Sunday 10 May 2015

Tony Blair - the ex you never get over , and Sunny Sundays' ft 9ice

The sun is shining in London Town.
It's a glorious Sunday.

Labour MP's and journalists alike are picking over the election carcass with fervour, and now everyone 'and his dog' knows why we lost.
..go figure

Got to give Tony Blair credit.. when it comes to winning elections.. he knows what he's talking about
I never thought i'd say this but.. I miss him .. hmmm kinda.. well ... right now I do anyway :) [click]

New Labour

People that I never expected would vote Tory voted Tory and I'm thinking .. rahtid.. I thought I knew you lol!
Most seem too embarrassed to come right out and say for some strange reason (am I that scary?), it just comes out in the wash.. 'yeah but what I like about them Dawna yada yada..'
You know if that were me i'd be flying that blue flag all over the place with pride.

Let the games begin.
Politically, It looks set to be an interesting 5yrs.
Whatever you're doing today, enjoy..

Here's Bo to wish you .. Happy Sunday all x

I'm off to bake a cake


  1. You know I went to a dinner party once that Tony Blair hosted and he really is a charming man. Warm and friendly and asked ME all about my life.

  2. That must have been some dinner party!
    It's always nice when someone shows an interest in you.. Awww.. now I really miss him lol!

  3. I find it amusing that there must have been a lot of closet Tories answering polls before the election. Were they embarrassed or was it a stealth campaign? I asked myself after George W. won: How much damage can he cause in four years. A lot it turns out, and then the American people voted him back for another four. I heard a lot of chatter post election by politicians about how they were all going to work together for the good of the people in the UK. We shall see! Have a good week, Dawna!

    1. Im in America, and I certainly didnt vote for Bush. I dont know why anyone would have voted for him. I dont know what the Tory party stands for, in the UK, but I suspect it might be like the Republicans here? I am so not republican.

  4. We shall see indeed Fundy!
    Previous there was alot of talk about the 'failure' of Ed Miliband to get his message across.. now they say it was the wrong message altogether.
    I guess it's time for serious refection.. which is a good thing., not always easy.. but a good thing
    How's the snow? .. did it arrive? :)
    Have a good week too Fundy!

    1. Oh yes! The snow came, about five inches here and up to nine inches in other parts of our city. Other places got more. But it vanished very quickly.

  5. I don't know british politics. My guess is that you're not a Tory? nice songs as usual.

    1. Your guess is correct Alieux.. I'm not a Tory:)