Tuesday 19 May 2015

Never underestimate.. human nature

Bugle is fast becoming one of my favourite artists.
He tells a story well
Conscious guy. decent.
Him Jah Vinci. and Lutan Fyah

A few weeks back I asked Ti, if you were a world leader what kind of leader would you be
He said.. 'a Monarch.hmmm dictator'
'What , no democracy?'
'No way.. seriously..I don't want to hear what anyone has to say.. run things my way'.

He was joking ( Ti likes to joke) but I can see the appeal.

The thing is.. when you invite the opinions of others you cannot guarantee that what they have to say makes sense, is sensible, well thought through, or even thought about.
The fear of democracy is the realization that lots of us are actually quite ridiculous in reality.

..Feel free to quote me on that.

So.. what kind of leader would you be?

Me?.. royalty definitely has its appeal. No messing about with all this 'government' business
Get someone else to do all that, and reign supreme from a safe distance.
I jest .. of course

But I tell you this... never underestimate.. a woman
Good morning
Lutan ...

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