( really?) no one showed any interest in the kitchen growing up

To be fair.. 'I was out playing in the alley!'... I said in my defence
Big mistake

'Yeah... alley cat' said Ti....

Although he was joking ( ish) I had given my childhood some thought over the past few days.

I remember waking up one morning covered in spots as a teenager. It was horrendous. I'd gone from having a lovely complexion to looking as if I had been attacked by mosquitoes.
No one anything.
I did go to the doctor, which was a mistake because it actually messed up my face pretty bad even more
No one said anything
It eased up ( somewhat)
Anyway... in comparison.. I grew dreads .. and everyone went crazy. Everyone said something
Maybe they felt I had no control over one thing but control over the other?.. maybe that's why

I was moaning about this stuff yesterday and Ti said.. 'get over it'. You've got some family issues you need to deal with or get over.

I've decided not to deal with them, but to bury them (the issues that is).
Best to move on
I was a tomboy growing up.
It's true.
I played football, ran, rode bikes, and hung out alongside the boys for the duration of my childhood. I had a few girlfriends.. but they were tomboys too ( so to speak)
I loved it.

Feeling low yesterday, I mentioned to Ti that I don't feel very successful at present ( It's all relative perhaps)
Ti gave me his definition of success, and said that he thinks I am. That I just don't see it.

So there you have it... an insult and a compliment.. all in one day :)

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Africa Day - transactional sex, and.. a male strop ( he can afford it)

Yesterday was Africa Day

I did nothing.
Okay....I did a few essential yet minor things, but aside from that, yesterday was the laziest day I've had for months.
For some reason in the middle of the night however, I ended up researching the sexual exploitation of women and young girls in Sierra Leone.
I read numerous articles which I will share with you in another post

I read about the 'culture and necessity' of transactional sex
Sex for mobile phones, sex for an onion, and of male teachers insisting on sex in exchange for good grades, ( either that or fail)

Girls as young as 14 or younger who should be safe at school.

Those teachers predators who engage in that should really be brought to justice, but I read nothing of any case in which that has occurred.
I will try and find out.

and so it goes on...

IMHO, this renders the recent policy of not allowing visibly pregnant girls to attend school.. a bit of a bad joke

As a woman I recognise how lucky I am that I'm not having to sell sex to get by.
It's nice to genuinely love someone, feel affection and experience sex within that framework.
It's especially nice when you're' body has been allowed time to fully mature
I, and many reading this, have choices that so many women in poorer countries, simply do not have.
.. and if we were in that situation.. I suspect we would have no option but to do the same

These women young girls & children are caught up in a cycle of poverty, and are being let down by those who should really care for them. Often times, thier carers ( mothers) have little choice but to turn a blind eye.
I would also add however that it's not only poverty which is at the root of this issue... but good old fashioned.. patriarchy.

I know that work is being done to combat this, and more power to them


On the gossip side of town ( I rarely gossip .. on paper:) I read that Nigeria's richest man, Aliko Dangote, has dumped his pregnant 'secret' lover because she allegedly leaked news of thier romance.

Firstly.. isn't he a bit old for secrets!?
and secondly...
..Is he alright??.. can you really dump a girl for that? [click]

Well.. I'm sure when 'his arrogancy' has calmed down he'll take her back

It just goes to show.. money can't buy class...
and it seems.. in his case... can't buy Arsenal either!

( I quite liked him yesterday)

* Google images*

Wizkid - Expensive Shit - my song of the day

Kudos to the saxophonist and the guitarist!
Nice one


The Launch of a new talk show; Miss Kakande & the Views..

Miss Kakande & the Views is a new Talk Show currently in production.
This is an idea founded by Hackney based Presenter Miss Kakande, who states that;

"People have alot to say, they want to be heard, they want to feel important, like somebody cares, and this show will give them the platform to TALK.. freely and openly. So called regular people.. are often not regular at all... all we have to do is listen"

The show will cover a range of issues and topics beginning with love & sex just to get us all warmed up nicely!. Filming has already begun in Hackney so for anyone keen to be a part of this exciting new show.. check out the links at the end
Everyone has a story to tell that's for sure
Check it out..

Sunday 24 May 2015

Kissy & Bo

Konshens - Wid Ease. Street child's report on Ebola orphans, and finding your 'thing'

Peaceful bank holiday weekend.
Lots of learning and reflection. A catch up with my daughter, some music, and alot of lazing about to be honest.
Touch of wine also.
Giving thanks for life, love and all i've been blessed with

I took a look at the Street child report on Ebola orphans. Feel free to take a look of you're interested. It's very comprehensive and quite moving. [click]
This afternoon, I was drawn to learning more about street children and orphans. My interest grew as I watched a report on the street children of Burundi, then I got caught up watching further reports on Ebola orphans
Then I could watch no more.
I have a better understanding now.

