Tuesday 22 March 2016

Wande Coal - Monster - We ball - Wanted remix ft Burna Boy

A good morning to you, and 3 off the album x
Ah the N word. shall we ignore it?
Shall I?
Never sits well with me if I'm honet, especially from artists from the 'A' continent.
Well... over time I've come to define the use of the N word as an America colloquialism and little else. Its meaning as changing as the British weather
The spread of it I would say, is just another example of Americas influence in and on the world, our minds, language food, culture,
Americanisms... sometimes cool, often-times not so cool
I wonder...what will Americas influence on Cuba be, if relations really are to rebuild, strengthen/grow in the future?
At worst perhaps Cuba will lose it's identity- autonomy, and all that goes along with it
Forced ( indirectly) to support America in its occasional foolishness?
At best?..

Anyway... on with the album
.. and getting dressed for work

Music... the healing of the nation..
Excellent Mr Coal

Love this one... feels like spring/summer

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