Wednesday 6 May 2015

Ed Miliband - Labour Leader Interview | General Election 2015 - Guardian Interview


  1. Hi Dawna! I came over with the intention of listening to the above interview, but then I spotted Adele and had to listen to all three songs you posted. I hadn't heard your favorite before (Make You Feel My Love), and I hadn't heard Adele's version of "I Can't Make You Love me." "Someone Like You" always lances my heart. Pair it with "I Can't Make You Love Me" and I'm a mess. Good thing you didn't post Goyte's "Somebody That I Used to Know." That trio of songs used to plunge me into the depths of despair because they used to remind me of a young love of mine that went terribly wrong. It has haunted me all of my life. The Goyte song is the two of us singing, ICMYLM is him singing to me, and SLU is me singing to him. I truly hurt this person and I knew it, but I had to hurt him then rather than hurt him far more by marrying him and potentially divorcing him later. Notice I said "used to plunge me." 42 years after I last saw him, he sent me an email out of the blue. We've been emailing back and forth for two years. The forgiveness I have experienced is utterly humbling and healing. This correspondence has lanced a boil on my soul. I have learned that I did make the right choice (which I knew, but it's good to verify it), but we can be good writing friends, and he has learned that people can be very different under the surface of what they project. My husband stood by me when I went through an almost mental breakdown when this person first contacted me. It tied into a lot of bad things in my early past that I had buried for decades. I tell you, my husband is the most amazing person in this Universe. He hasn't been crazy about my exchanging emails, but he knows that I was meant to be with him and nothing will ever shake my love and gratitude for him sharing my life. See what an innocent posting of songs you like can precipitate. LOL I will share that the NDP in Alberta just swept the PCs away in the provincial election yesterday. The PCs had been in power since 1971. Maybe people are beginning to wake up! Have a good one!

  2. Fundy!...42 years later? wow!
    Deep love can be as scary as it is beautiful
    You husband sounds like a very understanding man, and for you to be able to share this with him says a great deal about the strength and lovely quality of your marriage.
    Songs have that ability to trigger some of our deepest emotions dont they.. often those we may have thought we'd buried long ago.. a simple melody, or line, can bring those emotions to the surface.. BAM..just like that

    I'm very visual when it comes to songs.. I see thins very clearly. They inspire my writing and I'm very grateful
    thanks for sharing your story Fundy:)
    Relationships huh.
    Profound love.. that return 42yrs later..
    .. and those who stay by our side through it all....
    I appreciate.. as always.. you make me think

    Now I've read a few posts about the NDP.. apparently it's a really big deal over in your part of the world!
    If Labour win here I'll dance naked in my garden
    I wont really, but you know what I mean :) heehee