Little man's mum is running the 10k tomorrow. Good luck to her, and good weather too. One day, from the outside looking in, she just seemed to get into running. Years later it's very much a part of her life, keeping fit and running for charity.
I mentioned to my sister that sometimes in life one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves ( and others) .. is to find our thing
The thing that makes us tick. The thing that fills us, and gives us a sense of completeness, and belonging. Being able to add something positive to the human experience

Almost everyone has a thing.

For some, thier thing is not to define any particular 'thing' so to speak but to to happily go through life trying a variety of experiences
Sometimes we may spend our lives trying to work out what it is. Some may know instinctively, and for others it may come as a welcome surprise.
For some it's being a mum, or good wife
Others dedicate thier lives to teaching others
For some it's simply to be a good friend...
A decent person
To be funny
A helper
A carer
A motivator
A good cook
A baker
A writer
A singer
A musician
Public servant
Civil servant ( what they do again? :)
A judge
Police officer
probation officer
Great cyclist
Keen gardener

A Reporter
Bus lorry or van driver
IT Technician

.. and the list goes on.....

What's your thing?

Weekend Wow Factor: On emotion, being 'needy' and 'distance'. ft Timaya - Eshe

Today I'm feeling personal.
So this post is personal.
Not for any other reason other than it sometimes helps to write things down. Sometimes....
I'm not sure where to begin because I have a lot of thoughts 'running' through my mind and each one stokes the fire of an emotion
hey... you know I care about you, you're no hostage.. so if emotion turns you off....feel free to leave the building

It's inarticulate perhaps.. but here it is...

A girl friend of mine called me needy the other day, and I then remembered being called that about 2 years ago ( by some arse)
I found it funny the other day, but It did make me wonder..
okay, twice..? that's not an accident

So let me explore this ... needy-thing.
A few years back I was insulted by it, because it was meant as an insult.
The other day I wasn't insulted at all( partly because she was joking) but, fact is... I've decided to embrace it
So to all the haters out there...f**k yeah.. I'm needy.
Do sup'hum'.. or do one.

I do have needs, and I want them to be met. Some needs, have to be met quite frankly otherwise, I would die... and lets be honest.. so would you
So lets keep it real when we're talking about needs
anyone who says they don't have needs is a liar.
( or at the very least has an aversion to the truth.. is that more polite?.. sure... I'll use that then)

I have a need to be respected, and to be treated 'right'. In fact, in each area of my life I can list the required needs, which, if met, enable me to have a fulfilling life experience.
Here are some examples..
In work.. I need to be paid. ( money)
In my relationships I need to be shown affection etc
In all my relationships (platonic or sexual) I need honesty
At home, I need my space to be tidy
If I want to look half-way-decent, I need my clothes to fit

Which human being on gods green earth doesn't have needs?
We are all our diverse ways.... needy.

I think what they could have called me more accurately perhaps is insecure.
To say someone is insecure is less insulting, and when you peel back the layers of our behavioural patterns.. much of it will stem from how secure or insecure we feel at any given moment.
and believe me.. it's a sliding scale

noone is always insecure and no one is always secure.
There are some things that will trigger insecurity in me. Yes, sometimes... I may feel insecure.

I like to think that I have enough integrity to do, think, and say things that I honesty believe in, and not just because it may please someone, or I hope to impress someone.
That's when and where I'm most secure I think.. in my identity... personhood.


Now to possibly contradict much of the above, I'm missing Mr K very much at the mo.
Which is probably what all this crap is really about.
Ebola has made it a bit difficult to travel for some
I'm finding the distance a bit tough at the moment. It's only a matter of time, and not long to wait in reality, but it's how I feel.
In fact, I'm quite upset
I'm not sleeping very well again ( and now there's a big bitch fox in my garden)



On being emotional

In my bed this morning I thought that I've become more emotional as I've gotten older. But then after giving it some real thought I realized that is not the case. I pretty much cried all through my twenties and early 30's on and off. I cried through every shit relationship I've ever had. They didn't begin that way.. but when the lying , cheating and disrespect made an appearance, I cried if not every day, every week. until I broke free.
I battled on through those tears anyway. It's what I do.

The hardest wars to deal with often times.. are the wars within your own four walls. True.

