Tuesday 26 May 2015

Africa Day - transactional sex, and.. a male strop ( he can afford it)

Yesterday was Africa Day

I did nothing.
Okay....I did a few essential yet minor things, but aside from that, yesterday was the laziest day I've had for months.
For some reason in the middle of the night however, I ended up researching the sexual exploitation of women and young girls in Sierra Leone.
I read numerous articles which I will share with you in another post

I read about the 'culture and necessity' of transactional sex
Sex for mobile phones, sex for an onion, and of male teachers insisting on sex in exchange for good grades, ( either that or fail)

Girls as young as 14 or younger who should be safe at school.

Those teachers predators who engage in that should really be brought to justice, but I read nothing of any case in which that has occurred.
I will try and find out.

and so it goes on...

IMHO, this renders the recent policy of not allowing visibly pregnant girls to attend school.. a bit of a bad joke

As a woman I recognise how lucky I am that I'm not having to sell sex to get by.
It's nice to genuinely love someone, feel affection and experience sex within that framework.
It's especially nice when you're' body has been allowed time to fully mature
I, and many reading this, have choices that so many women in poorer countries, simply do not have.
.. and if we were in that situation.. I suspect we would have no option but to do the same

These women young girls & children are caught up in a cycle of poverty, and are being let down by those who should really care for them. Often times, thier carers ( mothers) have little choice but to turn a blind eye.
I would also add however that it's not only poverty which is at the root of this issue... but good old fashioned.. patriarchy.

I know that work is being done to combat this, and more power to them


On the gossip side of town ( I rarely gossip .. on paper:) I read that Nigeria's richest man, Aliko Dangote, has dumped his pregnant 'secret' lover because she allegedly leaked news of thier romance.

Firstly.. isn't he a bit old for secrets!?
and secondly...
..Is he alright??.. can you really dump a girl for that? [click]

Well.. I'm sure when 'his arrogancy' has calmed down he'll take her back

It just goes to show.. money can't buy class...
and it seems.. in his case... can't buy Arsenal either!

( I quite liked him yesterday)

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  1. What if the girl who is not allowed in school was impregnated by the teacher? It's so much more common for a girl to be exploited sexually than a boy, although I know both happen.


    1. That was what I was thinking. I guess the answer is who will know.. other than them?
      Perhaps for those involved in some situations it's best to stay silent.
      Yes boys are definitely too, and perhaps it's just not reported as often.
      I did read in the UK for example male rape ( reported cases) has risen significantly. Yet cuts to funding will seriously affect the charities ability to fully support the boys and men that need the service.