Wednesday 30 December 2015

Life is a classroom

Cultural difference is not human difference. I read that somewhere and it resonated. One of the things I've learnt this year is just how little I know. ..and in learning that, I learnt a fair bit.

I learnt that I'm just as impatient as my family have always said
I learnt that I can be quite judgmental... Even if I think I'm being well meaning. ( I care?)... Sure :)

I learnt that I'm quite emotional...which is okay... But sometimes my emotions rule my logic... ( Not so okay)

I learnt that I can be inflexible in that when I've decided on something.. I tend to want to stick with it.. to the letter. Which is good in some cases and not so good in others

I learnt that there are many aspects to love and it can sometimes be tough. Romantic love is easy... Love in the highest sense requires much more..

I learnt that I have many inner 'things' to work on.. and maturity doesn't come automatically with age

Those are some of my less favourable aspects perhaps... But in truth... It's easy to know the good stuff. It's much harder to face ones fears or insecurities...

I hope that I can conquer the things I need to. It's my aim, so I'll give it my best shot.
I have had an amazing and eventful year, for many reasons.

Cultural difference doesn't mean human difference and the more we learn about each other's cultures the richer we become. I've said it before but the world is a smaller place. We can deny it , and remain routed in our safe zones. All is a choice... And it's all fine.

I was told once.. you can close the doors to your world... But in doing so you may deny entry to all.. even that which you do want. Be decerning, but stay routed in love trust and hope.
Some friends may let you down yes... But not all... And anyway..even your closest may let you down from time to time.. Just as you may also...we're human.

Forgiveness?... I learnt that it can be tough... But it's necessary to move forward.

So... any arseholes I may have encountered.... I forgive you...
Not you though... Nah... not quite lol. I'm joking of course.
Equally, if I have offended.. I hope you will forgive me too. Not ready?... Naff off then!.(again... I jest)

Forgiveness equals resolutions.. less conflict... Joy...
Forgiveness is after all, an expression of love.

I've learnt that I learn quickly... Yet often repeat mistakes

One of my new years resolutions... Is to be kinder to myself.

Another is to refrain from nail biting under stress

One I won't tell you as its too personal

Another is to up my fruit and veg

Another is to be patient.

Another to listen...

Yes... They are coming to me now...

Yet perhaps... The best resolution is to make none... Other than to get on with it and do my best.
Yes... This year has taught me that..

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