Now some may see being emotional as a weakness.
I say it's a blessing and a curse.
Being emotional simply means that you are often highly connected with or to the spiritual vibrations of others. It's about being empathetic. ( that's the positive version)
( the negative version is when an individual uses their heightened state of emotion or connectivity to manipulate others or situations to get what they want.. even if it's just attention)

There are two sides to everything.

On that happy note... in the poorest countries in the world...who would really want to be an opposition politician these days. Things just get worse and worse [click]

Okay.. well , the sun is shining, the (yucky) fox has left my garden, and I'm now going to now cheer up and have breakfast. After all.. I need to look after myself.. right?

Friday 22 May 2015

Aswad - African Children Part 2

Congratulations to Brinsley Forde on his MBE [click]
I can't quite believe he's 61. Wow.. where has the time gone?

Lyrics still relevant today

Dexta Daps Ft BlakkMan - Miss You So Much

Great vocals - nice combination
sad story beautifully told
Happy Friday all x

We meet again Friday
What will today bring I wonder
I'm glad of the pending bank holiday weekend. We surely need the extra day

I was in a queue in a shop yesterday behind a guy who ended up telling me he was just given a full time appointment at work. He said that he felt a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Previously it was a little work here and there. The not knowing when he would have work had caused him a great deal of distress, weighed heavily on his mind and had caused numerous problems for him including in his marriage.

I felt happy for him.
He then said they get on his nerves! so he tries his best to keep away from 'em

Feeling emotional today.. enjoy yours


Thursday 21 May 2015

Fally Ipupa - Naufra-Ketch


Being a woman is confusing these days.

I read an article which talked about the joy in which many women felt with regards to FGM. The article went on the state that for many women it was a sign of maturity and an entrance ( for want of a better word) into womanhood
The author stated
'we are proud of our vaginas thank you'...
In other words... butt out [click]

There are those who may argue that the campaigns levied against FGM are driven by western values, and have no place in the cultures in which they are performed.

Recently there have been articles available on-line which state that the Ebola outbreak has stemmed the tide of the number of procedures carried out.. [click]
Yet ironically .. there are also articles which will state that there has been an increase in rape and sexual violence

Apparently Sierra Leone has temporarily banned the practice of FGM [click]
Only temporarily?
I honestly believe it's an outdated practice that should end now

I fail to see how the procedure benefits( or is good for) a woman
Many will argue differently
Unsuccessfully... but differently

The thing is, I think it's important that women who have undergone the procedure are not made to feel bad about it in any way.
So I try to be compassionate in what I say
Often they had no choice but to go along with it
Most were very young girls at the time
Uneducated, they may believe whatever their elders advise them to do, is in their best interests. Elders who themselves would have befallen the same fate in thier own youth

So, who does it benefit?.. really
If the practice is carried out purely to assure the man that his wife is a virgin, or to grant him sexual dominance one sided pleasure, or control... then it's a sad indictment on the male species
Surely we have evolved more than that by now

Yesterday I said that governments could not easily stop people from doing what they have always done. Well with regards to this practice.. they should definitely try.

Those I have spoken to who have had the procedure wish they had not
I have not met one woman who remains happy that she has been cut
You cut the clitoris off and how then does a husband fully please his wife?...
I don't understand it
Surely a man wants to please his wife? no?

Yet the bottom line is that it's women who are 'cutting' women

I think we are approaching a tipping point with regards to women and women's sexuality.
an increasing number of young female will now happily tell you they are either bi sexual or lesbian

Some music artists are behaving more like porn stars than artists ( despite for this particular artist, the threat of a lengthy prison term)

Sort it out girl.. your manager has let you down [click]

You can see the video [here]

Others are covered from head to toe seemingly unwilling or unable to show even a slither of flesh

So women...where are we at?..

Lady Saw - Whine + interview

Lady Saw makes me laugh.
She really 'don't care', she does her thing, like it or not

Artist-wise Lady Saw actually began life as a conscious DJ. Many years ago I remember an interview with her in which she said she was writing mainly socially conscious songs and couldn't get a break.. as no one was interested.
She started talking about sex and boom... her career took off

Years later and she's still going strong.. hmmmm

Did her 'husband' not let her in at the end of the party?!.. funny vid

Jemere Morgan - International Love & Sunshine Love

Good morning x

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Praiz ft Patoranking - Harder & Eddy Kenzo ft. Patoranking – Royal

HennyKnightz - Camberwell

Ti and his crew
yeah.. and before the beard..

By Starmello TV

In case of Ebola - don't wash the dead!

I'm going to do something I don't normally do

I'm going to defend a government
I read this article with a sense of dismay..

