Thursday 7 May 2015

A Special Countdown for Liberia - May 9th - A big day in the UK and some chocolate... :)

If no new cases are reported over the next two days, by now and Saturday...
Liberia will be declared Ebola Free. [click]
We all hope for that!!.. pray for success

Liberia certainly needs a new narrative; one far more positive than that of its civil war, and its current one. ( Yes I know Britain's always banging on about the WW1 & 2)

Ebola put Liberia in the spotlight.
It's an opportunity to use it to the benefit of the people and the country.
You cannot forget the past.. but learning from it, it is possible to create a better and brighter future

Over here it's.....

Over in 'seconds' with potentially long lasting impact... bit like unprotected sex :)

Hmmm.. and sticking with the sex theme; Is this potentially one of the most pointless films ever made ....

" has an ending.. fantasy never ends...."
What's that guys name.. Tyson.. oh errr, he's fit

Have a great day all x

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