Wednesday 2 December 2015

Are you getting ready for Christmas?

I've been given a 'Frozen' advent calender.
Just cracked it open.. chocolate yum yum

and as for the Christmas adverts?... they have begun in earnest

buy this.. buy that... Iceland, Aldi..
aftershave this, perfume that.. ( do they clone the models?)

Ti says that 1million smells great.. it's his current scent

It's nice.. I give him that..
about £50 if you're considering it...
Shall I remind him there's a lady million? hint hint

I haven't done any Christmas shopping other than picking up two roles of wrapping paper
Ti's girlfriend has hung a cute stocking on the TV... hint hint
Ti says we need a new tree
he's right.. although we could probably still work the one we have
he said we should get a black one
"Are you sure?" I asked
"Yeah" he said excitedly.. "a big 20ft one... blacker than kunta.."
errrm..!?.. ok-ay

He's a wordsmith is Ti.. sure... like his mama

Having checked on-line I must say.. I think black trees do look incredibly stylish...

I'm enjoying the re-runs of 'only fools & horses' (brilliant writing.. so funny)
but I must say... watching dinner date ( yes I still do that as I eat my dinner) I heard this song.... and really enjoyed it..
I've not heard it for years...

This time of year tends to be bitter-sweet
I love the street lights.. the decorations.. the general good vibes of the people
the family films...
but there's always that reminiscing thing...

I pull out this song every year at around this time...
A Ray Charles classic.. and possibly my favourite song.. I love it so much

This year however, in keeping with my scouring the airways for various 'versions' of a song, I thought... lets hear someone else sing it...
I'll call on Ray for sure.. but it's early yet... so for now....


  1. I have a chocolate Advent calendar this year, too! It is my first one since I was a kid. Yum!!

    I imagine Christmas is going to be hard for you without your brother. I hope you have a lot of love surrounding you to ease this pain just a little. xo

    1. It will be.
      But gonna do my best to push on through

  2. If you can't manage to push on through just allow that sadness. It is something easier that way.