Wednesday 6 May 2015

What do politicians do on election eve? - Songs in my head.. big weddings and folk that remain forever young

.. Politicians?....They take a break of course....

After all that chatter... driving across the country making promises they hope to keep.. shaking hands clean and grubby alike.... kissed and cussed in equal measure...They deserve a rest, before they tier of their own voice.

'Yo... wake me up when it's polling day!'

This song is in my head, for absolutely no reason.
It's kinda random.. but it's here.. saying 'Hi Dawna.. remember me?'

Now.. could Dr Sid's wedding have been any more lavish? Wow...
Cute!.. I wish them both a happy marriage :)

Oh.. and nice tune...

Singer Errol Brown died today.
Apparently he was 71.
In my head and heart Errol Brown has never aged. I was surprised to hear he was 71 for some reason...
he remained in my memory forever young.
Sad news

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