Saturday 22 July 2017

Saturday in London Vibes ft music by M.anifest ft Brymo - Sugar

On my mission to re-energise
This is a bit of a shortcut, as I really need to up my greens intake

Have any of you tried this?

In the main, I've found it quite helpful in the past, in giving a quick boost, as you begin to feel the results quickly.
Plus it tastes nice

Over at a crowded Westfield plus a few deals courtesy of the Body Shop; a rainy trip back home
With my 2 minute headwrap keeping the rain at bay. (Haven't tied my wrap like this in awhile)

Quick stop off at the local store, one pot of Jollof Rice, tuna and beans later.. alongside a centrally heated home (Yes, I tuned on the heating in July, It was simply too cold not too!).
...and it really is chill time.

Thumbs up, cool track

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