Tuesday 19 May 2015

This life..

In conversation, a woman said to me yesterday,
'life is all about the choices you make.. it's really that simple'
For some reason I had decided to listen to her, really look at her..see who I was sharing my space with
'Who is this woman?'.. I wondered.

She then went on to say that she never gets depressed
She used this metaphor
She said..
'When you go to the shops, you pass aisles filled with goods..
..but you know what you want and what you're looking for
You collect what you want, pay for it and take it home
..You don't for a minute consider all that you left behind

'true' I said.

She continued..
'Well life is like that
the mind is like that
don't pick up everything
not everything is for you..
not everything will you like
Simply collect what you want , and leave the rest..'

She said she thought about me on Sunday when she was at church
That scared me a little. I didn't' ask why
She looks at me the way a mother may look at an almost wayward daughter
She sees me as younger ( which I may or may not be) coming up, with still much to learn
I can see it in her eyes

I accepted her 'rank'
regardless of age
.. and let her talk

She seems to genuinely care about people, perhaps her own experiences have taught her well