Wednesday 20 May 2015

In case of Ebola - don't wash the dead!

I'm going to do something I don't normally do

I'm going to defend a government
I read this article with a sense of dismay..

Whilst it is essential for any government to improve on health facilities, human behaviour and practices are also very important.
You can't blame governments for everything.
Ebola has proved very difficult to contain,control and eradicate fully, for the two remaining countries battling the outbreak that begun last year.
As individuals there are those who have been extremely careful yet sadly still contracted it, sometimes unwittingly coming into contact with contaminated human fluids.

Then there are instances where individuals are less careful

There was the unfortunate case of a man ( allegedly ) raping his wife before the recommend abstinence period (there should be no raping anyway) she sadly caught Ebola and died.
If true.. could he not have waited?.. or .. masturbated?
It's now reported that male survivors are being told to refrain from unprotected sex indefinitely (forever) .. i would add especially if they are not monogamous ( I nearly wrote monotonous!) [click]

It's not an easy proposal to come to terms with. For men or women.
It doesn't help to alleviate the stigma that some Ebola survivors may face, in fact.. it may make it worse, so much so that I can guarantee that many men will lie about ever having had it.
..women too.

Then there's the case of washing dead bodies.

'If you have been told over and over not to wash the dead. don't wash the dead.
If you have been told that doing so, you not only risk your life but the lives of others, then please... don't wash the dead'.

No government can stop (easily) people doing what they have been told repeatedly not to do.
Some are still ( for whatever reason) not listening

It's frustrating to read that after what had appeared to be the abatement of the virus, it would appear to be picking up speed again

I had a conversation with someone about Malaria recently, and they felt that as more people die in these countries of Malaria and other diseases ( diabetes is also a growing concern) why has Ebola been given 'preferential treatment'.

From my limited knowledge and understanding, It seems to me that Ebola is different, as it's not only highly contagious, but it eats away at the heart of a family/community, in such a devastating and destructive way.
Especially for tactile and close nit communities.
You cannot touch your sick loved one/s, you cannot care for them in the way you would care for someone suffering from malaria for example.
It's also.. from accounts given.. a very unpleasant and gruesome way to die.

I had no desire to write such a morbid post, but I will gladly place blame on a government if I feel it worthy, or fair to do so.
Perhaps the cultural change required needs to come from ( or be further encouraged by) the government.. perhaps..
But ultimately people have to take responsibility for their actions also..

Here in the UK, we've had numerous debates about whether the government should 'fine fat people', or 'pay people to stop smoking'
Utter bullshit
If you're fat and you don't want to be, stop eating so damn much and stop smoking. ( if you want to)
Unless you have a genetic predisposition to fatness ( have a physical disability or have suffered illness or accident limiting your mobility) , or are truly addicted to nicotine.. then of course
...I sympathise

Shit.. I'm sounding more Tory than Labour here... somebody.. save me.. at the very least.. forgive me

On a positive note - its also reported that this sudden increase in cases could still signal the end of the virus, ( in reality numbers are still falling despite the spike) and in which case should not cause to much alarm[click]

[Article quote]
'But one telling statistic in the report indicates how sharply the Ebola epidemic has dropped off: Out of 55 districts in the three countries that had reported at least one case of the disease, 43 have not reported a single one for more than six weeks'.

in closing .. in case of Ebola.. call the authorities.. and please, don't wash the dead

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