Wednesday 20 May 2015

Are we a nation of complainers? music by Fally

Compared to others...Brits moan... alot.
It can be annoying.
I put it down to the British weather. Seriously, when that cold starts biting your backside, it's hard to feel cheerful. When the breeze turns your umbrella inside out ( as it did mine yesterday) and the rain turns to hail stones ( as it did yesterday) and it's meant to be can be unappealing.

But the weather.. like Brits, are changeable. One minute miserable, then nice and cheerful.
I am convinced that weather patterns affect us, like plants.
Perhaps we should ask a farmer?

Anyway, I digress

Complaining can have its uses.
Brits are known for thier.. 'let me speak to your manager!'.. letter writing capabilities, and whist it can be be annoying being on the receiving end of that nonsense, (because more often than not the scales at that point have tipped heavily to rude, with a battle of ego's ready to let rip at any minute) it can sometimes get things moving

I'm not fan of complaining, but I'll sometimes do it if it needs doing

My mum never complains to the authorities (just to us) which is upsetting because I think it's important to stand up for yourself
.. and sometimes our elders are taken advantage of
Pick your battles yes, but it's not nice to just accept the unacceptable

The benefits of my mums attitude could be... less stress
But bottling up feelings of resentment or anger aren't really good for your system, as it could = .. more stress

Don't quote me on this but I suspect that every emotion needs an outlet.. no?
Too much complaining isn't good, neither is too much 'accepting poor treatment'
like most things... there really needs to be a balance
with the scales centred between understanding .. and patience


I miss Fally.. looking forward to some new tunes


  1. I couldn't tell you if Brits complain more than anyone else. I don't view Americans as major complainers, but I'm sure we've got our share.

  2. It may be a stereotype Sherry. I'm doubt if we Brits cant copyright grumpiness.. even if we'd like to!