Wednesday 13 May 2015

Lutan Fyah - Children Of Today - I Octane Nowadays - & Konshens - Nobody in world ( my song of the day)

It's official. I have insomnia on occasion. Either that, or just a current erratic sleeping pattern.
I'm struggling.
I'm sure it's just stress

I Octane! there's nothing wrong with feminine gender...
Other than that.. love the tune

I knew months ago that life would be full on right up until July. I wasn't wrong. I usually like the intensity, but this time round I'm not enjoying my days so much. There are things I want to do,( need to do) but am finding it hard to fit it all in. So much so that I'm feeling slightly grumpy/ borderline resentful. Whereas I usually have sufficient tolerance levels to cope with bullshit, I find that the well has run dry and I'm more likely to give you a silent F**k off.
Sorry about that.

On an up note I remember saying I was to try out my new moniker for a day... weeks later and it's still there in my blog header. Darn it. Seems I quite like it. It's not December yet so...

Awww.. gotta love Konshens


  1. We all have days when we're really grouchy. It's worse when you don't get enough sleep. Hope the insomnia subsides!

  2. Hope it subsides soon. Yes, stress can manifiest itself in many ways. I couldn't sleep last night, as well.

    1. Yeah , I think it's stress. i cant think what else it could be

  3. Insomnia is no fun, so you have my sympathy, Dawna. I struggle with it a lot. I hope things ease up for you soon. Been there, done that: feeling grumpy and resentful from overwork and stress. I like your future new name, btw. when I first saw it, I thought it was karma in some foreign language. Languages are not my strong suit LOL! The weekend is almost here. I hope you can take some time for you!

    1. True it's no fun :(
      Hope yours improves also
      Karma.. that would be cool too!. Yes, im looking forward to the weekend
      have a great day