Wednesday 30 November 2016

All things being equal

To celebrate your achievements is a good thing. To recognise the progress you make in this journey called life, and to be thankful for your blessings will serve you well.
Let it be your armour, your motivation, your solace

There is a cliche that us 'Brits' are quite subdued, yet that's not really as true as one may beleive.
It's certainly subjective, as Brits are certainly no homogenous group,
Whilst the British class system may 'subdue', 'Brits' are not as subdued as one may think

Watch PM ( Prime Minister's) questions on a Wednesday.
There, amidst the policy and decision makers you will see no shortage of arrogance, self assurance and that undeniable sense of entitlement.
I love watching whenever I can. It's theatre, it's comedy.
but it's also a window into how our 'leaders' operate within, and amidst positions that denfine and redefine what they consider should take priority with regards to what's important to the masses.
It's a lesson in how to maintain order the status quo.

However... if you look closely enough, you will see those lessons.. all around us

I found this short video ( below) quite interesting. Do you agree with it?
It certainly makes sense.
Yet I still favour democracy.
There are issues across Sub Saharan Africa regarding elections and democracy.
The question often raised of 'Can democracy really work in Africa' is an interesting one
How are those with very little political knowledge or education really able to make an informed decision?. Desperate people will vote for whoever promises the most, and that's is true everywhere.. for the desperate and not so desperate to be fair.
Yet promises alone are not the only reason why many people, living in some of Africa's 'poorest' countries will vote the way that they do
Developing countries have an increasing wealth and class divide, add a sprinkle of culture tribalism and loyalty and it makes for an interesting blend.
I respect organisations like OBV who work hard to provide civic and political awareness. It's non partisan, and all things being equal, a political education should really be deemed one of our must have basic skills.
Granted as much importance as Maths or English.
The ability to cook many would consider also an essential basic skill.
I digress.. that's another post entirely

Good night x

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