Friday 15 May 2015

Dexta Daps - Slavery - Bez - More You - & There's a fire - *plus a little catch up..*

How has Dexta managed to produce such a lyrically sexually explicit song and not turn me off?
Now.. that's a skill
Either that or I'm a bit tipsy
It's Friday.. time to relax
I've gotten over feeling irritable.. well over nothing really.
We only human as they say. forgive and forget
My mood is up, and I'm feeling romantic

There's something about Bez ...
Just makes me feel real good..

I thought politicians had really thick skins.
For Chucka Umunna to withdraw his bid for Labour party leader is an interesting one... (purely because of the reasons he has given)
In fact, pulling out like this could be a great way to further increase his profile [click] after all.. even I'm talking about him now :)

You can read his statement in full here [click]
I struggle to believe that he didn't discuss his plans with his nearest and dearest before announcing his interest and intention before going public...
He more than most should know about the media scrutiny that goes with a high profile political career so what gives?....
why the change of heart..

I'm not fussed either way.. we'll see who gets the job soon enough, and may the best man or women claim the throne..

Chucka withdrawing from the leadership bid did not set social media (Facebook) alight as much as .. Jon Snow's ( journalist and channel 4 news presenter) wife... Zimbabwean born Precious Lunga
Why?.. because she's black... ( and he's white)
..and not because he's about 67 and she's about 40 - more on the love story here [click]
and here [click]
there were many comments
..again for me... not fussed
I'm happy for anyone who finds true love

Still there's a debate that rages.. every so often

My favourite Bez track... featured here not so long ago

Happy Friday all x
Love you Mr K

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