Wednesday 13 May 2015

2nd lives

If you had a chance of a second life, would you want to come back as *you*?
I tell you straight, I would want to come back as me, but prettier, richer, more successful, happier, smarter, fitter, in every way.
I would be the A class version of me.
Where would I live?.. I would definitely have dual or multiple residencies.


  1. yes but with mor eknowledge and wisdom

  2. I would love to return as me! But as the A class version, like you! But then, perhaps I wouldn't be me, because overcoming challenges makes one a better, stronger person. Despite my science background, I haven't ruled out the possibility of reincarnation. The idea of improving myself over a number of lifetimes is intriguing. Happy Friday!

  3. You're right about overcome challenges. When and If you overcome them!
    Happy Friday Fundy