Wednesday 15 April 2020

A Mid Week Garden Check In. ft Aswad - African Children Pt 2

So much to talk about - but I find I've just been enjoying watching my plants grow :)
( whist shaking my head at the political shenanigans affecting my beloved continent....of course..)

I would like to get some more pretty pots for my flower bulbs .. not essential, so no rush.
I have quite a few flower bulbs so in the absence of enough pots, I'll just sow them directly into the ground and see how they do

Not all of my seedlings have done well, so I've planted more, and am taking care of the strongest.

I tied up my runner beans today, as I noticed signs of them slowly beginning to climb..

Today I planted a few more seeds inside - scotch Bonnet, spinach, lavender, and Okra. I have some Okra already planted , but just in case the Squirrel digs out my plants, I have backup.
My Mint and Strawberry Plants are doing well in their pots - and both seem to take a lot of water. My Rhubard is also doing ok, but a little slow I think.

Peas and Beans are doing okay, and the tomato plants also okay ( ish)

We haven't had any rain!, so I'm managing with my watering cans, until I sort my hose out

1st released in 1980, Aswad - African Children

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