Friday 15 May 2015

The ex files - ft LXG

It's Friday. Yippee. ( *Yawns and rolls eyes*)
As I sit here looking out at my garden, it looks very green and lush, but also cold, damp and gloomy.

Over the past few months and weeks, pretty much all of my ex's over the past few years have been in touch with me.
I don't really understand why. When we were together was pretty much 'thier time to shine'
On each occasion the clarity of why they are ex's has been cemented. I've felt nothing other than slight confused irritation!!?*&%*.

Oddly enough , it's not just me.
Ti says it's common.. no big deal
Why is that?

Its actually pissed me off .
Its pissed me off because, I just think... what do you want?.. seriously.
Get on with your life, and allow others to do the same. What on earth conversation can you have with an ex?
Talk about the past?
Do they smell happiness, and keel over like superman near kryptonite..?

I hate ghosts. People say they don't exist but they do.
Bury those f*****s I say, lest they bury you.

In days gone by ( last week ;)..), I would be far more easy about it all, but now... no.. what for. At some point that person hurt me ( or you). They didn't see my ( your) value, and took the piss. Nuff said.

Yo.. don't get me f*****g vex up in here. t'un ova every tree in Hackney..

Errm seems I'm a bit grumpy this morning!? apologies. I blame the British weather..
and devious people..

Fret not.. it will pass, and I wont be moody about it too long

Seriously though.. have a great day all.. x


  1. Loved the smell happiness/superman/kryptonite line, Dawna! You have a great sense of snarky humor! My SIL who's living in London for another month says the weather has been depressing. My mother, my father, my sister, and a number of my relatives have seen ghosts, including my pragmatic, feet-squarely-on-theground, no nonsense Aunt Louise. I haven't seen one myself, but my relatives were definitely seeing something. A woman with a lamp appeared at the end of my Aunt Louise's bed in her summer home in Nova Scotia. The woman told her to go to Grammie's house nearby, because my mother would need her. Aunt Louise thought it had something to do with my Great Aunt Nan who had died the day before. She got up, went over to Grammie's: Mom had just learned that Dad had died in Calgary. What does one do with that? That lady with the lamp has appeared more than once when bad things were happening! Wishing you sunshine! I hate gloom!

  2. Have you noticed that many ghosts are reported to be carrying lamps!! lol!! they also seem to like the end of beds!.. what's that about?
    and do they ever bring good news?
    miserable lot they are

    Fundy!.. the sun has come out and as if by magic my mood has lifted 10-fold:)
    hope you've had a great day x