Whilst it is essential for any government to improve on health facilities, human behaviour and practices are also very important.
You can't blame governments for everything.
Ebola has proved very difficult to contain,control and eradicate fully, for the two remaining countries battling the outbreak that begun last year.
As individuals there are those who have been extremely careful yet sadly still contracted it, sometimes unwittingly coming into contact with contaminated human fluids.

Then there are instances where individuals are less careful

There was the unfortunate case of a man ( allegedly ) raping his wife before the recommend abstinence period (there should be no raping anyway) she sadly caught Ebola and died.
If true.. could he not have waited?.. or .. masturbated?
It's now reported that male survivors are being told to refrain from unprotected sex indefinitely (forever) .. i would add especially if they are not monogamous ( I nearly wrote monotonous!) [click]

It's not an easy proposal to come to terms with. For men or women.
It doesn't help to alleviate the stigma that some Ebola survivors may face, in fact.. it may make it worse, so much so that I can guarantee that many men will lie about ever having had it.
..women too.

Then there's the case of washing dead bodies.

'If you have been told over and over not to wash the dead. don't wash the dead.
If you have been told that doing so, you not only risk your life but the lives of others, then please... don't wash the dead'.

No government can stop (easily) people doing what they have been told repeatedly not to do.
Some are still ( for whatever reason) not listening

It's frustrating to read that after what had appeared to be the abatement of the virus, it would appear to be picking up speed again

I had a conversation with someone about Malaria recently, and they felt that as more people die in these countries of Malaria and other diseases ( diabetes is also a growing concern) why has Ebola been given 'preferential treatment'.

From my limited knowledge and understanding, It seems to me that Ebola is different, as it's not only highly contagious, but it eats away at the heart of a family/community, in such a devastating and destructive way.
Especially for tactile and close nit communities.
You cannot touch your sick loved one/s, you cannot care for them in the way you would care for someone suffering from malaria for example.
It's also.. from accounts given.. a very unpleasant and gruesome way to die.

I had no desire to write such a morbid post, but I will gladly place blame on a government if I feel it worthy, or fair to do so.
Perhaps the cultural change required needs to come from ( or be further encouraged by) the government.. perhaps..
But ultimately people have to take responsibility for their actions also..

Here in the UK, we've had numerous debates about whether the government should 'fine fat people', or 'pay people to stop smoking'
Utter bullshit
If you're fat and you don't want to be, stop eating so damn much and stop smoking. ( if you want to)
Unless you have a genetic predisposition to fatness ( have a physical disability or have suffered illness or accident limiting your mobility) , or are truly addicted to nicotine.. then of course
...I sympathise

Shit.. I'm sounding more Tory than Labour here... somebody.. save me.. at the very least.. forgive me

On a positive note - its also reported that this sudden increase in cases could still signal the end of the virus, ( in reality numbers are still falling despite the spike) and in which case should not cause to much alarm[click]

[Article quote]
'But one telling statistic in the report indicates how sharply the Ebola epidemic has dropped off: Out of 55 districts in the three countries that had reported at least one case of the disease, 43 have not reported a single one for more than six weeks'.

in closing .. in case of Ebola.. call the authorities.. and please, don't wash the dead

In search of femininity

A friend of mine explained to me that she wanted to express her femininity more.
Be more feminine
She said she's an 'Aries woman', and (according to her) 'Aries women' tend to have more masculine traits

We had a discussion about whether or not it's true that men can 'rob' women of their right to be feminine ( perform femininity) purely from the man's inability or reluctance to 'hold up thier ( masculine) end' so to speak.
We talked about whether or not there has been a negative impact in the increase of the role of the female breadwinner ( in male female relationships) , and whether or not a 'male homebody'... in the eyes of some women, becomes a 'no-body'

Then we chatted about why it's often said that some men resent women who take care of them financially because they feel as though they're being 'emasculated'. and whilst they tend not to refuse the cash, they may then use it to get a bit of 'pum' on the side.. out of spite in some instances, or simply to increase the male ego

Funny the crap you talk about some days...

My friend experiences these issues as she is financially in a decent place, yet has continuously attracted men who wont/can't commit but will happily blow her...ahem... budget
So step one in her new feminine approach was to ... dye her hair red in places

the next day she sent me a message...

'Do you think I look like this?!'.....

I laughed so hard... 'you cannot be serious..'

well... trim your beard a bit love...

When I finally stopped laughing I simply said, 'no.. relax... you don't look like that' look cute...well... cuter...
and alot more feminine..
Mission accomplished.. even though I'm sure there's more to it than that!

