Sunday 17 May 2015

Weekend Wow Factor pt 1- A eye on Burundi.. 'and holding on to Power'

This week fighting in Burundi intensified, but coup leaders were unable to dislodge President Pierre Nkurunziza.

On Wednesday, after weeks of violent protests, Major General Godefroid Niyombare, informed reporters that he had 'dismissed the president' [click]

Yet, this statement failed to live up to its claims.

Apparently Major Niyombare was fired by Nkurunziza as intelligence chief only three months ago, for reasons which seem unclear. Whilst his reasons for wanting to dislodge the President may be further inspired by this fact, it also seems clear that the main cause of the fighting is that the current President, intends to disregard the countries constitution and serve a 3rd term
The constitution states that the President should serve only 2.

I surely don't know enough about this President to say whether the country would benefit from him disregarding 'making changes' to the constitution and staying on, or whether he should leave. I'm impartial. This post isn't about that

Even with a reported '20 people dead, and 50,000 forced to flee the country, this is seemingly still not enough for this President to do the right thing. He considers not the will of the people.

I sometimes wonder what is it with some African leaders that when they get into power they don't ever want to leave?
My fear is that, whoever replaces him.. which at some point will no doubt happen.. the lust for power will remain ever present, and that person will be little different.
In short - no 'better'.

That may be an unfounded fear, but the odds are stacked against those protesting, and those who want him to leave.
Too many African leaders have this sickness, that they have yet proved unable or unwilling to cure
That 'my power' more important than, 'your life'

Too much violence isn't good for anyone.

For more on President Pierre Nkurunziza [click]

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