Tuesday 12 May 2015

YungKay ft. Patoranking - Ajebutter & DJ Xclusive ft. 2Face & Timaya - Jam IT

I'm sooo tierd. I think it's a combination of overwork and red wine! Lethal combo.
Anyway.. I'm up, giving thanks, and ( almost) ready to go
What's with the conservative desire to scrap the Human Rights Act?.. don't we need them any more?
I'm assuming they will be replaced by something else?

Human Rights.. inconvenient little things..
Have a lovely day all x


Random fact - I had a very weird dream about a swamp monster. Lived on a mountain of 'Swamp'

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  1. Our conservatives seem to want to get rid of a lot of inconvenient little things. I feel the USA becoming increasingly and more angrily polarized. Overwork and red wine has gotten me into trouble in the past. I do hope you get a good rest and feel perkier!