Saturday 12 January 2019

Sowing Seeds in January

Something I've always wanted to do is grow my own food all year round. A bit ambitious for me yes, but I'm really enthusiastic about it..

I bought an allotment book about ten years ago, so the passion has been their for awhile.. have I read it?.. no... !
Anyway, it's very inspiring to see I don't have to wait till Spring as I've always thought... It's knowing what to plant
I've started to get my seeds now though.. so will start a few .. most from Feb, but this visual is very helpful:)


  1. greetings dawna very useful table this thanks :) much enjoyed your garden bulletins, keep em coming... i'm a gardener myself so i can see how much you've already put in. the sacred earth.. blessed

  2. Hi Paul, tnx, and will do x