Are we a nation of complainers? music by Fally

Compared to others...Brits moan... alot.
It can be annoying.
I put it down to the British weather. Seriously, when that cold starts biting your backside, it's hard to feel cheerful. When the breeze turns your umbrella inside out ( as it did mine yesterday) and the rain turns to hail stones ( as it did yesterday) and it's meant to be can be unappealing.

But the weather.. like Brits, are changeable. One minute miserable, then nice and cheerful.
I am convinced that weather patterns affect us, like plants.
Perhaps we should ask a farmer?

Anyway, I digress

Complaining can have its uses.
Brits are known for thier.. 'let me speak to your manager!'.. letter writing capabilities, and whist it can be be annoying being on the receiving end of that nonsense, (because more often than not the scales at that point have tipped heavily to rude, with a battle of ego's ready to let rip at any minute) it can sometimes get things moving

I'm not fan of complaining, but I'll sometimes do it if it needs doing

My mum never complains to the authorities (just to us) which is upsetting because I think it's important to stand up for yourself
.. and sometimes our elders are taken advantage of
Pick your battles yes, but it's not nice to just accept the unacceptable

The benefits of my mums attitude could be... less stress
But bottling up feelings of resentment or anger aren't really good for your system, as it could = .. more stress

Don't quote me on this but I suspect that every emotion needs an outlet.. no?
Too much complaining isn't good, neither is too much 'accepting poor treatment'
like most things... there really needs to be a balance
with the scales centred between understanding .. and patience


I miss Fally.. looking forward to some new tunes

Randy Valentine - Treat Her Right

This needs a video..
Can I be in it? lol! :) sure..I'll play the bass, on top of a roof
Great tune..
Good morning all x aw di bodi?

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Reggae & Culture Mix 2015

This life..

In conversation, a woman said to me yesterday,
'life is all about the choices you make.. it's really that simple'
For some reason I had decided to listen to her, really look at her..see who I was sharing my space with
'Who is this woman?'.. I wondered.

She then went on to say that she never gets depressed
She used this metaphor
She said..
'When you go to the shops, you pass aisles filled with goods..
..but you know what you want and what you're looking for
You collect what you want, pay for it and take it home
..You don't for a minute consider all that you left behind

'true' I said.

She continued..
'Well life is like that
the mind is like that
don't pick up everything
not everything is for you..
not everything will you like
Simply collect what you want , and leave the rest..'

She said she thought about me on Sunday when she was at church
That scared me a little. I didn't' ask why
She looks at me the way a mother may look at an almost wayward daughter
She sees me as younger ( which I may or may not be) coming up, with still much to learn
I can see it in her eyes

I accepted her 'rank'
regardless of age
.. and let her talk

She seems to genuinely care about people, perhaps her own experiences have taught her well

Never underestimate.. human nature

Bugle is fast becoming one of my favourite artists.
He tells a story well
Conscious guy. decent.
Him Jah Vinci. and Lutan Fyah

A few weeks back I asked Ti, if you were a world leader what kind of leader would you be
He said.. 'a Monarch.hmmm dictator'
'What , no democracy?'
'No way.. seriously..I don't want to hear what anyone has to say.. run things my way'.

He was joking ( Ti likes to joke) but I can see the appeal.

The thing is.. when you invite the opinions of others you cannot guarantee that what they have to say makes sense, is sensible, well thought through, or even thought about.
The fear of democracy is the realization that lots of us are actually quite ridiculous in reality.

..Feel free to quote me on that.

So.. what kind of leader would you be?

Me?.. royalty definitely has its appeal. No messing about with all this 'government' business
Get someone else to do all that, and reign supreme from a safe distance.
I jest .. of course

But I tell you this... never underestimate.. a woman
Good morning
Lutan ...

Sunday 17 May 2015

Dammy Krane - Faleela

Afro beat boy no good enough!.. don't mess with mamma - funny video :)
Nice song - good job

Burna Boy - Soke

MC Galaxy - Komolop Cholop

Sunday selection - VVIP Selfie ft Idris Elba & Phyno. - Book of Hiplife & Hustle

Idris.. haha.. cool, Salone boy
The guy with the dreads.. ( 2nd one up who I'm unfamiliar with..) I liked his delivery

Weekend WOW Factor Pt2 - On life and love ft Jaheim

On Life..

Over the past few months I have noticed an increase in the number of people I see (have met) who are depressed.
In my eyes, there is no shame in it.
I'll be careful however, not to state they are 'suffering from depression' but I'm confident enough to say they are depressed.
Most of those I've met have been women,( although some men) most are parents with young children, single, from an African country, and not eligible for state benefits.

Most are working either as cleaners, or domestics of some kind, and are on low pay.
Most have no qualifications even from thier 'home country'. A few were on zero hours contracts and have no idea if they will be working from one day to the next.
All of them looked much older than thier age.

