Saturday 2 May 2015

2 + 2 = Errr.. I dunno. Woz neva great at maff.

During a phone chat. (Lecture.. trust me on that) One of my brothers left me with this statement a few days ago.
It irritated me no end.

'Women are less intelligent than men, and less moral.'

Whilst he was happy to assert there were 1 or 2 exceptions... on average the fact is...he stated ' men are simply a better breed of human than women'.
I hope he never gets laid again!.

Ironically, I know of a few men who probably believe this to be true. In fact, it's possible that most men do, when you consider the way in which women are treated ( in poorer countries especially) across the world..

Used for their bodies more often than not, and treated with utter contempt.
chastised for not having children... chastised for having them.
I'm not happy with some of things women do to each other with no mercy, and I especially detest FGM but that's another subject.

If men really were more intelligent than women, surely they would recognise that to subjugate half the population damages all in the long run.
Surely they would recognise that it's hmmm not really a smart idea to continue to blow up, shoot and destroy thier own surroundings, or the surroundings of others.
Governments would recognise that failure to take care of thier populace is a high risk control mechanism that in reality, leaves them and thier tenure extremely vulnerable, after all... a hungry man is an angry man an all that.
They would know that if you educate a women, you educate a nation

If they were more 'moral' they wouldn't rape women and children (in some of the worst instances using war as an excuse). They would recognize the humanity in others, and do their best to do the right thing, for all.
These male world leaders... if they were more 'moral' ...would do a better job.

I've met enough men in my time who I'm convinced must think I'm stupid.(The way they've carried on).
Bless them.

I love men in the main, but come on... do me a favour.
All things being equal... I think that things are.. well.. pretty equal...
Both men and women have issues and need work
Both have an amazing ability to exploit those less fortunate even if they themselves were once less fortunate.
Both have an amazing ability to develop in spiritual awareness, or revel in the kind of nonsensical mindless behaviour that is overtly popular.
We have choice
We have.. free will.

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