Sunday 15 December 2019

African Descendants Of The Slave Trade ft Music By Kizz Daniel - Jaho

The Year of Return, launched by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo - Addo is an initiative of the government of Ghana intended to encourage African's in the diaspora to come to Africa to settle and invest in the continent.

Given the huge number of Africans who left the shores of the Gold Coast, some sold, some kidnapped, into a life of slavery, whether America, Brazil or the Caribbean, it's not only a symbolic gesture, but an act of recognition of the role played by some African chiefs who at the time colluded with traders, and an act of respect for those removed from their homeland, to feel welcome to return, and rightfully so.

It's not surprising that many descendants of slavery gravitate to West Africa.
The spirit doesn't lie.

Equally it's not surprising that West and Central Africa have appeared to struggle irrefutably, ever since.
This is why the call for reparations is quite complex.
The slave trade was not a one sided affair.
Even if we like to believe it was.

What can be more meaningful than for our African leaders, whether political leaders or tribal chiefs to admit the role played by their forefathers, and embrace the examples set by countries such as Ghana and Gambia.
Lest their be a call in the future for the return of a stollen birthright.
Now that's a different kind of revolution.

It's important for all countries still struggling to find their feet, unlike some East African countries are doing, to place real development at the forefront, not only for themselves, or their kin and clan, but the entire country, and also for the descendants of the African slave trade, who also have rights, and who they all too often conveniently appear to forget, exist.
but are watching.

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