Gone is the myth, stereotype or fact that African women ( more so than Caribbean) are rarely single parents, and gone is the myth stereotype or fact that African men ( more so than Caribbean) , take care of thier wives.
War, migration and poverty is tearing lives apart
These people I meet, often are alive.. but barely living.
In the eyes I see little but the prayer for the pain to stop.
Yes, the more people I meet, the more I have to accept that people are people the world over, and there have been some significant cultural shifts that have taken, and are taking place.. some good.. others not so good.

In my line of work it's important to try to remain impartial. Not get overly emotional, or overstep the boundary's to feeling somewhat 'personally' responsible for someone else's life. Even if, in reality... I do.

I have done this kinda 'stuff' for over 20years now (believe it or not) have seen projects come and go, have assisted directly and indirectly, thousands of people. Some I see out and about from time to time, living life very differently to when we first met.. but not always.

Despite this, there are times when I feel that even after all these years, what exactly have I done?
On the world stage ( so far) my input remains minimal

20years on, and life's problems are still getting people down.
Inequality and injustice still rages on, and government support is drying up
Globalization is 'overrated'.. and can only really benefit those in a position financially to exploit it

Those who get by, seem to be the ones who despite all the setbacks they face.. grit thier teeth, strengthen their backs and say.. I've got to do this.. even if it kills me.
But these days.... finding that determination and strength for many (possibly myself included who knows..) .. is becoming harder and harder.


Hmmm On Love?... Simple I guess. Make it matter.. make of it what you will
No book, no quote no movie no song.. just do it.. be it, to the best of your ability
After all,what is life.. and who are we.. without it
Good morning.. that's all x

Weekend Wow Factor pt 1- A eye on Burundi.. 'and holding on to Power'

This week fighting in Burundi intensified, but coup leaders were unable to dislodge President Pierre Nkurunziza.

On Wednesday, after weeks of violent protests, Major General Godefroid Niyombare, informed reporters that he had 'dismissed the president' [click]

Yet, this statement failed to live up to its claims.

Apparently Major Niyombare was fired by Nkurunziza as intelligence chief only three months ago, for reasons which seem unclear. Whilst his reasons for wanting to dislodge the President may be further inspired by this fact, it also seems clear that the main cause of the fighting is that the current President, intends to disregard the countries constitution and serve a 3rd term
The constitution states that the President should serve only 2.

I surely don't know enough about this President to say whether the country would benefit from him disregarding 'making changes' to the constitution and staying on, or whether he should leave. I'm impartial. This post isn't about that

Even with a reported '20 people dead, and 50,000 forced to flee the country, this is seemingly still not enough for this President to do the right thing. He considers not the will of the people.

I sometimes wonder what is it with some African leaders that when they get into power they don't ever want to leave?
My fear is that, whoever replaces him.. which at some point will no doubt happen.. the lust for power will remain ever present, and that person will be little different.
In short - no 'better'.

That may be an unfounded fear, but the odds are stacked against those protesting, and those who want him to leave.
Too many African leaders have this sickness, that they have yet proved unable or unwilling to cure
That 'my power' more important than, 'your life'

Too much violence isn't good for anyone.

For more on President Pierre Nkurunziza [click]

*Google images*

Saturday 16 May 2015

When Little man met Bo & the Crew..

..On a Sunny Day in London

He had alot of fun!

That's the thing about animals... they multiply..

Friday 15 May 2015

Dexta Daps - Slavery - Bez - More You - & There's a fire - *plus a little catch up..*

How has Dexta managed to produce such a lyrically sexually explicit song and not turn me off?
Now.. that's a skill
Either that or I'm a bit tipsy
It's Friday.. time to relax
I've gotten over feeling irritable.. well over nothing really.
We only human as they say. forgive and forget
My mood is up, and I'm feeling romantic

There's something about Bez ...
Just makes me feel real good..

I thought politicians had really thick skins.
For Chucka Umunna to withdraw his bid for Labour party leader is an interesting one... (purely because of the reasons he has given)
In fact, pulling out like this could be a great way to further increase his profile [click] after all.. even I'm talking about him now :)

You can read his statement in full here [click]
I struggle to believe that he didn't discuss his plans with his nearest and dearest before announcing his interest and intention before going public...
He more than most should know about the media scrutiny that goes with a high profile political career so what gives?....
why the change of heart..

I'm not fussed either way.. we'll see who gets the job soon enough, and may the best man or women claim the throne..

