Friday 8 May 2015

Waking up to Election news..

My favourite Lib Dem has lost his seat? [click]

We had a bad night. Word is that it seems that David Cameron will remain Prime Minister, not of a coalition government, but a single party, total Conservative Government.
The weather here in London is cold and grey. Like the dark hearts that kept them in lol!.

I'm joking... but only just.

This was not just a bad night for the Labour Party. It was a bad night for the country.
A very bad night.
A bad night for humanity...for common sense

The Conservatives will continue to balance the books on the backs of the poor.
If you were struggling before.. working two jobs on low pay, unemployed, old, desperate to improve your education, white working class or of a non white ethnic background, disabled?... i'm sorry .. things will not be an easier for you under this government.
It's a bad day for the eradication of child poverty, bad day for social mobility, bad day for fairness.. but a good day to further entrench classism and elitism

It just goes to show, that those who are doing well.. care very little about those who are not.
I said we can be a fickle lot.... and it's true.

As the Conservatives continue to make severe cuts to public services, it will be interesting to see how long it will be, before this country begins to witness the type of disruptions we witnessed in the 80's.
What will that straw be?.. you know... the one to break the camel's back

Apparently the financial district are celebrating.. no doubt middle England too.

The SNP in Scotland had a good night.

Nationalism is really here with a vengeance... and seems like it's here to stay.

At least we know who and what we're dealing with.
For us [Labour].. we will need a new leader. perhaps.

Who that leader will be I have no idea.

Good morning x, on the day that Labour lost the election. :(


Ed Balls lost his SEAT!! .. Wow
I actually felt a bit tearful watching his speech


  1. I'm shocked and depressed. I don't think all the people who are doing well care very little abut people who are not. Yes, we are okay financially, but I've never once voted for the Tories. I want everyone to be doing well, always have. I've never voted for a party that would give us personally the best results.

    1. You know what Joe. It was wrong of me to say those who are doing well don't care. it was an emotive statement, and not entirely true. Some do care.. and care a great deal. Others... *and they know who they are*.. don't give a firg.

    2. Yeah I agree, it was just a bit of a sweeping statement that I responded to emotionally as well!

  2. Condolences. Especially since no one was predicting a majority government.

    1. True..
      In a discussion, I learnt something yesterday Debra. Mention welfare cuts in the UK and onto a winner.
      people have very deep misgivings about others they feel are getting 'something for nothing'

  3. Oh, shit. You know, my opinion is this. We could all have a left wing government if the lefts actually got out and voted. The lefts don't vote because they are tired and beaten down thinking nothing will ever change. The right wing rich? They are the ones voting. And in the end that is all that matters.
    Sorry, Dawna. I know how discouraging this is. Our last election I vowed to never vote again and I am a firm believer in voting. Anyway, I WILL vote again and hope for change.

    1. Very discouraging Birdie.. what does this say about us.
      it says a great deal.

  4. i find it especially depressing because the cons ran such a negative campaign in every way again. ...they avoid the real issues at any cost... but at least Farage lost...

    1. A very negative campaign Paul.. yet it worked.
      The Tories successfully shifted the blame of the deficit onto regular folk. Then donned a 'superhero' cloak with rolled up sleeves, and claimed to have the remedy.
      I seriously doubt some people really understand why they voted for them outside of some self serving idiosyncrasy. day and all that.. I hope I'm wrong.. but I don't think so.
      Farage will be back.. after his hols.. :)

  5. I was thinking of you as I watched a clip on tv of the ballot counting process in the UK; loved your analogy of the process comparing it with unprotected sex and lifelong consequences. Perfect! Classism and elitism. When will people realize that when they vote for these things, they are never going to get into the "inner" circle? It's an illusion, and so many others are damaged by the cuts that come to everything that truly matters. Well, at least the NDP won in Alberta!

  6. Well done Alberta
    You made a really good point there Fundy.. I wonder for how many vote Tory for that reason
    Funny really.. for a Christian country , we can be very 'un-Christian' in our voting preferences