Sunday 24 May 2015

Konshens - Wid Ease. Street child's report on Ebola orphans, and finding your 'thing'

Peaceful bank holiday weekend.
Lots of learning and reflection. A catch up with my daughter, some music, and alot of lazing about to be honest.
Touch of wine also.
Giving thanks for life, love and all i've been blessed with

I took a look at the Street child report on Ebola orphans. Feel free to take a look of you're interested. It's very comprehensive and quite moving. [click]
This afternoon, I was drawn to learning more about street children and orphans. My interest grew as I watched a report on the street children of Burundi, then I got caught up watching further reports on Ebola orphans
Then I could watch no more.
I have a better understanding now.

Little man's mum is running the 10k tomorrow. Good luck to her, and good weather too. One day, from the outside looking in, she just seemed to get into running. Years later it's very much a part of her life, keeping fit and running for charity.
I mentioned to my sister that sometimes in life one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves ( and others) .. is to find our thing
The thing that makes us tick. The thing that fills us, and gives us a sense of completeness, and belonging. Being able to add something positive to the human experience

Almost everyone has a thing.

For some, thier thing is not to define any particular 'thing' so to speak but to to happily go through life trying a variety of experiences
Sometimes we may spend our lives trying to work out what it is. Some may know instinctively, and for others it may come as a welcome surprise.
For some it's being a mum, or good wife
Others dedicate thier lives to teaching others
For some it's simply to be a good friend...
A decent person
To be funny
A helper
A carer
A motivator
A good cook
A baker
A writer
A singer
A musician
Public servant
Civil servant ( what they do again? :)
A judge
Police officer
probation officer
Great cyclist
Keen gardener

A Reporter
Bus lorry or van driver
IT Technician

.. and the list goes on.....

What's your thing?

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