Monday 11 May 2015

Monday's child is a mixed bag - ft Bob Marley. DJ Xclusive featuring Kcee & Patoranking - Shaba & DJ Xclusive featuring Terry G - Fatasi

On this day in 1981 Bob Marley died.

His music has continued to grace our airways and bless us ever since. His music rocks our soul whilst his lyrics penetrate and educate our minds. Probably the most recognisable musician in the world, Bob's message of rastafari, love, peace, pan-africanism, truth and rights continues to inspire generation after generation.
I've never featured this song before, but I remember hearing it one day driving back from my mums, and it struck me how beautiful it was.

When I hear this song I think of Bob, the Garveyites before him, and the early founders of the rastafarian movement, notably Leonard P Howell, who established the first Rastafarian camp known as Pinnacle, in St Catherine, Jamaica. I think of what they went through.. beaten, persecuted, ridiculed, feared, jailed... and why they endured. When I hear this song I'm comforted in the knowledge that thier place is history secured, as pioneers, who fought against oppression and colonial rule. Across the Caribbean, they were among the early pan-african leaders, who sought to bridge the gap between africans at home and abroad.


I enjoy DJ exclusive's tracks.. always a joy to my ears..


I must drink more water..
I'm like a camel.
In truth, I rarely get thirsty, but when I do, I drink loads. The thing is.. I drink more when the weather is warm. ( and it's rarely warm here). I know water is essential, and It upsets me, that I have little thirst for it, unless its really hot...and unless it's Perrier... I absolutely LOVE Perrier water ( My mouth is partial to that:)

My mission is to take better care of myself and drink more water!.

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  1. I need to drink more water, too, Dawna! And take better care of myself. My big progress is tuning into how my body feels and listening. Thank goodness Bob Marley's music has survived. I really enjoy it because it has so much heart in it. But then heart comes from all those difficult experiences. Take care!