Chucka withdrawing from the leadership bid did not set social media (Facebook) alight as much as .. Jon Snow's ( journalist and channel 4 news presenter) wife... Zimbabwean born Precious Lunga
Why?.. because she's black... ( and he's white)
..and not because he's about 67 and she's about 40 - more on the love story here [click]
and here [click]
there were many comments
..again for me... not fussed
I'm happy for anyone who finds true love

Still there's a debate that rages.. every so often

My favourite Bez track... featured here not so long ago

Happy Friday all x
Love you Mr K

The ex files - ft LXG

It's Friday. Yippee. ( *Yawns and rolls eyes*)
As I sit here looking out at my garden, it looks very green and lush, but also cold, damp and gloomy.

Over the past few months and weeks, pretty much all of my ex's over the past few years have been in touch with me.
I don't really understand why. When we were together was pretty much 'thier time to shine'
On each occasion the clarity of why they are ex's has been cemented. I've felt nothing other than slight confused irritation!!?*&%*.

Oddly enough , it's not just me.
Ti says it's common.. no big deal
Why is that?

Its actually pissed me off .
Its pissed me off because, I just think... what do you want?.. seriously.
Get on with your life, and allow others to do the same. What on earth conversation can you have with an ex?
Talk about the past?
Do they smell happiness, and keel over like superman near kryptonite..?

I hate ghosts. People say they don't exist but they do.
Bury those f*****s I say, lest they bury you.

In days gone by ( last week ;)..), I would be far more easy about it all, but now... no.. what for. At some point that person hurt me ( or you). They didn't see my ( your) value, and took the piss. Nuff said.

Yo.. don't get me f*****g vex up in here. t'un ova every tree in Hackney..

Errm seems I'm a bit grumpy this morning!? apologies. I blame the British weather..
and devious people..

Fret not.. it will pass, and I wont be moody about it too long

Seriously though.. have a great day all.. x

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Lutan Fyah - Children Of Today - I Octane Nowadays - & Konshens - Nobody in world ( my song of the day)

It's official. I have insomnia on occasion. Either that, or just a current erratic sleeping pattern.
I'm struggling.
I'm sure it's just stress

I Octane! there's nothing wrong with feminine gender...
Other than that.. love the tune

I knew months ago that life would be full on right up until July. I wasn't wrong. I usually like the intensity, but this time round I'm not enjoying my days so much. There are things I want to do,( need to do) but am finding it hard to fit it all in. So much so that I'm feeling slightly grumpy/ borderline resentful. Whereas I usually have sufficient tolerance levels to cope with bullshit, I find that the well has run dry and I'm more likely to give you a silent F**k off.
Sorry about that.

On an up note I remember saying I was to try out my new moniker for a day... weeks later and it's still there in my blog header. Darn it. Seems I quite like it. It's not December yet so...

Awww.. gotta love Konshens

2nd lives

If you had a chance of a second life, would you want to come back as *you*?
I tell you straight, I would want to come back as me, but prettier, richer, more successful, happier, smarter, fitter, in every way.
I would be the A class version of me.
Where would I live?.. I would definitely have dual or multiple residencies.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

YungKay ft. Patoranking - Ajebutter & DJ Xclusive ft. 2Face & Timaya - Jam IT

I'm sooo tierd. I think it's a combination of overwork and red wine! Lethal combo.
Anyway.. I'm up, giving thanks, and ( almost) ready to go
What's with the conservative desire to scrap the Human Rights Act?.. don't we need them any more?
I'm assuming they will be replaced by something else?

Human Rights.. inconvenient little things..
Have a lovely day all x


Random fact - I had a very weird dream about a swamp monster. Lived on a mountain of 'Swamp'

Winners & Losers.. It's said that politics is a dirty game.

Goodluck Jonathan claims that his 'friends have deserted him since his election defeat..
Tell me something, did he think they'd stay?...
That's a question for Battabox.. how many 'friends' do you think would stick by you if you were no longer president..


'hmmmm bastards'....

Caption this...

*Google images*

Monday 11 May 2015

Monday's child is a mixed bag - ft Bob Marley. DJ Xclusive featuring Kcee & Patoranking - Shaba & DJ Xclusive featuring Terry G - Fatasi

On this day in 1981 Bob Marley died.

His music has continued to grace our airways and bless us ever since. His music rocks our soul whilst his lyrics penetrate and educate our minds. Probably the most recognisable musician in the world, Bob's message of rastafari, love, peace, pan-africanism, truth and rights continues to inspire generation after generation.
I've never featured this song before, but I remember hearing it one day driving back from my mums, and it struck me how beautiful it was.

