Wednesday 16 November 2016

Black is the new Black

Will Britain ever have a Black Prime Minister?. was the title.

Oh, and feel free to say hello by the way, and be upstanding for my new baby. I hope we will have a most enjoyable time together. Like all new things I'm still feeling my way around, but say hi, to my new Laptop. ( yet to be named)

Yes indeed, new beginnings and all that.

Right, back to the question.
The question itself masks a host of other issues, many of which were addressed in this slightly depressing yet never-the-less well presented programme.
It's a loaded question, which one could never truly answer without looking racism squarely in the eye, and admitting that racism, continues to thrive in many of the institutions we know and love.

It could have easily have been retitled; How institutional racism and how a white supremacist ideology continues to impact on the lives of black people, but a title like that wouldn't get past editing.

Whats useful about a programme like this, in addition to the accompanying research is that it provides further evidence of the all too familiar lived reality for many, who in some cases, could be viewed as falsifying the expereince of racism, or at worst, having a chip on their shoulder aka 'a difficult attitude'.
Also useful about a programme like this is that it highlights the sheer tenacity and strength of character of many people, who despite all, continue to aspire, strive succeed, and overcome the obstacles often set before them.

The programme does not address historical generational wealth, which lets face it, has certainly benefited our 'elite' and non elite classes. But then to do so, would require looking at the not so pleasant aspects of British society including its involvement in the Slave trade.
Its okay. There's only so much one can fit in within the hour.

I'm sure there were no surprises for those of us who are Black British African Caribbean, especially those of us of the second and 3rd generation of migrants, who were born and raised here. ( we have seen and experienced much)
No, it's an old story. Yet its a story that will always require telling.
Never mind 'Trump'. we have our own issues here, and always have done.

Good morning x

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