Saturday 25 March 2017


It's a beautifully sunny day in London.


One of the most diverse cities in the world.
Events in the week, shook Londoners again
The question that always emerges, is why?
What prompts individuals to harm others in pursuit of a cause
My sister asked the question.. who really gains?
In reality everyone loses
Yet at the opposite side of the scale we are reminded of just how connected we are, and just how much we have in common

We are all human
The weeks events reminded many of us that perhaps we sweat the small stuff, a little too much
Remember to focus on what really important
On what matters
What matters is... Love, and humanity

A news headline read.. Middle Aged Thug'
Poor headline, but there are emotional times when even the best writers struggle.

Another headline could have read..
The Day a Broken Man Broke The Hearts of Many Londoners
Another poor headline you may say, but in truth...
There are many broken people... and no one really knows who they walk beside each day
No-one knows who they walk among each day
the struggling man or woman
the stressed out worker
the divorcee struggling to get up in the mornings
the overworked and under appreciated mum
the over pressured boss
the bitter religious fanatic
the politician whose hands are tied, unable to influence change
the tired and worn out President
the doctor bowed by his or her work
the job seeker struggling to find a job
the business owner unable to expand, and barely staying afloat
the lonely in a city surrounded by people
the homeless
those struggling with mental illness
to be honest the list goes on...

Noone really knows
so.. it's best to smile awhile, and give thanks for the good in our lives
smile at the known and the unknown
the stranger .. the friend

because something tells me there are many souls battling demons

Apparently, tomorrow marks the start of British summer time!
.. hmmm.. it's not officially summer for me until I no longer need my coat boots tights, and I don't scream internally as the cold breeze bites!
if I can sit outside comfortably...'s summer

We welcome it anyway..

Sometimes, I just love this sp

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