Sunday 17 May 2015

Weekend WOW Factor Pt2 - On life and love ft Jaheim

On Life..

Over the past few months I have noticed an increase in the number of people I see (have met) who are depressed.
In my eyes, there is no shame in it.
I'll be careful however, not to state they are 'suffering from depression' but I'm confident enough to say they are depressed.
Most of those I've met have been women,( although some men) most are parents with young children, single, from an African country, and not eligible for state benefits.

Most are working either as cleaners, or domestics of some kind, and are on low pay.
Most have no qualifications even from thier 'home country'. A few were on zero hours contracts and have no idea if they will be working from one day to the next.
All of them looked much older than thier age.

Gone is the myth, stereotype or fact that African women ( more so than Caribbean) are rarely single parents, and gone is the myth stereotype or fact that African men ( more so than Caribbean) , take care of thier wives.
War, migration and poverty is tearing lives apart
These people I meet, often are alive.. but barely living.
In the eyes I see little but the prayer for the pain to stop.
Yes, the more people I meet, the more I have to accept that people are people the world over, and there have been some significant cultural shifts that have taken, and are taking place.. some good.. others not so good.

In my line of work it's important to try to remain impartial. Not get overly emotional, or overstep the boundary's to feeling somewhat 'personally' responsible for someone else's life. Even if, in reality... I do.

I have done this kinda 'stuff' for over 20years now (believe it or not) have seen projects come and go, have assisted directly and indirectly, thousands of people. Some I see out and about from time to time, living life very differently to when we first met.. but not always.

Despite this, there are times when I feel that even after all these years, what exactly have I done?
On the world stage ( so far) my input remains minimal

20years on, and life's problems are still getting people down.
Inequality and injustice still rages on, and government support is drying up
Globalization is 'overrated'.. and can only really benefit those in a position financially to exploit it

Those who get by, seem to be the ones who despite all the setbacks they face.. grit thier teeth, strengthen their backs and say.. I've got to do this.. even if it kills me.
But these days.... finding that determination and strength for many (possibly myself included who knows..) .. is becoming harder and harder.


Hmmm On Love?... Simple I guess. Make it matter.. make of it what you will
No book, no quote no movie no song.. just do it.. be it, to the best of your ability
After all,what is life.. and who are we.. without it
Good morning.. that's all x

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