When I hear this song I think of Bob, the Garveyites before him, and the early founders of the rastafarian movement, notably Leonard P Howell, who established the first Rastafarian camp known as Pinnacle, in St Catherine, Jamaica. I think of what they went through.. beaten, persecuted, ridiculed, feared, jailed... and why they endured. When I hear this song I'm comforted in the knowledge that thier place is history secured, as pioneers, who fought against oppression and colonial rule. Across the Caribbean, they were among the early pan-african leaders, who sought to bridge the gap between africans at home and abroad.


I enjoy DJ exclusive's tracks.. always a joy to my ears..


I must drink more water..
I'm like a camel.
In truth, I rarely get thirsty, but when I do, I drink loads. The thing is.. I drink more when the weather is warm. ( and it's rarely warm here). I know water is essential, and It upsets me, that I have little thirst for it, unless its really hot...and unless it's Perrier... I absolutely LOVE Perrier water ( My mouth is partial to that:)

My mission is to take better care of myself and drink more water!.

Christopher Martin - Under The Influence

Good morning all, have a great day x

Sunday 10 May 2015

Checking out BattaBox :)

Tony Blair - the ex you never get over , and Sunny Sundays' ft 9ice

The sun is shining in London Town.
It's a glorious Sunday.

Labour MP's and journalists alike are picking over the election carcass with fervour, and now everyone 'and his dog' knows why we lost.
..go figure

Got to give Tony Blair credit.. when it comes to winning elections.. he knows what he's talking about
I never thought i'd say this but.. I miss him .. hmmm kinda.. well ... right now I do anyway :) [click]

New Labour

People that I never expected would vote Tory voted Tory and I'm thinking .. rahtid.. I thought I knew you lol!
Most seem too embarrassed to come right out and say for some strange reason (am I that scary?), it just comes out in the wash.. 'yeah but what I like about them Dawna yada yada..'
You know if that were me i'd be flying that blue flag all over the place with pride.

Let the games begin.
Politically, It looks set to be an interesting 5yrs.
Whatever you're doing today, enjoy..

Here's Bo to wish you .. Happy Sunday all x

I'm off to bake a cake

Saturday 9 May 2015

Meet Bo - and well done Liberia!

Bo has a message for the children of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone - "believe in yourself and never give up. Better days are ahead"

Liberia - EBOLA FREE!

Today is a remarkable day for Liberia. One which will be filled will joy.. yet I suspect, sadness, in equal measure.

Today marks the day that Liberia achieves the benchmark of 42 days of no new reported Ebola cases, and as a result, can now be declared Ebola Free. [click]

Liberians at home at abroad will no doubt feel a sense of joy and relief that after months of battling a virus that has brought the country to its knees and claimed the lives of over 4000 people, the battle is seemingly over.

Yet there will be sadness. Regret over the loss of lives, of livelihoods, of hopes and in some cases, of dreams.
Amidst the relief there remains fragility. Celebrations (if any) will be cautious.

Sierra Leone and Guinea are not yet free of Ebola. Cases have dropped significantly, with 0 cases reported some days in Sierra Leone, but with porous borders across these West African counties, no adjoining country can become complacent. [click]

The spread of Ebola across Liberia was exacerbated by its poor infrastructure, inadequate health services, and an entrenched lack of trust of the government the authorities, and international Agencies.
For many, Ebola wasn't real.. even as the sick lay dying.

People accustomed to taking care of themselves, were suddenly told they should no longer do that..
...told they could no longer touch thier sick loved ones, or prepare thier bodies for burial in the ways in which they had done for years.

Cultural change was needed and fast. and that.. is not easy.

I'm sure there are many lessons to be learned as Liberia reflects on what will now be an unforgettable period of the countries history.
The leaders will now have to respond in a way that they have so far failed to do.

They will have to take better care of thier citizens.

Cultural change is needed in leaders also. The culture of corruption, apathy towards the well being of its citizens, and the 'financial disappearing acts that have plagued the country' all need to change.
After all... Other people matter too.
Other people need a home, food, clothes, a job, an education
Not just *you*.

The emotional and psychological impact of Ebola may be felt for some time.

But... Liberia, and Liberians are strong and resilient people.
This is a country that can have one of the brightest futures
The government citizens volunteers, and health organisation have worked hard to get to this day. Unfortunately, many have paid with their lives.
There is no doubt in my mind, that Ebola health care workers and burial teams have proved heroic.

They said.. Ebola must Go.. and never gave up...

Lets hope that today marks a new direction for Liberia. One heading in the direction of that bright future.
A future which puts the people first.. not just multinational corporations


Africa's 1st 'independent' country