Saturday 2 May 2015

In the Red Corner

I'm not into boxing.
All that daft banter and commentary before the fight
..' Ooo... yeah, i'm gonna knock you out sucker ..'

I can't take it seriously.

Dont get me wrong.. back in the day it had a certain appeal.. the boxers were great characters, I loved Ali, Bruno, Lennox, Eubanks...and I enjoyed big fights as much as the next person.

But not anymore

The whole thing reminds me of the book.. of mice and men...
Not sure why
I guess I don't like seeing men reduced to thier lowest common denominator.

However, boxing is so lucrative.
Most sports are these days.. aside from women's football
The money that these guys earn is no joke.. promoters also. T'umping down a man in the ring is big business.

A friend of mine wants to watch it.
If I fancy some company later maybe I'll hook up the pay per view... and sleep right through it all


  1. Oh, I loathe boxing. I actually get upset when I see it. Why do people like watching people hurt each other. It is one of the reasons I don't like hockey and don't watch it even though it is supposed to be Canada's sport. There is way too much fighting!

    1. Watching half naked men take blows to the head I think is pretty awful as well Birdie.
      For some reason I find something comical about hockey fights ( Bad humour).. maybe its because they look well padded up so cant get as injured?

  2. I love a good hockey fight. It's the savage in me, I guess. But I'm not a fan of boxing or mixed martial arts. Guess it's just too directly brutal.

    1. Th hockey players look cool in their outfits:). It's fast an furious. When they fight they all just seem to get stuck in... it seems less brutal to me than boxing for sure!